The Cockney Translater!

Morning mojito drinkers, hope you’re drunk on life alone, are you alone in


Well, back to the flaccid but lucid dreams of some unusual weirdoes at the


You see, there is something happening that many would love to take credit

for. Some are in fact daily doing so, on their YouBullshit.


It’s not going very well.

In 2011 a realisation was made, not by man but by numbers, numbers that

spoke to some men then, now they speak for themselves don’t they!

Well back then certain dreamers in the depths, well they looked at the

numbers and realised a change of tide was happening. They ran around trying

to see whether it was just ebb n flow, or as some doomed souls among

them (guilty still with humanity inside) said all was lost, it was a tide,

a tide that will consume them and their dreams...

Of course the more active in them wouldn’t have that and proceeded to make

knobs to turn, levers to pull, to see if it is all for nort.

They discovered the worst,

It was true, the percentage was moving away from their numbers, to somewhere


Individuals, Uno, started to appear... this would never do...

Don’t vote?

Don’t care?

Know their actions feed?

So have no action?

And smoked weed (usually)

The ground was greasy, they like it that way. It stops you gaining

purchase, the contract, the schemes, the faceless organisation with changing


The ground started tilting; now the thing they like stops helping and starts

to hinder, in fact their desperate actions to stop the tilt made it worse.

Now ordinary people could move the ground.

So they use an old tactic, it’s simple...

When something terrible happens, they fill the scary gap with control,



Some see the game now; they follow the monkey and the lizard, accept each



Are going to use the gap for good, the right way...

Against them...

They hate the camera, it records the words and deeds, along with gestures, we

see them all...

If any human in a place of public authority refuses to be filmed while

exercising that public duty ask yourself why?

Who are they?

Yeah it’s that simple, they don’t like cameras, for whatever dream you want

to make the reason, I don’t care... they don’t like cameras..!!

They have cameras to make up (a) past; you can record the future as it


Take the effect.

Why isn’t this on daytime BBC?


We know why.

The government say one thing while the claw does another under the growth.

I have some similar footage, and worse phone conversations.

I have a recording of me talking one final time it seems thus far...

To the ipcc.

That’s the puppet bullshit outfit that looks into the police and their

conduct after they have handed you to them for judgement first, right to

respond etc...

Well we did that,

We have the video, not theirs; we recorded it despite their understanding of

the tech that stops that.

I told the ipcc, that I am visited regularly for no reason by the police,

every time someone comes to my door with anything to do with the local

freemason run authority, the police are with them,


Recently, a complaint was raised about a trivial thing by an unknown

complainant, not about me, but about one of the out buildings...

The police came, two of them,

With the council rep...

They have sat at the end of my street, while I have tinkered with my car

tuning for fun.

They wait in various places in my rural village, all only recently, I

have lived here for a while...

I never saw the police when they didn’t know where I was...

Until I put myself on the map.

I had a contracting company that did work for them!

I saw from the inside how the local authority is used by the old boys

network to influence everything local, but in unison, to exhibit behaviour in

people to their own political ends...

Some would say religious... as I am now finding out.

My last call to the ipcc, explained the varying ways I am being intimidated

the day after publishing.

This is read in over sixty countries...*

Why would Peru/Israel/Venezuela want to know about these guys...?

Simple, Maritime Law...

I mean mad american land where they’re the best at everything, including being

churlish and horrific... yes it’s all encompassing, you dopes, or did you think

bursting into song at every moment at how great you all are at everything,

the best country in the world!!!!! I wouldn't offend anyone, by

implication...oh and btw, sorry to burst the bubble, but you’re actually not

great at allllllll...

As usual you are the only ones that don’t know...

An old communist journo, once said

"The only difference between you and us is, we know we are being lied to".

Look outside your country and see the laughing stock your idiot POTUS has

made of you!

It started counting the day the clock started at Greenwich, GMT.

That’s the day the numbers started meaning more than the people.

The tetrahedra is a tiny thing when used correctly, it fills all the space

inbetween, the inbetwix...

The nothing, the ether.

There is no such thing as nothing.

There is always something, the moment it’s noted.

If the reflection of the quasi crystal is the answer...

Then this is there before we and our minds eye are...

Well this is true...

Let’s take a very small thing in our world.

The Rizla for instance, a small thing an empire, a dynasty was built on, a

fag paper.

From the smallest things millions are made.

The cost is low to the individual and it provides a respite to the poor form,

the woes of being dead sooner because of money energy.

They are rolled into cigerettes, joints...etc.

The use of the ordained and the evil are partook in equal measure now I’m


The poor now don’t go out much.

They have no money, the smallest things go up, and the wages lay there dead on

the floor from exhaustion, like you.

The streets are empty, by comparison...

The cash registers whimper, as do the retailers...the industry...

The mechanism.

Now the government freemason army, have less suspects, (ones they want to

arrest, not paedophiles in the government) just the ones they feed to the

machine to guarantee their ticket,

These officers get mysteriously promoted above a vocational copper, that

joined to help people.

