The Cockney Translater!

Evening wannabe ex-Evangelistas..

Here’s something to cheer up the gurus, something to sympathise with, come on you lot, start funding again! Their lives are turning to shit, (poor old Alex/Stefan/insert condescending twat name), now the gravy train ends and it’s real work, support yourself with talent time, lol.

I must admit I'm loving all the whatless read-repeaters, inspiration-less scaremongers getting hoisted, plus the total oral contortionism they’re coming out with, is as varied as snowflakes, fuckin hell they can spin mad eh!

Anyway for you... gurus and exoinfotainters...

One billion websites has been reached, pop, lol. Greeeeeeat, hahaha.

Technology is soooooooooo not used to its potential, just ask Clive.

All this clever shit, what we done, if you turn off the power it adds up to two great big bags of fuck all.

What a waste of time, ahhhhhhhh!

Jimmy will sort it wiv the wikiites, only they started the bullshit, or has he not read wiki, lol... What a charlatan, grabbing for a new platform control, who decides what’s fake?

Ya ready to fight, ya ready to run, don’t think, which one, cos then ya done.

Calm down, clam down lol.

Here’s a dream as I ain’t got none.

Metadata makes money.

Why does it make money?

To take the obvious, it puts similar data on the same flow, or, in humans, like minded people together.

Yay! Say the adverteers/marketeers, the new buckeneers, masquerading as pirates when really the admiralty work both ends of the ocean, yes another utility for us to use, to make,

more adverts,

for more products,

for more people,

to buy,



Ultimately they can then have more money themselves, from the larger fees they charge for the service, or the privilege.

So linking things together is great! More, more, more...

Big Al springs to mind (for those of you who still don’t know who big Al is it’s at the foot of the page).

When nature links things together it links everything!

This is both dangerous, and fluid...why? why does nature do that?!

It doesn’t doooo anything, true indifference...

Indifference to pain, suffering, love, indifference to the wind, the rain.

Indifference to the sun...

Nature’s answer to the creature is, burn.

This is true indifference, then there is us.

The humans.

Nature is the reason we are here.

But we are a leap, a triple jump, trying to figure out what we are as we land in the sand, but someone comes along and quickly rakes the sand over, before we get chance to look at the marks left by our own choices.

Something is wrong with us.

No one really knows what, so we have invented all sorts of twists and turns in our endeavours to fuel ourselves.

Religion is the obvious, both scientific and holy.

A security blanket until mommy gets back, in the form of a concise safe impractical solution to the question, WHAT THE FUCK?

We have all in our right minds looked at our own people with horror and disgust.

Is this right?

Are we supposed to be acting this way?

I would normally say yes, with what I have gleaned on my meagre journey so far.

But then in 2011 the reigns were let go, or taken, depending on your bent, your wallet, your presumed stature, your extreme religious excuse (I don’t think anyone believes if they are totally compos mentis).

Arguments in artificial earthbound heaven had taken place for an age, 800 years, I believe.

Then the internet started to take its place, yes it was there (95), doing its thing, also most of what is available now was then, Techies will tell you it’s bigger better in so many ways, while totally ignoring the fact that we still only work in stereo, the human body can absorb only so much info in one go, like a studio salesman giving you the graphic representing the new monitor you are buying... Not realising that most of the frequencies mean nothing to the ear and more to the brain, a waste of time (monitors as in speakers not screen) you can hear it, you can feel it, thought, eh!

(I have a set of monitors good ones, you hear so much more)

We only have the faculties we have.

Some are up on some, some down on others, it makes no difference, if the jigsaw puzzle is missing one piece it can’t be finished, even if the piece contains a turd.

Doesn't matter how much you pay.

That’s why I said I would normally say, yes, to us performing such heinous antics.

But this changed; it changed because the hold, the conservative nature of some, lost its grip, ever so slightly.

A group of people, ultimately corporations, split up.

It happened because one side of an old argument saw an opportunity.

The sea became high, the wind just right.

So they took their chance.

Very old agreements were abandoned.

People stopped performing functions which had passed on for eons.

Put everything down and walked away (wiv their shit of course).

Like kids taking in their ball cos they got stuck in goal.

Why is it the kids wiv everyfin are quite often shit? Lol.

Have a look back when the "new crazy" started up.

The fraying at the seams of what seemed a better world.

It happened a long time ago, too, that how we had the topographical leap forward we did some 800 years ago.

You see one of the families with one of the tasks, a more illustrious task in the "grand scheme of things"decided, nope... we are being held back, this is not evolving/revolving, how we want.

And the rest in the group said, well, that’s fine, cos you don't do the deciding, nature does (paraphrasing and simplifying on a gargantuan scale there), so shut up.

Yeah you already know how that went down, boy do you...

If you pay attention to your surroundings it did.

Lol. You know and you feel it, but not totally for the reasons you think you do or should.

So they all got angry and that family, strain, trait, resource, part, whatever the fuck you want to call it, broke off.

