The Cockney Translater!

Hello fellow secret thinkers,

Are your thoughts secret, don't you think the tech exists to read your thoughts?

Well it does, what's more it can plant thoughts in a scrambled mind.

Of course, that's a rumour.

The rumour gets much more intriguing, it's a fable, a myth, a floating turd in the swimming pool you're drinking.

Cos let's face it, once you've swum around a bit and checked out the talent, seen if the talent finds you interesting or not, you end up just thinking how nice it is just letting ya legs float. Ever wondered why?

Well our swimming pool has gone up a few degrees due to the carbon dioxide, all the people talking about it have contributed, is that a bad one, that gas, do we like that gas, this week, or have we moved back to farts.

Still they're both farts aren't they, one brain one anal. We hope.

Talking of cock farts, I'm going to have a go at guru oo oo oh ing..myself.

I reckon I'm gonna be great, like Alexander, in fact I think I will cast myself as Alexander's servant in my fable.

Or some such thing, Buzz Aldrin's chiropodist, or maybe a fly on the fruit bowl in the eugenicists secret meeting called another thing.

Or actually, how about any of the above.

Yes, omnipotence, no less.

In my fable myth to soon turn into guru factioneer truth.

Omnipotence is never one thing.

That's the price you pay for the power, you Sam Beckett your way thru existence as a conscious fool, one moment a noble eagle, next the bug in its excrement.

How long is the term, oh well, that is relative to the butterfly and the redwood, of which you're both, it's a long list of shoes to fill.

For your omnipotence.

Core, starting out good this myth ain't it.


Perhaps I should start again, now you have had a warning of how weird this shit's gonna get.

Well I will.

Here it comes the myth, in full, through all eyes.

Sentient and misunderstood, all.

Even the ones you don't like.


Yeah me and the other sparrows will be the little birdies to tell ya.

No tweeting involved.

You're consumed already if you involve your mind in that program executed successfully.

Operating now as the new gospel to all who can think inside their box.

If you talk there, on any platform.

If you built your life on those crocodile backs posing as islands, how good are you at sleuthing your way.

To now defame your newfound to be vicious transport, just makes you look exactly what you are.

That is the gut feeling we get when we watch, not forgetting a thing you have said in the past, even with the convenient debacle and erasure.

Erasing the near easy found past, well some of us are a much harder audience hat that.

Aren’t we.

There should be a quarantine.

To tell the difference, something they can't re-lie about or on.

Impossible now, in these days of editing and fabricating faces...

It would have to be a qualification in a subject to new for the exam to exist.


How can you find something that can't be tampered with, it would have to be time proof, even that is in question in these days of the Mandela effect, lol.

I don't scoff, I laugh. There is a little tiny difference that's so important, isn't there.

So how unearth are we going to come up with a proof, qualification or stone that can be turned to reveal the truth. Timeless.

We are omnipotent, let's be a rock.

A stone. How would a stone react to a tweet.

It wouldn't.

It's a stone, no care.

It wouldn't?

Well we can't imagine what it is like to be a stone, that isn't possible.

But you have sat against one.

If it was big it's been there a long time.

You most definitely know you were not the first to rest your back there at the top of a hill with a perfect vista in shape not vegetation.

Geographically beautiful.

That stone has experienced that for eons.

All the peeps that sat did a little to.

Let's think like that, it's the nearest you or I will get.

What would a stone tell us to do about our dilemma?

The question to remind you is,

How do we qualify a thing's words and deeds in an illusionist's world of trickery?

The stone you may feel is above all, all, in its knowledge, having been there aloof for so long, but its view is reliant.

Its existence can be changed, by violent action, or sheer will.

But the stone itself cannot involve itself.

There is our qualification.

To have been there, indifferent, never ever taking part in your own destiny. Innocent.

Never ever being part of it is my qualification, my standard I will set.

That is my understanding.

It limits the view of who I will converse with.

I do not converse with the infected.

The cog in the wheel of convince me.

I AM Qualified.

It never ever worked on me; I'm slightly broken in what turned out to be the only fortunate part of that disability.

So that's where my fable will begin.

It will very quickly fall backwards down the hill of time, that's inevitable isn't it.

To see you soon in person would be good, but I can't.

So feel you here,

Slater from the cockneymythmaker.

here we go, hee hee.