The Cockney Translater!

Written on Sep 15 2017

Afternoon numptys.

What day is it?

It’s ‘everything is great in London’ day, no need to worry...

No need to look!

Let’s hypothesise shall we, lots of wankers do that I' m no different.

Usually there are only a few reasons to do that,

Let’s not count scientists, they are doing it cos they do, it’s straight

forward, let's guess, with our education, limited as it is, with its own passed

on internal genetic modifications, proud "accidents of ego", yeah that’s for

anuver day.

The person who is hypothesising, (about whatever shit, her down the road wiv

the hairy legs is doing) will not say much about why they’re doing it, but it

boils down to two reasons.

They do it to make you think summink, or get suspicious of summink they want

looked at "their way".

The other reason people do it, is to tell the truth about someone without

gettin nicked.

If you are involved or are aware of something and you hypothesise with

someone about what may or might have happened, then you’re just talking off the

record about maybes.

The audience, well they are left wondering which you are...

Both reasons come with the "please look at me”-gene.

The thing the onlookers can do, is check your credentials, then they are

left with, are you asking them to believe something they want to hear.

Because it’s uphill from then on, with anyone, the balance is not common.

A crowd is the mental age of 14, averagely.

You’re taught from an early age to respond to the same cries down the shirt

sleeve from an unseen no one.

That’s why idiots do well in front of a crowd that wants what they are

saying, best not to change it too much, they might stop listening, or in this

case, clicking.

The mood surfers are ever watching their dials and gauges, now the new

generation of clock watchers don’t even know they are doing it, every mothers

son can look at the stats of what they said when and who it tickled...

Webmeisters and statisticians gettin swatted in revenge for patreon hits.

Slaves to the juvenile mind, one and, all.

Tell me, do you think that is going to help us!

Crowd funding got Hitler in the chair.

You fund with energy.

If it’s money it’s energy.

If it’s clicks it’s energy.

If it’s talk it’s energy.

If it’s applause it’s energy.

When I think of absolutely anyone in the public eye, there are very very few

that truly dislike it.

The ones that do, well they don’t last long, it’s torture for them.

They do it for an unknown reason, some very reluctantly, very.

But they do.

Obvious heroes in these ranks, all dead before their time.

The old saying "live by the sword, die by sword” should be modified.

"Live by the words, die by the words"

Many have.

I suspect anyone that does anything the majority find different will be made

to conform, even the genius.

If you talk about certain subjects in the news, such as kiddy fiddlers in

professional ranks, your life gets difficult at best, you have a

sentence, unless you’re someone.

By someone, you could be no one, but saw someone.

Then you’re someone.

So to our hypothesis.

Someone in the public eye, trusted, for being honest by more or less

everyone, let’s say, presents a program on telly (past tense hypothesis lol)


On telly.

Say this person saw something, or was given something that was very heavy...

A list of mind warpers,

Masters of evil deeds and idle hands.

Nothing left but the need to control those around them.

In the fantasy land most live in, this is good.

The celeb goes on telly, for the reason of exposing this evidence.

Oh no, wait.

Better check first, after all, think of your reputation.

The celeb is told in their ear.

Hmm, who do you go too?

Someone you trust, someone above reproach.

A policeman of very high rank, after all, you’re a celeb, this is doable.

Especially with the threat of uncontrolled release hanging there in the


No one wants attention at this stage so it’s done behind closed doors in non-

descript meeting rooms.

Hotel rooms even.

Let’s stop our little story there a mo!

What if another story started simultaneously?

Let’s talk that timeline for a bit...

The info is out, cos someone did it.

Find that person.

Is an order given, I suppose.

Let’s say that person is found...

First thing, how would the culprit know the info’s out?

Because a famous TV journalist just came to the culprit asking what to do

about a truly awful thing!

That could be a reason.

The first thing the culprit will need is the hero’s name.

That’s not too hard...

Back to the other story, oops hypothesis.

Now, we have a very nervous celeb, meeting a high ranking trusted person

about an awful subject, a dangerous subject.

But we now know the culprit is the high ranking person, don't we.

The culprit needs to keep the list from anyone and everyone.

A sense of urgency is now very present, but that pheromone is twisted for

the human lie detecting nostril, it’s turned into plain fear.

Fear for the celebrity TV journo, after all, the list is a death warrant

if it’s known you have it, isn’t it, ooooooooh.

A suggestion to meet quickly is arranged with the celebrity's safety most


Meanwhile another timeline starts,

Maybe in a weirdo’s cell, pre release.

Maybe in a psychiatric hospital.

The place you find affected people.

Who could talk to those people..?

The sex offenders wing in a prison?

The psychiatric hospital?

Who can get in there?

For whatever reason, today, on a whim, dreamt up?

Then the suggestions start, or the promises are made...

Back to the meeting,

The evidence is handed over, is this the only copy, that is the only

question desperately needing an answer, but the answer will not be believed.

At the meet all cars are marked all players discussed, well why not, eh?