It was sore, it caused many historical upsets.

Probably most wars of note, then and ultimately now too, indirectly with providence reread.

The bad guys won, I suppose.

Well you can decide later for yourself, I will just recount what I saw and heard and then fished while standing there holding an old scared man’s hand.

They broke off and started doing whatever they wanted, dabbling everywhere, the ones left holding the baby while the fun inside didn’t know what to do..

The reason for this is that part of the balance that broke off, was strength.

So they had two problems, not only had the promise been broken, it had been broken by those which should safeguard it physically.

Oh dear.

What a mess.

After running around wringing their hands they decided they must act.

In unison they took another "non lineal" into the oath.

They gave that new untouched line of no lineage all the powers their predecessor had.

This led to that original defectors entire line being wiped from the face of the earth.

It was done meticulously and surgically, then things settled down again.

The new honoured took their position with no genetic claim, that’s important.

The whole thing was indifference.

So that was a long time ago.

But it left a germ, a seed, again depending on your mirror view.

Leaping through time and oh such tribulations 800 hundred odd years to 2011.

They didn't leave at all.

The mercenaries hired were cousins of the thought, the revenge of the annihilated.

They played a long game, most of us couldn't understand how or why, but they did.

The patience was their virtue.

Then in December of 2011 they made their move.

We have been reaping the benefits ever since, huh, benefits, well that is the divide isn’t it?

The world stage changed forever, was never going back.

Things disappeared, families ran away.

The usual when things go bang.

The thrusting and surging we have seen since is just indicative of the turmoil of manipulation by man of nature.

Or in our case nurture.

There is a reason I divulge this shit.

At this point.

Cos you is gettin metadatered to death dudes...

All checks and balances are off for them and on for you.

The Metadata makes more.

More of everything.

Not just love babie. Na no way, not just loooourve.

It makes hate and hate is a quick fuck, like its intent, so it breeds quicker on the wind of bad news and mayhem...

More hate, more anger, more divide...

The governments have just given them the key and they don’t even know they exist.

How could they, politicians have always been a trillionaires plaything, forever, that’s a well trained thoroughbred.

Every now and then a bolshie cart horse stands up, or a shire horse.

Pulling something ain’t running.

Runners never pull a cart.

So yeah, and?

Don’t even think of the resistance, that’s staged by people that don’t know they work for the same side, there’s only one side when you are clambering for everything.

Or are you still labouring under the total fallacy that there is not one biggest pile of power/money in one set of hands?!

Now you understand why I laugh at the new age-gurus and the pseudo-historians.

Faction hugging limpits, if you poke them they hang in harder, lol, sad...

Shame how you can’t say "sad" at the end of a sentence in good conscience anymore, since the orange Muppet coined it so tepidly.

Anyway, I’m a bit bored of all this history shite, never did like it, it’s why I didn’t pay as much attention to that part as I probably should have.

My school started at 30.

I didn’t do school the first time round, so doing it as a covert student during a very interesting adulthood didn’t help either, just the way it crumbled, sorry.

But I will and have tried in the past to recount as I can.

But that’s for in here and this lot, I have no intention of showing you the pearl and swine trick again, I have done that to conclusion, no need to put us all through that again.

Some know what I’m talking about, first hand.

Some wish they had listened, sad, see, see, you can’t say it, if you do you trumped, lol, trump means fart in posh England-speak.

And Scotland I believe if you’re a hundred, so there at his golf club, he is actually an old fart. Hahahahaha.

I shouldn't laugh at myself, or should I? Do you? Often enough?

Does the pontificunt ever actually while looking in the mirror ever consider what a fucking total idiot he/she looks, in the warpaint. Do you? In ya skinny jeans and loafers or whatever shit I am wearing cos I'm told to, lol.

The reason I say it here in short is to illustrate the loss of grip,

And then subsequently the fun and games that have followed.

Metadata is the enemy of us all.

It will breed such a mess of everything in everything it won’t stop until we have turned everything into dust.

Entropy is fine at its natural rate, that’s us doing what we do and the ball letting us do it.

This is entropy on steroids, with 7.1 Dolby and 4k wrap around full immersion experience.

And sheeeeeeeeet, you don’t wanna know how much snatching is going on, hence the one-way, then the next, flip flop...bang, crash, wallop... tears.

The algorithms that search your every whim will never stop; they will massage every weakness, every perversion, every fetish.

We would have and have done all those things on our own.

But now we will do it on juice.

Just watch as the social network eats itself then comes for you, in your real life.

Cos it’s gonna...

I already saw the plans.

And it’s right on schedule baby.

Most haven't a Scooby doo.

Me, unfortunately, I’m indifferent.

Thanks to everyone that contacted us, very thoughtful.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Start paying attention or your ice-cream is gonna melt.


Don’t take it sneezy and don’t be wheezy.

Ps, when I’m less busy I will come back and put some of it up on backboard, at points as suggested for next meet.


Pps, Big Al