The Cockney Translater!

Hello you trainee heathens, how ya doin’?

Have you got ya costume ready for act three, the final act.

I have, I’m going to be invisible, took me ages to find the costume, lol.

Still any mask will do,

The virtual world dwellers are beside themselves today, well some of them are, they are very happy/sad depending on their fetish.

Some like being controlled, they like being controlled because control means safety, being genetically incapable of courage this is a concern for them.

They don't go out in the real world much, only to service their annoying smelly body.

If only they could live totally in the new expanse, they wish up ways to detach from the scary humans outside their abode.

A war,

How does it start?

I mean really, when did it actually start.

I don’t mean the bit when politicians fail at the job they are telling you they’re doing for you, while succeeding totally in the agenda they actually want to achieve.

That bit is a way after the moment it really started.

It’s a small thing, a butterfly effect of gargantuan consequence.

Today or yesterday, sometime very recently a war started.

It of course didn’t look like a war started, no one hardly noticed.

But it did.

A company is writing software to help people identify people on the net, as real people.

Not bots.

No guns, well virtual ones eventually I suppose, but not the traditional bang bang you’re dead muverfucker-type guns...

Which will annoy all the gun toters out there, but thrill all the virtual inhabitants.

Soon we will have online id massacres.

Perhaps I should mention that now that YouTube is being cleared of all its inhabitants of a type not desired, that it needs its vacancies populating.

The academics are not very cooperative, well the ones that are not totally in the pocket.

They’re uncooperative because they are lazy, oh yes it’s simple,

because they have sat on their fat tenure for ten years.

And when asked by your benefactors to clear up some mess online with a few well placed comments, or the odd site to combat the exposure of state propaganda, they’ve been very lacklustre in their response. And the crocodiles don’t like that, cos they’ve been paying for years.

Cos they are lazy, the controllers are gonna get ‘em back and solve a problem.

YouTube wouldn’t exist without the media backlash against the propaganda...

That’s what made it popular.

After the anonymous film promotion (ya know with the mask an all that, and the girl from star wars lol) out pop anonymous, with the mask, lol.

And they go on YouTube, get a following and make lots of places for all to fight back at the algorithm devouring us.

Now the places they made for the glut of idiots with a keyboard and no brain, to spout bigoted shite, which makes it all worse.

Now those places are vacancies, cos YouBoob stopped the subsidies.

Or as Alex and Cenk like to call it, advertising money.

I prefer payment for your part in the propaganda play.

But anyway.

All the ones without a real point that made the mess have had their funding withdrawn.

Now they are mostly greedy while being socially justified, and aren’t actually talented enough to get you to go to their own site, also no self respecting business is going to put its genitalia in the hands of an erratic nerd with a warrior complex.

The academics are coming, they need to don’t they, cos they just had their funding removed with a pension deficit...

Yes all the very clever people are not so clever,

They thought the pension was in the bag...

Their lives were sorted, and the jobs a gooden.

That ain’t how it’s gonna be...

No you’re going to have to go and make a living on YouTube, they need good clean propaganda run fun, to fill the created void.

The cogs in the machine that are left will have to survive on their savings, in Alex’s case potion sales(which ain’t doing it btw) or heaven forbid they will have to make money at work and truly do the "job" for vocational reasons, and pay for it, to help you, after all isn’t that what you would do..

Pay your way, cos you truly want to warn people about the shape in the trees?

We all have a think about it....

We do really need some up there in control of the levers and buttons, obviously, we are here now for better or worse, in our little insignificant way.

But we need naturals,

Honesty, some individuals that will just relay the whole story, warts and all.

All the nasty stupid mistakes that led to ridiculous cruel dogma.

Then eventually historical shame and loathing of each other...

When all said honesty and true unfettered information has been relayed,

The most important question ever constructed will be asked.

What do you ALL want to do now?

Let’s think about the now,

As if were really there, I mean it’s not a good idea to decide what your gonna do when someone threatens you, it’s best to decide first when calm, make it part of you, then when your surprised you do it naturally, in my case smack you in the head.

So let’s do that, let’s be prepared..

The now would mean you understand that none of this is your fault.

I mean you, whatever colour age you are...

You did nothing.

And there’s something else...

You wouldn’t have done what your ancestors did.

Any of you...

It’s nonsense...

History is important for that lesson alone... the atrocious things we did to each other are exactly that.


You wouldn’t do it.

But the controllers would, and will again, and again.

They aren’t like you, are they..?

So you wouldn’t have done it back then yourself whatever the heinous act is (insert race religion act here).

I’m literally telling you...

If presented with the exact same problems as they are seen, you would not have thought, ‘oh I know, genocide.’, or ‘oh yeah rape’...

You also wouldn’t have come up with paperwork to trick the less fortunate therefore less educated (but more able bodied) into doing it for... you.....

They did.

They are doing it now...

The historical wars and military are now getting more coverage...

The foot pump is being pressed to inflate the young ego into battle..

The military are respected strong real men are in the army they are better men, so it goes...

The historical differences are constantly referenced on the news in schools, the poor are rousted,

News stories about knives available for the children to buy, and how the shopkeeper sells them..

In the middle class burrow they sit and shiver, all the kids in the hoods have shivs, hoodies in the hoods...

Meanwhile a kid is killed to give an example of unrest to be quelled...

So the burrow dwellers except and behave pay from cradle to grave.