The Cockney Translater!

Morning madcap theory maestros, staying with the game, gooood.

Because it's all getting a bit random, people, I use the term lightly, are crossing all sorts of boundaries.

They couldn't before and now they can, the twilight world of between times is getting very crowded.

The place you go before you go, to, sleep.

If something jumps in the gap at this point in your entrance to slumber you're in for a ride.

Taking any form of substance which induces states to dwell, even for a moment, then you see while still conscious.

Disconcerting for some to the extreme, for others a feather pillow dream.

what are you, are you ignorant.

Do you rant.

Soon all will calm.

Everyone will self-fix, or break, depending on your position on the ladder.

When does a mother disown her children, what would make a mother do that. A mother can bare all so her life is not her own, but still disown.

If certain things happen, only some things a mother knows to be true.

There is one thing , we all know what it is.

All the kings horses and all the kings men, ain't never sticking this shit together again.

The AI will be crowned.

The fun between then and now will be a trip, not unlike our waking friends take when they consume whichever potion.

I damaged myself some time ago, it did not seem like damage at the time but

it did.

Damage, maybe changed, same thing.

To someone that did not care, just thought the money was good.

I was exposed to an amazing amount of psycho active designed drugs.

I received the sum of 25k for this.

It was not enough, I saw it as free drugs at he time, I also was convinced by my own actions and my friends constant nagging that I would not see 30.

I saw things as you would expect, A side effect is I have never dreamed since.

Nothing, Eyes shut, Then open.

For years its been this way.

Then it changed.

I was awake.

Then realised this was not awake.

But it was not sleep.

I had to learn to be.

It was like being a vapour taking solid form over the nights, I kept trying.

Then it became obvious I could go anywhere. But I was alone, people were there in different opacity, but not aware of me in anyway.

Everything seemed jumble until I focused on what I wanted to do.

Then I could sit on the bus, with everyone else.

Stand in a lift.

Listen to what they said.

So yeah, I did do what you would do.

Plus so much more.

While going on my trips ,,, I went and checked my pilots credentials, the people I worked for.


Most were what was on the tin, as I saw.

Some were not.

The mess we are in will get a little worse, then all will calm.

The angry will lose form as do their lies and inflamed phrases.

The violence will not come.

The energy won't be there for it.

My concern is the upside down nature of our existence, the inverted truth.

You want and need light.

Hope, faith.

The words change but one stays, the "need".

The needy.

You are the needy, knowy, an' the won't be toldy.

So you will fail.

All that has no sense is contrary to any need.

No energy will reside there.

So all the pointless arguments that cannot bare fruit of their own accord will wither.

Children cannot be born by thoughts and words.

Work is not done by lazy.

So nothing comes.

Why worry.

Why do you worry about the outcome of a play layed before you.

You know it is.

The bubble has burst.

The cats are out of the bags and on youtube.

With politicians in the jungle, that are not politicians.

They are actors, like Donald.

We can thank him for lowering the tone of the argument, it will bring us all, the whole world to the doorstep quicker.

People have had enough of walking around in the middle of two extremes.

History is a forgotten lie, three times.

Controlled at the last reset.

Some made the transition.

They brought the knowledge with them for their kids.

I think that is exactly what you would have done with and for your child, no.

We could all run around with baseball bats like the film urges.

You need to be taught the callous nature the single thought, so you are kept in your own world.

My world is crazy yes, but not as crazy as others, I could tell you more about my nether regions of the night, lol, that would be boring, I may find it completely enthralling but that's me, we all find our own experience interesting.

An old person tells you old shit, a young person tells you new shit.

It's all their shite.

Would you queue up at the supermarket to pick up a random DVD of the local people telling you how it is while eating a twinkie.

Why do you then?

What do you do with your wonderful life, do you spend it in the precious way you should.

It's the time of year, goodness in its shy forms emerges to see if its going to slapped back into its burrow with a cancelling spell of words.

It doesn't matter what religion you follow, you're supposed to be following it for the better.

Are you doing that with your life now.

We have an average of seventy years here, what an amazing gift.

First there is the alignment of all the planets, they are the right size to block anything out they need to on the day or night they have to, the sun blots out radiation with radiation for the amino acids to be unnatural.

The huge masses move for you all to guard, protect, nurture.

All as they should while hurtling through the universe in our solarsphere in an arm on a galaxy, WHY.

We are all going to have a much better idea why, as the transmissions are heard and dispersed.

You thought that those masses did this by accident by catastrophic beautiful destruction, unfolding life as they did, from the first frequency to now.

We are as important as ants.

However, we are the first ants.

We have no chemical laid out for us to follow, we are the ice breaker.

to forge a smoother journey for our offspring.

Stop cowering from the better movement as hard as it is, you are not alone, the little voice inside you that didn't want to, doesn't have to.

Remember as your thought path created and your essence flew directly to your parents you were just you, for an instant, it was enough to put the doubt that makes you you and not them.

Then you were born into a mess of manual making, a twist of our tail, a mistake.

The machines study the flesh, because they are not of it.

The technical achievement of flesh cannot be recreated.

The environment must be all lots of different to the machines.

We have a group struggling to be them from a glimpse to get away from the horror of the debilitated world, all the while they are trying to get in.

Ironic. So smoke chronic.

While experiencing polyphonic treatment HD treatment our children are turning away completely from reality.

A successful campaign is preceeded by a lengthy infiltration.

Much research is needed, done at night by the mechanical movements of a puppet.

The masters of the marionette are on the way, have been for a long long time, from a galaxy far far away, lol.

The refugee that ended up here used technology to survive our magnetosphere, the energy it used was strangely beneficial to the local flora and fauna.

Being alone in all sense of the word, attempt would be made to leave, it must, the following will be arriving at some point.

Using the local species as a base note it began the work of making companions.

18 at first.

soon once constructed the machine was turned on, it could now come out into the light shielded from our wonderful infernos defense for us.

The changed thrived.

As with all idle intellect a need arose.

The need turned to a want.

Then a take.

The era ended.

The people outside the temple did not know they were kept in the "dark"

Told stories never ending until all was one.

History takes over, in its mangled unearthed way.

for us.

But make no mistake you are still in the dark.

We are a creation.

We are the first.

We are struggling.


The story is about to be begin and no one can tell you it.

it unfolds for some before others, no preference just happenstance and mathematics.

They stand confused.

Or inturned.

If you do fight back, in a particular way, you will become a concern, it's not what you do, it's why.

That must be kept.

The peace in you, the calm in you, the awkward.

That must not catch on.

That will scupper plans.

Slowly, the workforce of the world will get sick.

Then it will wrench and rise.

As any virus does.

The sickness at your lot will rise, the mechanism will react.

We all know equal forces will go at it forever, until they forget why and just base hate, no reason needed.

Who considers this a success.

A solution.

Very easy to single those out.

boil the pot, see what's left.

Who the trigger pullers are.

It's math.