The Cockney Translater!

Well, well, well, ya just gotta love da humans, ain't ya?

Re calculation of the probs!

Evaluation of da population, new version, lol.

Since the alt media are firmly in the fold,

Should get rather hate filled and violent, of course memes will sort it out, if you take RT's point of view the keiser loves the man drops salesman.


Some fun.

While I wait.

I thought, when faced with the funniest of hopeless situations, what’s the most amusing thing to do, which could also be useful if lucky, annoying at least ... For CENTRAL...

The centre of the veneer circle.


I had a fink, about the thinks.

What to do...

As far as I can see the lines drawn and the hate is bottled.

Now the calm.

When humans were human, not correct just surviving on an even pegging with the wildlife that was left, they had to hunt some quite dangerous, large creatures, the left-overs from the oxygen.

So, when faced with something that is a behemoth, then of course the fact that the biggest of you is small by comparison; you must adopt a strategy.

The popular myth is set in motion by the knee jerk notion of the bloke that dug up the bit of bone that he threw on his desk and inspected like a rune... said....

From his masculine point of view, that he didn't even know was funnelling his words, into a load of cobblers.

Let’s read his runes with hindsight and revision.

Men tried to kill the big thing, they did this whenever they had the chance, some made it, some didn't.

The old girls in the village discussing the various merits of the latest fools fool hardy but brave attempt leaving him dead or mortally wounded.

Which also left them mopping up his blood until he died, another job.

Well when scraping or doing whatever they were doing, they decided it might be a better idea if everyone got involved, because at this rate, they would continue to starve and exist, or die out.

So organisations first steps were coercion of the ego.

As men would not be told, eh!

They have to be cheered.

So when the herd comes they were funnelled off a cliff or into a hole.

Or some such grizzly end.

Only what was needed, when needed.

A long time ago.

And here we are again.

But this mammoth we chase, this predator that stalks at night, too big to be scared of fire...

Is just that.

We may be little.

But in unison and not hate we are formidable as many a sabre tooth tiger and woolly mammoth will attest.

Problem with this thing we chase is, it’s ether.


Formless until it strikes.

A person that isn't a person.

To become a god that can do no wrong.

A tete, to be protected, by those that serve it.

They look at the floor while doing so, in case a grandmother sees them.

A moral mother.

Thing is, this tribe are stupid easily led, fat and useless.

Well half are.

And now thanks to Mr. Drumpf, we have our division.

Which they will address, during the calm, slowly.

Building up to hope for change.

Until all the true educators are dead, so the new ones can re educate.

So, I thought considering I'm running at the moment.

Soon to be captured I should think, oh by the way, do you like those new tv shows where everyone is taught to track and catch and rat on someone running away,

It’s great; they all use their little phones in their hands like god said.

They report on the runner to a central and catch ‘em...great...

Hahahahaha. Fucking idiots, lol.

So yeah while I’m running round in circles shouting bollocks, annoying the algorithm robots, I could do some damage to their argument.

So if you’re game, imagine this.

It’s fucking ages ago, and you have just found yourself holding the vine round the mammoth’s neck with the slightly twisted lunatic one in the tribe, you look each other in the eye, and he tightens the vine round his wrist and smiles.

Then sets light to the fur.

I’m about to go public with my long and drawn out findings of how the population of the world are being told rubbish, they then believe it and do atrocious things to each other because of it, so that some criminals can live on the back of a giant organism and make out they are not in charge or even there..

Cos they’re so far up there on its back...

And no, you don’t know their names.

And no, no one has ever found them or confronted them.

But then again the entire population of the earth hasn't been cut this accurately in half before, has it?

So we will see,

I will be stating the obvious.

Let’s see how I do.

How far I get.

A bit of a problem for the algorithm stormtroopers.

There are approximately 70 to 130 lawyers and business owners watching what happens to me.

They have accepted a bet, a bargain, a dare.

I said some years ago I could drive out the superiors, they said rubbish.

They own us all.

Me being an arrogant fuck said bollocks, you’re owned, I’m fucked.

But I can do it, cos I’m such an annoying dog, this they all agreed (been in business with me a while lol).

So the bet was made, drive them out, then we will help, once you prove they are there.

Well the proving was done, we all know they are there. (us, not you muppets, go back to Alex) that was a few years ago like I said.

Some of ‘em are dead, of natural causes.

Some are old, so just left money on the table.

Some are being superseded by their offspring, but the game is still on.

Drag the farmer of men into the field.

For all to see.

That’s it, that’s all.

This field is now the courts and your right to be a human.

Your right to be a human has been sawn out from under you slowly,

For instance.

You actually believe that (A) man has the right to own something in or under the crust of this planet, just because he is standing on that bit of the crust.

You then allow them to sell you something that’s was billions of years in the making as theirs.

Nothing on this planet belongs to any one man or woman.

It's a natural, owned by all or none.

That’s why the use and distribution of said wholly owned natural resources were put into the hands of populous owned organisations.

They are metering right now, and cutting off the poor, that’s mostly everyone, at some point.

For money.

Your heritage and well being is metered as theirs, a disgrace.

They privatised those.

If your working class and you bought shares in the energy and water companies, sell them, or I’m going to show you for what you are regardless your bank balance, you’re a traitor to the human race.

If you’re a big share holder, I’m going to get you.

I’m going to smear your greedy fucking face all over the intrawebs,

So the new law they are bringing in, cos they knew we would, to gag those nasty trolls, from printing names and addresses, isn’t to protect us from nasty trolls you mugs, it’s to stop people like me getting the names you need to know in the open, ON THE UNSTOPPABLE WEB .

Geeeeeeeeez for fucks sake catch up some for fucksake lol.

Now to stop the realisation the intrawebs are connectively causing, they are going to make it impossible for poor people to fight anything in the system.

They have done this by secretly and globally removing the right to legal aid in civil cases.

On the premise it was always used fraudulently by scummy lowlifes to tarnish a man’s shiny badge,

The people are (roughly depending on your bent) 70% poor.

Theresa has called them JAM here (England).

Well she runs a government that gags them with financial handkerchiefs stuffed in their mouths.

She is a liar. Obviously, oh and I must make a correction, I did say "we had a new pair of iron knickers at number ten"

My correction is they are more aluminium knickers; she is a damp cloth waiting for replacement. It’s lucky she is a damp cloth, cos her husband can wipe the JAM off her face when the time comes.

To be replaced when made fools of.

Theresa Dismay and Donald Drumpf... amongst other corporate shill managers.

The shallow lookers have bought it all, like "foghorn leghorn"(alexdisinfoWARS) and so on.

The new controlled media, to replace the old controlled media...

Lol. Gettin it yet ya redface lipstick dick???

Go take some mandrops, you twat, lol..

What an idiot, lol.

Yeah so, I’m gonna cause all sorts, and I’m taking me camera.

Cos I got a case,

The outcome if fair, will fuck up lots, so we know it won’t be fair.

Hence me getting them in the open.

Cos to shut me up, they have to come out.

I can do that, others can’t. Simple.

I don’t really fancy it, as I have a decent life ahead, but my better half is up for it too, so it’s in my fateful lap.

See you in court.