Next thing you know, a celeb dies by the hands of another affected

disaffected dejected sick no one.

All run away, they could be next, the news says, exactly what was said down

the phone as the news reader said it.

Who could do that?

And the TV switches off.

The news moves on.

Everyone goes back under their rocks and into their swamps.

Waiting for the next time.

Problem is.

They can never be sure they got everyone.


Because they never will.

So there is always hope.

Watch the news wiggle, every wiggle, why did the insurance company change

name, merge and stop funding programs, slowly, softly.

Keep ya camera ready,

Don't be afraid.

That’s their fear being projected back.

If you see someone official acting in a way you don’t think appropriate, you

know, a priest, a teacher, a policeman etc, make a note and watch.

Be realistic,

I hope you never see anything.

You will if you do.

They lock up kids for ten years, just for burning a mattress.

They also let a kiddy fiddler out under conversation after a year,

After all they went to school with him.

An old vanderlubian trick.

Changing the subject entirely,

How about the "news"-pros, their words, TYT, how about you take a break from

the bullshit opinions of your club..?

Stop talking to your listeners like they are complete idiots (help them

evolve from the knee, you jerks)

Try doing a story, here’s one:

As you’re so diligent...

Tell us all about Google's deal with people they push to the front.

You know, tell us about the gating you approve of, how ghoulgle do it...

Ana likes the gating, especially when she is shopping on failing corporate

slavers zero contract hours, amazon.

Tell me do you think you could find some evidence of diverting hits to you

golden girls n boys of the machine? (yes I said fucking girls n boys that

don't mean anything, grow with your species)

Could you give us some stats about how shit you would do without the prop,


At least Alex’s numbers are real, even suppressed a bit, but you,


So you’re propped up by Google which pumps you up with your very own

corporate lobbyists, oh, what, you didn’t know you had the corps on your


Yeah ok, Cenk.


So yeah you is in twubble

Well it’s coming, you know it (eh Cenk)


The prop is going to be pulled out from its position up your spine, you


The company is gonna shuffle a bit, then you lot are done.

That’s the company that owns you, feeds you, and gives you your "story

selection”, provides an audience...

Yeah, they are in trouble, watch.

The tide is turning.

No more paid pundits, you’re all fake, if you’re on YouTube and are funded you’re

part of it.

Some know they are, some are to dim to figure it out yet.

If you’re on twitter you’re part of it.

If you’re on facebook you’re a robot, and an idiot robot, like a vacuum


You don’t need hosts, TV, YouTube or otherwise, just you’re own

site. You’re all gonna be famous.

The web’s changing, Alex/Cenk and the paid pushed pundits’ days are numbered,

they know it now.

Well Ana doesn't, she actually thinks the numbers are real.

She thinks the audience isn't pushed and herded.

But look at Cenk, he does, maybe it’s the honest side of him, can’t quite hide

the shame eh!

You know gating is evil on a level most don’t yet comprehend.

Don’t you Mr. democrat.

That lives in a republic...

Yeah new plans are afoot...


Not metric.

They include empowering us all, in a whole new way...

Electronically of course.

Soon you will see why IBMs favourite grandson bought Skype, for fuckin cash...

Hmmm, let’s see what the pundits skirt around to repeat now, once they look

into what I have said.

Talking of democracy in republics,

Did you know, heehee

Something gurus can’t do, cos they know no one, I mean would you tell any of

them something tricky! Do me would have to be an idiot, lol, or up

to something...

Still back to reality.

I read a letter written a long time ago, it was from a soldier in napoleons


It was in a private collection of a very well known old git.

It said,

That he had only that day, been with the man himself, into the pyramid,

He went on to describe what he saw.

To his sweetheart, the letter wasn't caught, cos it never got was a

family treasure, it was not sent to a sweetheart that was not yet known to

her illustrious be a sweetheart of a mere soldier.

The family kept it, she kept it, it was given to her by the dead soldier’s best

friend, usual promise I expect, between desperate scared men.

But we will get to that.

Over to the lying gurus, see what they have to say, I’m sure they will have

to check there very important sources, basically anycunt on their forum, or

who says what they want, or can change to what they want.

After all it has to fit, so not to offend the only bogus money spinner left

to these nevergonnabe's the bullshit conference circuit.

Rinse repeat.

Funny though, I do actually really appreciate them for that, comedy is so samey

these days, their vids are very funny in small dosage, excellent...

That’s why most view, they know to, older hands.

Play up to it even, shit, I hope they do, lol.

Back to the day in hand.

A small fact about the republic,

J Edgar didn't start the FBI.

It’s called the federal bureaux of investigation.

Bureaux, is a french word.

Napoleons great grandson chose that name, cos he started it.

Now do your homework people, not much rotation left till the fun!

Thanks for all the mail.

If your country is on the list but you thought you were the only one, in that

country, maybe it is you and you haven't phoned yet.

Get on with it old bean.

It’s you!

Slater to all fellow translaters...

Soon come.

Gimme a tinkle on the dog.