The Cockney Translater!

Held back for legal reasons. Written mid June.


Fellow passenger victims,

Hope you’re ok this afternoon, evening etc.

If you’re not, sorry to hear it.

Perhaps I should go back to the first thing I said, evolution and its hijacking, whether you believe it’s nature and therefore unintentional, or you are a conspiracy hobbyist, turned activist..

I think we can agree now, in these times we exist that things are getting a little out of hand.

To my understanding gleaned from my wading through the people soup of life, it’s definitely hijacked by some, while others in horror coupled with disbelief provide alibis for the culprits.

The best thing for the perpetrator/manipulator is the astounding amount of claptrap that spouts forth from people trying to explain everything a nice way.

When quite frankly without any shadow of a doubt people are the most disgusting, brutal, evil forms of life on the planet, on the other hand they are quite beautiful, gentle and kind.

Which state do we reside in proportionally...

The percentage, do we be nice most of the time?

Or do we be evil most of the time?


Let’s complicate it further,

How often are we cruel/kind, what does the weight of the deed done have to bring to the situation.

After all, if a priest or politician has led an exemplary life...

Been doing great things all over the place, helping all sorts of people, but then you find out they are a murderer or rapist.

What’s the balance doing...?

Further complications, what’s each individual thinking about the severity, after all a pervert who hasn't raped yet, how does he/she really feel about it compared to say YOU !


How does that help, or hinder?

Gossip, what is that...?

It’s people passing on information.

Is it accurate?

Who says?

No one, we listen, those that say they don't, then get it from those less pompous.(wife/husband-overheard)

Can you check every source feed?

Can you adjudicate every morsel, back down to its route?

Finally, if it’s news/gossip you like you won’t even try!

So what use is it?


Well to say it has none is naive.

How much you base your actions on it, is your choice.

To me, I place it somewhere like, wind in the trees.

If accompanied by hail and claps of thunder I may act.

If just wind, no.

Media, gossip, wind.

If you turned off your communications from the news media, how would you know who to hate?

Who are the only people to make money out of others misfortune...?

I say misfortune because we aren't being naive remember, bad news travels, good news sits down and smiles for a bit, maybe falls asleep at the relief of it. Bad news comes in the corner of the room and right up to your eyeball and screws at you...

Who is busy?

Who makes?

Operation phoenix.

Do you not see the show?

Each player has an axe,

They all want to hack at each other while you watch.

I’m going to say thank you to Mr. Trumpy.

One thing we can all thank him for is diminishing the graces of all of them.

Liars, frauds, to control the outcome.

At least he has lowered the tone, to its true note.

He fell disproportionately into the arena as a distraction, a babe in the woods, as the crocodiles approach him he does what all cowards do, he pulled out a big gun and started firing indiscriminately.

Say what you want about that, it’s certainly a show!!!!!!!


But while they are running around trying to dodge Donalds babybullets which is very irregular, they are showing their slip....

I don’t think that bit was entirely planned, it was a mishap an over sight, a 17.5% glitch that no one can spiral.

Everyone thinks they can handle a big baby like Donald until its head spins round puking 360 and then shit flies out its arse while crying...

I have some things going on personally.

Which are questionable procedures.

Meanwhile the very thing that has been done to me, has been scorned in the press by the very people doing it to me.

Freemasons in the police force are rounding up people.

They are using any means they can use.

They are making new rules built around the old ones, without planning permission.

I have watched systems dealing with me change while i’m in them, sometimes weekly.

The changes are a reaction to what’s being talked about in the news.

We won’t go into specifics.

But we are about to make this issue about the rich and the poor once and for all.

Violence is out of the question, so is protest.

Both a complete waste of time on the surface... and exactly what your opposition want you to do.

There are fire-starters in the crowd funded by all sides, I know, it’s where I started all those years ago, a nifty and a gram, get in the van...

The middle nice people that live in the nice world think it works just so...

How would you know?

You have never been arrested, falsely imprisoned.

You have never been in any system apart from your own lovely one.

The rest of us are being treated like something on the bottom of a shoe.

Well if violence is not an option, and protest is ridiculous, due to the forms you have to fill out, also now with all the horrific policies around the world therefore the reaction of the world, it’s also quite dangerous.

So, now, what?

More of the same?




I record everything.

The police are bent.

They are not the police for poor people.

They are for the rich people.

When some of the rich people say something, their card is marked and they will be dissolved, it will look like their fault.

They just won’t get the work anymore, the dinner invites will slow, the phone will stop ringing.

It will all look quite normal.

The crowd that is rich will stay rich.

They are not going to share.

How obvious.

The media is steered, by its owners.

Now they are going to stop the uncontrolled gossip.

Replace it with their own controlled version.

How obvious.

You are all now connected to a device.

You get everything you care about from it.

“Mum come get me, I'm in trouble...”

That’s the reason we started carrying them.

It’s not now.

How obvious.

With the beep your mood can change.

Now there is a filter.

You are sprayed red or blue.

You’re being polarised, by shock treatment on a national scale.

In all walks of life.

How obvious.

The internet is a communication tool.

We have had it in a useable sense for fifteen years.

We supposedly socialise on it.

We are told that justice warriors are rampant, activists are narly with intent..

Yet the one thing it is actually good for is never done.

One place one click.

It’s built on sand.

You will be manoeuvred away from any movement that takes this heading.

One click, one vote...

All attempts so far are and have been infiltrated.


What I say here is uncontrollable.

No sponsors, none of the reigns, google don’t tell me fucking shit.

Does all the others without exception, all of them, all behold the god.

I don't believe in violence other than self defence.

I’m not religious.

Therefore am not racist.

In fact I want real ordinary people to do nothing.

For one day.

World wide.

That just want peace in all its natures.

