The Cockney Translater!

Morning social Suicide squad...

Talking of cheery things, all the algobots are beside themselves with glee.

You see there’s a bit of uberunderstanding everyone’s going to have to do, I suspect that the less mature will shy away (which is the design).

Social manipulation comes from a few angles at a time, some are more aware of the surroundings they find themselves trapped in.

Some animals are just more fly, nah wotta mean.

The pressure comes from upstairs downstairs and in the coal shed.

So there’s a suicide squad that everyone mentions in a context but don't see.

Prison isn't a deterrent for some.

It’s become something different, it’s where they live, the lost, the young, the angry.

You see, in the perfect overweight world of instant hot water taps and Jacuzzis, you have absolutely no understanding of the minds abandoned, yeah, yeah, yeah, you read the tabloids with disgust, then reach for your guardian.

The story you’re told there is pathetic drivel for the glass jaws.

I wonder can you put yourselves in a young man’s place, or woman, that doesn't understand the world the way you do.

It’s completely alien the world you live in, compared.

Maybe if I put it this way, try to wake up in the cold.

I fully comprehend what I ask you to do, it’s akin to going out today with no clothes on, for some that is a recurring dream, others have a different dream, they run but can’t get away, fall of the edge, bang wake up sweating...

Shall I explain why, well one of the reasons.

It’s what’s behind you, you’re the kid stuffing all the sweets knowing you’re going to get caught, knowing you will be sick.

You’re climbing down a rope that’s too short, but you had to.

You escaped for now, but the drop is going to hurt, into the cold water.

For some humiliation is a luxury.

Depravity by others is a way of life.

Justice is a stick and a tie wrap from an early age.

They are shown zero care, their parents were shown zero care.

For generations.

You have ignored them.

Now you’re going to regret it, the only question is when.

A little taster was served up not that long ago, it shit up the string pullers, as the TV’s ran down the road to the backdrop of flames.

Yes prison is no longer a deterrent in its current form, not for some.

Maybe a readjustment of your social glasses, try this.

His girlfriend is pregnant; they have no home, no jobs, in the whole family.

So he tries the things the helpers say, signs there, goes here, does that.

Nothing happens except some suits make money and go home to a semi-detached in Surrey.

He soon starts to realise no one gives a shit.

Then he realises he is going to have to help himself, with no education, as the money wasn't spent there.

So the cycle begins, a robbery of some description or other.

..... I won’t bore you with the usual downward story, that’s not the point.

We are well past that.

Let’s move on, post sentence.

A kid that is put in Feltham young offenders starts there, the 1st instalment of helplessness.

Kindergarten gladiator school.

Then on to the village (Pentonville prison Caledonian road London) Group4's village of the dammed.

There he is treated to some intimidation god would be proud of.

The screws are scared, cos the inmates know they live in council houses.

They are on the same estates as some of the inmates.

There isn’t. enough screws, so they are kept locked up.

Etc etc , boohoo you say... yeah you will be.

So now we skip forward, he makes it out, his girl’s gone, dunno where his kid is, then the parole officer tells them to stay away from their whole life, everyone they know, because you’re not allowed to fraternise with anyone convicted, so he can’t even talk to the only one who's left, his granny, cos she got done for stealing a sandwich from Tesco’s one stop, (Tesco’s had to downsize to the small stores cos they got caught stealing, eh).

Meanwhile he watches the good life drive by him daily.

Is advised by people living the good life, it’s all his fault.

Soon he starts to listen to people that tell him lies.

About how it’s this conspiracy, nah nah, it’s this one.

He doesn't care.

No one does.

We move on some years, a couple, two more short sentences maybe.

Couple of disagreements, the people wardens stop him cos they don’t like the look of his Hendon described stereotype, ask his name he don’t trust anyone, so won’t say, then they assault him, he fights back, they are a pair of idiots fresh out of Uni, so they get battered.

The farmers shepherds, turn up to court with lies and rhetoric learned.

Then bang a big one.

Now the years are rolling not the months.

If he gets out, it’s a mayhem holiday, to recount when back.

Which he will be, with the next sentence.

So a society in a society breeds, as you know.

A culture.

A family.

A crew.

A disillusioned army of independent thinkers.

It’s not a deterrent.


Are the private firm among others (in the UK ) that administer the sentences for the liars.

The constructors of nothing, in case someone looks for evidence.

They have done exactly what was expected, they have driven prisons back into medieval holes with fluorescent lighting.

Where intimidation and bribery rule.

Where the weaker souls, that don’t want the merry-go-round trip forced on them, jump off in that most depressing way.

A bed sheet ticket out.

A sharp toothbrush for the wrists.

Now this causes bad press for the company, and of course the farmers.

They don't care, haven't you noticed. Lol.

Or you still changing things for the better, lol. Fuckin’ idiots.

It’s more than don’t care, it’s a function for future issues.

If you are working class and thinking of joining some sort of march against something or other, you’re an issue for the future, because policies are gonna get harder, now they got you trapped back on the island of doctor frankinkidbumbender.

Where fascism, Nazis, all started, go look for the first blackshirts to see the early roots.

Have a Mosley down that route.

The nibbles n wine racists.

Well they have seen the problem,

But they have to care for the show.

But making prison more human is the game, to show you give a shit, so you can make a speech, wringing and washing your hands.

Like you care.

Cos you do.

About yourself.

So how to be seen to care without getting caught not caring.

Well you privatise.

Then the place becomes more what you expect, what you want prison to be like.

A punishment you read about for the rotters in Enid Blyton.

Well it has become what you wanted. Well done you.

Suicides are epidemic.

Religious warfare and racism are now similar to America.

As we follow the model set.

Now it’s a deterrent for all those would be marchers, fancy being put in gladiator camp with the very people you marched to help thru demonstration.

No, you’re right, you won’t last long explaining that your liberal views are why you’re in there, trying to help us.


When it gets too much the screaming from the mental wrongly incarcerated, the threats from next doors cell, the last sheet you use beckons.

Films have been cast and written to explain it to you as a horror story.

But you’re not going to put your name down for the poor, just in case you end up one.

The line.

The ruse the government play is to keep the people tricked with these threats with no name.

Because they are soooooooooo outnumbered.

It’s a joke.

What about when the riots start getting organised, the rioters start snatching policemen like the police snatch them.

Now the tanks are here.

Personnel carriers, lol

So the crowd will weaponise.

Bungee cords from lampposts to fire bricks two hundred yards at 200 miles n hour.

Snatch squads armed with rope tide to a car round the corner.

Four run out the crowd, slip the loop over the "officers" wrist, and bang off down the road at 50 mph.

Oh yes it’s all coming, they are training now.

But they need time, so the suicides are lamented, to scare the all.

Don’t join them, you’re not one.

You’re on this side.

Grow your finger nails middle class land, oh sorry you can’t you’re too busy biting them to the quick about the mortgage you can’t pay, because of Theresa's dismay.

You do realise the rich will kick you in the leg so they can get away, they aren't letting you on the chopper, they are just going to imply they will.

Zombie companies, zombie films...

I suppose a hungry desperate person at the end of all their ropes, dirty, starving, well yeah they will look like zombies too, trying to eat you...

Remember that phrase or title, I forget where it’s from.


Implying is their game.

Like they imply social care.

What you sew.