The Cockney Translater!

Oh look, it's my fellow universal poo particles.

Stone the crows, you still hanging around.

What on earth! are you doing here.You have so many other places to be, don't you..

You could try any pundit, any provocateur.

I thought it was just the pundits these days.

Nah, just teasing, I know there are some donuts still banging about in the soup, thinking about getting out.

How you doing soup dragons, I came to cheer you up.

Let me Help you.

Why not, what have you got to lose.

You look pretty much microcooked enough to me, well you must be you're here, aren't you.

I completely sympathise.

Let me tell you some things that you know, that you have seen without realising it.

We both know each other well enough to know you're not going to stop reading here that, would be daft.

(I secretly admire anyone that did stop there though, don't you)

Rules for some, Rules for others.

If a car runs someone down is it the cars fault, if a gun shoots someone is it the guns fault.

The entire rightwing argument.

If it's everyones right to bare arms can the new arrivals have them, or does that make them invaders.

You see where the arms dealing warmongering right and left take you.

But you ain't gonna be left to plough ya field in peace no more that's for sure.


Like we run on a program ain't it.

Let me ask you some questions.

How did you first get here, have a good think, then do it again.

Try and find the very first contact.

If you figured that out properly, you will now be wondering what everyone else thought, or mentally said, about that contact.

Why don't you think about that.

Here's the next Question.

Have you ever heard of the "crows foot"

If you have, you know someone.

Someone in your life made you aware of what I'm referring to.

Ok, last one, then we will get on.

Would you rather a vocal bigot, than a silent terror.

There's that word.

That word.

Have you already added connotations, abracadabra, to that, WORD.

Of course you did, you would not be carbon if you didn't.

It has been, like so many things, hijacked, ooh there's another one!

There is a terror, but it's not a political, ideological one.

It isn't any of those things.

It's so bad now, even the sources you thought you could rely on turn out bad.

In some small way that changes all thoughts really.

The crack that let's you see.

Of course a normal reaction is to turn away, make up an onward moving thought process to idol it away.

But you can't.

We have some huge issues coming our way.

crows foot

Forget about all the cake frosting.

You know in your genetic essence, what I refer to.

You're a passenger.

Not a prisoner.

I care for none of the things you think you hold dear, with faith.

If your faith is so strong, then you need no redemption or saving, it would be a pointless exercise.

If you believe there is "A" something going on that no souls really understand but believe with faith in your math that this is no accident, then you are also happy, in your faith.

Then what the fuck are you doing here.

I did something, some time ago.

Some saw it spread thru all.

Most didn't and could not possibly have, poor gits.

It's no fault.

Might be a folly.

Like so many things, but no blame should be attached.

Your deceitful superiors are keeping serious shit from you.

Secrets that kill.

Operations in politics funded by a few done to the many with parasitically obtained funds.

Funds obtained with legal papers.

Tax avoidance is a game for the poor of the rich, rich of the rich build hidden empires in their name.

They lay a foundation.

Just as any political situation.

It's nonsense.

Talking about it with authority in the stance of factions, is very telling of your true misunderstanding or position within the food chain of that organism, which devours us.

We have bigger problems than childhood ideals, poets, activists.

They're trying to put out a fire on a train heading off a collapsed bridge, with the lather they're making from the current soap.

All current soapsuds, to wash a daily persona in..

The planet is fine, we aren't.

That's what ails you.

The first colour of note of a difference a relevance to the fear.

The loathing of the end.

The sorrow it brings to the collective.



Blue is the second colour by default dry blood takes time.

Cold blood on stone goes blue, dead.

Spending time with blood after the red when it's dead.

Time in the stench, long enough for the rage to quell, the thought to fester.

Time for the blood to cool.

Cold blood.



Do you act on thoughts controlled by emotion driven by impulse fuelled with fanatical rage.


Do you sit with your thoughts and calculate how you can control.

Time is a factor.

But not by our design, we just recognise its passing effect.

That's no comprehension, all we have is a description.

Because of its effect on us, the passings of the Sun and the Moon.

The Sun.

The Crescent.



We have the third of our frequencies, excuse me, colours.

Which are you, fellow, traveller.

jester harlequin

Fellow, passenger.

As no one with an ounce of integrity is going to pick up the mic on our little tour of the solar system, I thought I will, after watching the attempts for a bit, while laughing along with you, they're all very boring.

Because they're all having a go at making some doh.

The fiction has wained terribly, it's to be expected because of the enormous gulf left by any real agent of truth, the fiction writers are floundering on their talent, which isn't even a soft landing.

(Alex dived on the GoD mattress as predicted)

They're starving.

Youtube is a wasteland.

Trolls infest everywhere and everyone at times.

The electronic wasteland.

The divide.

For some the internet is a shangralah of a place, if money is no object, things wing to your door literally.

You're invited by it to go to places in and on those things delivered wearing your badge, of designer appreciation.

Then the divide, the divide of all, it even crosses into the world wide web.

For most it's a way to pay bills.


They hold their breath as the spider moves by, having so much fodder it gets to pass on to the most succulent first.

It WILL be getting to you, the oil glass is emptying.

Why will you stand.

For what will you stand.


Or will you break from the program.

Can you even, surely not.

It's too far gone.

I ca\t grow carrots.

I love aeroplanes.

About 300 thousand Bods know what's what on this here ball.

The rest don't.

It's not gonna last.

As you are currently witnessing.

We are optimistically calling it change.



The parameters of mosts story is way to narrow.

You have to think big.

Don't think pyramid, think planet.

A cog is not the machine.

Neither are you.

You're much more valuable than any machine.

The ultimate machine will only ever be a shallow echo of you.

Man and toys only survive on the reaction of what was there.

We may be just the futures fuel for something far more important than mechanisms.

The net you're all caught in, the web you're all stuck to, who took you there.

What a fucking mess.

Hysterically funny tho ain't it.

(Have you seen the state of your toe nails btw.)

Toodles you fuckin noodles.