The Cockney Translater!


Howdy new colonial campers

Oh dear, the hackers have been naughty again.

Gone and done all sorts to our intrawebs...

Shown the flaws in technology, namely people...

Take the people out and what’s left..?

New monster???????

Now the terror can get you anywhere, not just on site seeing trips.

Now the terror can get right down deep in our underpants, ALLL THANKS TO THE NSA, if that was anything you did, you would extradited immediately, orange boiler suit.


Hysterical to watch the unbelievable hypocrisy, helplessness!

I have become a bit bored with the american fiasco realty show.

I’m sure I'm not alone, loooooooong... hee hee.

Donald will take a dump every time he gets scared and everyone will examine it.

All very funny at first, tedious is the word that springs to mind now, blind to nepotism, racism, yeah well.

I must say on a personal note, the american countryside, its diversity and complete depth of field is only matched by the people you find walking around in it... the people, ordinary people, at the store in the petrol station etc.

They are very kind.

Down to earth.


You find that kind of thing often happens to oppressed people, they understand the things that are important and don't fuss about the silly things we do.

Very forgiving,

I’m talking about the 99% I presume.

Then there’s the other sort.

I find it all horrific that people such as this are so maligned.

It’s like watching a good kid get told off all the time, something you are going to eventually stop, even if it isn't your kid.

But we can’t.

We just have to watch, as the limbs get pulled off, flambéed and eaten, by the greedy few.

I wandered around, looked at the TYTs, then Jimmy Dore springs up..

Low and behold he talks of the British Angelland’s mess.

Jezzer is his hero, easy to understand why.

On paper, labour is fantastic eh.

The policies are fair... I s’pose.

At least they will have a vote that’s summink, plus all the old school ties will find it harder, but the new school ties will step in.

You see that’s the problem Jimmy,

It’s all the same...

Even here. lol

Your country is an experiment.

Your constitution isn’t even the original document, that was spirited away long ago along on the Potomac,

Flames covering the tracks as always.

The new Building is much nicer for rich people anyway.

The cleansing fire, leaving smouldering doubt, forever...

Yes it was substituted, for a different one, slightly amended, shall we say.

If Jeremy gets in on the dismay, well he will be wined and dined, which will mean fish n chips, to appeal...

But never the less, as his new social society takes shape, into the shape will form triangles.

Crystalline in nature, impossible to remove.

Like gout in a knee, he will fall, as it cracks.

His friends will retreat into the shadows...

Then round we all go again...

Trust me, being a sandal, was my thing.

But thanks for your words of hope.

Very, nice.

Still back to the old stone men.

Men in the round.

In the circle of life.


What’s left in the genetic memory,

A concern of powerful men over the eons...

The millions?



Are recent, could you understand some believe the thought isn't...?

That we all have our turn,

Well, some do, verwy mucho.

And guess what they are your keepers, were your keepers,

Unbeknown to all, but some, or crazy people, that don't care what they say, they just say it. Yeah some of those saw and said.

But of course it was taken as gobbledegook, and wasn't presented on PowerPoint pro.

After all if you were the first in the undergrowth, you’re bound to be the most secreted...

Knowledge is power,

All energy is a result of it, as it is a memory that drives a force we wish and think we own, for our moment, our nano second of existence.

We, you, us...


Where is the room for them in a goldfish bowl.


We are all a puzzle, supposedly.

We will one day fit.

But as with all things worth it, that comes at the price of energy, its expulsion drives us forward,

There I go, with the us, anyone would think I don't see the difference.

Well I do, vive la difference.

When we cracked apart, we flew and spun, landed in all sorts of pieces thrown in all sorts of directions

What was in our heads spun too.

This is the language distorted by field.

A mind warped by primordial wifi...

Mental on our mantles...

So the story goes, anyhow. ;)

We all have our turn of the stone.

All will.

In turn.

Go round.

The stone.

Each will leave a mark.

There piece of the dynamic which they inhabited.

Until the stones are forgotten by most.

Held dear for us all, from us all, by some, descended to do so.

There are two sets of inscriptions.

Very complicated in nature, the first cruder than the second, but not in its message.

Just in its physical composition, the process.

Each contain the genetics of a species here before us, for us, we will do the same, are about to.

Remember, it’s just a silly story, like all religions.

Keep a grip, take a sip, of coffee, a puff, a munch.a run round the block.

Don't feel sick.

Cos I know some in high places just did.

Time to play on a level playing field, me thinks.

As promised.

I will continue, next.

Why two snake heads facing each other, is this a sign, no...

Of course it is, or is it?

Look, people take shit they like or find foreboding, they want its essence, its suggestion of an emulated smell of thought.

For you to smell, see, touchy, feely...

As they waft past...

The fashion industry is just one facet of it, being told what feathers to wear, how long for and when, or everyone will laugh...well they won’t actually, they will look, then decide what to do.