The organisation of this "click vote" or "one click one vote" will be tripped hindered and destroyed at every attempt.

Just like electronic currency not controlled by banks, they are going to attack that very shortly...

A great campaign, that will start with fraud, they will scare all cryptocurrency owners, into thinking it’s not safe, they will do thus by copying transactions, then framing the transactions as fraud.

No one will look to deep, the damage will be done, even if the jury is told to ignore council’s comments and it be struck from the record...

No, they don’t care if it’s found out later to be double-chocolate fraud.

That won’t matter, the shit will have stuck to the greedy mind.

Then the cascade will start...

The plummet!

Now I have fucked it?

Of course not, who the fuck gives a shit what I say no matter how many millions read... there are billions on the planet and most of them don’t use the internet the way you do.

The internet gurus and pundits with their agendas and employers are not effective..

It’s a ruse.

They just think there famous.

Sure they get lots of views and sponsorship, they buy very fast cars and homes etc...

There are 8 billion of us.

A million views by the privileged few and some communal viewers huddled round one telephone screen isn't shite.

Grain of sand.

As soon as any of you have to consider tonight without the internet for company, plus the store is closed, and there’s a powercut planned for later, howz ya internet activison going to look then.

How you gonna communicate with each other, when your banned for not being "nice" ?,sorted that worldwide have you, oh i know, fuckin anonymouse will do it for you, only they won’t cos they are a bunch of electronic pussies.

If they are who they say they are, they could have done much much much much more, why haven’t they?

Wakey wakey, hands off snakey!

Back to "one click vote"

Something un-adolescent and sensible, boring almost..

Something that needs work, from the workshy!

Spitting crap on the web is just funny, all there funny names and handles, avatars with clever piccys...

Load of useless fuckin internet wankers.

The fuckin lot of ya.

To busy trying to grab the bouquet or rosette, for being the saviour of us all.

When it’s clearly going to be us that saves you as usual.

The talkers talk.

While we walk.

The internet could hold a vote each day on several subjects to be counted instantaneously...

We do it for the most trivial of things, but not for the most important.

Weekly referendums.

How do you

On what the fuck goes in your local area, then the whole county ward etc...

Then on to the country you’re in.

Then on to the world we live.

Us, not them.

Can be done right now, they will fight to stop you.

It would shrink government down to size.

In just a few years.

I know, I saw the model, the one that was discarded as soon as it was seen to emerge.

An innocent computer gave an answer, to an innocent question.

How do we arrest our demise.

This time round.

The network it could have happened on is now controlled entirely by 5 companies, which in turn control everything else through gating hits and advertising money.

As programmed to...

Steering the narrative.


Except, I just said it.

Can a mouse squeak start an avalanche.


Depends on the mouse.

Some mice make friends with elephants they scare.

Eat seed ticks from tigers.

Before they go squeaking.

I would like some help.

We need some skill sets to join the ones we have.

Can YOU help?

If so email in with your particular skill in life.

Unless you’re an internet wanker. If you are, don't waste ya time, I will see thru and humiliate you.

Your skill could be just you being calm and helpful to others less fortunate.

Where it really counts, no more lip service.


Here’s something more healthy to think about than death and police.

Like the telly tells ya!

Leave the house without your electronic ball and chain, try using your own brain.

See how you feel, be honest with yourself, is it an addiction?

Some calmer subject matter...not sayin right, not sayin wrong, but honest, he is being honest.

Which is nice eh.

Rupert Sheldrake

If you want to know something handy, I could tell you.

Will you listen?

Well that’s on you eh!

Some of you should stand still, truly.

The pressure is causing it all.

Here’s a game to play if you’re fortunate enough to not be in chains metaphoric or otherwise.

When you want to let go.

When the pressure is too much!

I’m not talking about your daily pressure...

I’m not talking about your direct human pressure at all.

This trick is "their" trick, it’s why HOLY DAYS started.

Enemies of the essence.

But they hijacked things of this nurture long long ago, made you hate the things that can save.

Save you.

I’m talking to you,

We have no counter.

How many of you are there, you don't know whether to like me, hate me, ignore me?

There is none of the usual human gauges.

No face.

No head.

No likes.

No counter.

No nothing.

So am I talking to you alone?

All five of you, or 15million?

Ten a day, or ten thousand a second?

Why would you want to know that?

After all, I dont care.

That’s the trick.

It’s that simple.

Simple, is sometimes the hardest thing to achieve.

One brush stroke is simple.

A stab at the canvas with a thick black brush full of dripping paint can be made into a masterpiece.

By the next 33 strokes.

If you know how to let go and do them.

Let’s throw you a bone,

Teach a trick you can use to help...their trick, that you should all ready know,

The problem is you are programmed to never want to.

Start here, if you can...

Go to the beach.

Stand in the water bare feet in the sand, between your toes.

When it’s all over your feet, almost just water, close your eyes and look up...(thru the eyelids)

It should ideally be the middle of the night, or the middle of the day.

Look at the respective ball thru the skin on your eye.

Stay there, try to care.

Think of all the people suffering in the world.

Through absolutely no fault of their own, just unlucky in geography, money or life.

Think of your grievances with that, think of your grievances with others.

Try to get angry about it there and then, in the sand.

Point your forehead to the globe you witness and breath your twelve breaths of life, when the last leaves your body, let everything leave with it.

Don't care anymore.

It starts with you.

You will meet others there at 12:00 0:00.

Let go of the pressure.

Stop taking part in the daily.

Step to one side and know you don't care any more.

It was not your demon to begin with.

You did not birth it, it jumped on you, inviting its friends.

Step to one side.


If you don’t care you will relax.

If you don’t care you will not be vested.

If you don’t care you will not construct.

Thus is the first step.

Up to you, Winnie the Pooh.