There are lots of them...

But they keep their heads down to save gettin them chopped off...

Well, now because of policy and clamp...fear and terror...

The street machine is dying, the business is low, while propagandised to be


The quarry of old is indoors, saving money to live...stay alive...

Winter’s coming, the gasmeter robot will turn off their heating to keep

itself alive...the gas shareholders in profit, yeah YOU, what a list there...

No, for the poor...

They must prepare like days of old, which is the desire...

Master and surf...

The only movement is from the middle class, the ones that thought their tax

was used as it should, only some amongst them knew it wasn’t and kept quiet,

to save their own skin...

This made the monster stronger.

Some fell in the property crash and now youboob their professional selves

all over causing hassle for the old network...

So the police have new quarry, the renaming process occurs first as if by

accident, then when you have your new electronic suit, they come and

hassle you in every petty way possible first, then comes an arrest.

I have been set up twice, and fortunately didn’t do what I would usually.

Due to another person being present I didn’t want in trouble...

So I behaved and it didn’t work.

They are now trying again, it’s of course obvious, and that’s what happens when

you get desperate, your game suffers.

So I have been warned, so that won’t work either lads...

Now as the middle class find out in their fear that the world did not work

accordingly, they are gettin frightened.

They talk; they now get the same as the poor...

They are quickly leapt on.

Divisions are made, by local implementation that stops the two sides


Because the head knows, that’s it, right there...

The minute the lackeys see a way of talking to their victims and reconciling

the real culprit in all this, it’s over.

This seems in their own numbers to be an unstoppable moment ahead...they’re


Through numbers, they have tried to flatten the markets, the travel, the

communication, even of small individuals, in the pettiest ways, all to

cause pressure...


Nothing has even slowed it down...

In fact, what’s done seems to speed it up, inevitable.

Entropy of their dreams through the cascade of number symbols we use to

describe the world.

Various people places sects and religions have telescopes.

There are some very funny headline grabbing ones...

Such as the Vatican’s for instance...good

It keeps someone talking about god I s'pose...

Anyway that’s not the point.

What is, is this...

By a very clever, very shy, lovely person..clever beyond belief too, just

scared of people, it’s a condition that goes with the brightness.

He tells me...

When you fire a laser, you convert energy into light.

At the focal point of the light emitted, its first point, velocity.

That opposes entropy.

It goes against the order of the hole, the event horizon.

If you fire a laser into space at whatever trajectory, or time,

You change the coming events of time before you feel the effect, the shock

wave of eventuality.

The event in the TeT.


What people remember influences the youngers around them.

Grow up or kill the future with your past.

Some great people have contacted me, they are kind, generous of nature and I

said no to all of them, but asked if they would do their own thing...

They are, isn’t that great, America?

I have now a few people watching out for me.

Too many chefs now, so the broth will be spoiled, I have seen to that by

recording them all.

Videoing mostly.

So they run away and hide, effect is in motion, nothing to do with me, he

said she said, and so on...

Violence is in your soul.

Control it.


Listen for a moment.

If I can, anyone can.

It works.

Stop reacting.

Stand still.

Do nothing.

But your own thing.

Chip away, in your own way...

Stay well.

Do what you have to.

But chip away, with every thought.

If you wanna see any video, you have to know me.

Until it’s time, of course...

Can’t contaminate a good thing.

Thanks for phoning who ever did..

And see you soon at the next thingy.

Oh nearly forgot, The Young Google Turks, are really descending to Alex Jones’

level, how disappointing for Google...or is it.

Meanwhile Putin is using Kim to annoy Donald by poking big pointy things in

the air on his telephone tickling..

And Donald makes silly backward b movie statements in the same style as

Kim, this, Donald says, is so they can understand

When really Kim needed some good sound bites, because he sits on a very

pointy pyramid, and not all just beneath him think his dad was delivered by a


So he has to come up with some sound bites proving America is being truly


The people are gettin fly baby...

So Donald says some stupid stuff egged on by his friends,

His friends then watch as Kimmy then uses exact said real footage of the


For real, even on the free internet the people that can access there on the

edges confirm this...independently, the POTUS, needs to scare the People of

the DPRK cos they don’t buy into Kimmy's/Putin's lies.

The game is on...

Meanwhile I wouldn’t worry, they will only use technical low yield nuclear

weapons, (now where did I hear that before?)

Fire is going to disarm anything that lifts off that’s really armed.

Without even a bang you can hear, might piss off the animals a bit...

But yeah...

Year round long winded wank fest,

And Alex (church) and Cenk (google) are part of it...


Such condescending shit, who are they actually speaking to like that, their

audience? Lol...

Funny shit.


*It’s 102 countries, actually. Namely (in alphabetical order):

Algeria, Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, European country, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Republic of Serbia, Reunion (French), Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States, Vietnam, Virgin Islands (British).-the illumilazy xx