It’s the fashion industry that laugh, then change the style so you all buy it again, one thing tho, this ensures the less thoughtful never know what they want to wear.

They only like their uniforms, if you invent your own you’re a threat.

Then the crims come, and stamp it out.

Hoodies are criminal cos the cameras can’t see.

Uniforms of a different nature, nurture.

But back to copying shit like Jules and his "furious vengeance" or whatever.

Snakes, looking at each other, listening, for the division bell.

I don't care what your affiliations are, it’s quite simple.

This was first, that much is true.


(Get over it, or just fuck off)

The snake faces itself, it will never agree, never back down, so will never untangle itself from the rings that lock the door to knowledge.

Divide your minds with extreme contradictions and your conscience will never agree, long enough to see,

See, you’re locked in.

It’s kicking in now as you read.

It always will, you’re like Briton Rock (english traditional disgusting holiday treat) it’s written through your very middle, for gene er rations.

It’s no good trying to let go, no matter what any guru tells you, they are full of shit.

Maybe some didn’t start that way, I’m sure some have very vivid imaginations, but once they realise it’s just bullshit, the gravy train of adulation has started. soooooo. lol.

Gurus, lol, watch them all rename themselves, like the super soldiers did when I mentioned the real dudes i know are coming to test their shit the hard way... lol.

Funny shit, boy was a few close to getting totally humiliated, in the most amusing if ways... all in good fun of course.

Ahhhh funny shit.


This is first.

And it’s all been spirited away, just before enough people became interested, as planned.

Some may have just seen them going out the door, but that’s all.

Shadows leaving with something important, but you just didn’t see long enough to be interested.

All the pieces of the puzzle are private now.

Locked away.

But, someone hid something they nicked when no one was looking, just before it all hit the fan... Insurance in red and blue socks.

The original keepers have no clue what to do, so they ran away, they are not physical types.

The physical types helped do the deed...

Verwy misguided, if you don't mind me saying so, (personal observation)

Now the howibble people have them.

Hence the fuckin mayhem everywhere... if you believe that sort of shit.

I don’t, didn’t, still don't. (but boy am I gettin a bit nervous now lol)

Some just stood in the library, and kept the things safe.

Their whole policy was do nothing, let the water fall.

All they ever did, as others did before, was to keep things there and secret among responsible people who wanted no gain.

They didn't need money, that’s just ridiculous to speak of with these people.

Enough to sustain as needed.

The only time they acted out, was to withdraw a bad decision, a wrong person, a person in seek of personal fulfilment in their pool.

That person was found.

That knowledge retrieved.

That dinner party story confuzzled with lies and more story.

To be never seen again in truths light.

Courtiers disappeared, oculists lost vision.

Machiavellian mechanics never knew what hit them.

Hollywood runs on such gas leaks.


Now the storytellers that soften the blow are replaced with accountants so you will never know.

Society's formed to follow this ghost, but even in their ranks they had know idea how where or what to look for.

So as usual made shit up.

Put on a costume to emulate, puffing the chest with snippets of magic and knowledge.

Maybe a funny hat or two.

Meanwhile the sand covered the tracks.

So could not bee seen, wood, for trees.

Here’s a fable of birds n bees.

Now get on your knees.

The keepers are gone.

The farmers are digitally supreme.

You now have a problem.


Several in fact of there of delinquent offspring started to farm you.

The disagreement, they all had, fractured the whole thing.

As it stood today.

No one’s sure if that’s right or wrong.

So those that had legs and could run, did.

Those that couldn't, got minced and fed to animals.

The knew gods in power,

Well, look around you.

The seventies is when it started, the argument, in earnest, the division brought on by bad children, now it’s open.

To whoever knows, knows what to look for.

Ever wondered why countries that hate each other (lol) agree to put billions into experiments on the whims of the most slight in stature, what happened to the tough survive?

The corporate animal?

Only the ruthless get to the top of their field?

Well no, not always, a while back, some equally heavy but more balanced people tried to help those guys, with leather elbow pads and glasses, that’s all over now.

Now bad people, compartmentalise good people with cobwebby clever brains into doing things that very odd guys will later assemble to do whatever the dam well they please with, under no regulation, cos you can’t regulate quantum physics, yet!


These people like all of us start getting worried and react badly to a climate of fear, it causes irrational bigotry, racism, which is in all of us, btw.

Stop being silly.

So what.

I got a big nose, my girl likes it. You don't and ?

I'm fine, you’re fine, it don’t mean we hate each other, it just means we are being kept ignorant of each other by a third party.

To keep control.

How old?

Come on.......

Drop the fairy tales...

Look where they are taking us.

For what?

You’re going to find out over next few days.

As far as I have learned.

If ya interested, that is.

If not.

Yeah, good, bye.

Have a great life.

I'm sure it will all be fine, really, I am.

Just your perception of "alright and time", might be a bit different to mine.

Slater, from the annoying commentator.