The Cockney Translater!

We are going to abandon the gameshow of how everyone must think from now on, it isn’t worth the braintime, in fact that’s what it’s for eh.

We are going to do something I’m not too interested in, but am assured I am equipped to do.

We will see, or you will.

I of course am nutz so you can take it all with a pinch of pink sea salt.

Moving on from the mundane to the fantastic is quite a leap, but at least it gives you something to do, that isn't what’s expected.

It is not in anyones control, least of all mine.

That’s the naturalness of it.



Something has gone wrong, the island that is your home is not falling in the way it should.

Spinning started, loss of control.

Quickly look for some haven, to set down, while you can.

There, a star, the orbits checked the planet nearest, the red one.

There is a place there and it will be accomplishable.

There it sat, the occupants injured.

The little things on board the rock, they took over and scurried about.

Taking care of the small tasks.

Leaks were sealed, nourishment administered, but the occupants died, one by one.

The little things repaired a bigger thing, it then thought for them, told them what to do.

They packed up the last soul.

Sealed in a chamber.

They prepared the last to leave there.

Consumed the vessel in part, gave birth to a new one, fit for its purpose.

this was not a plan, it was an action in logic and unconscious desperation.

The chance was taken, all or nothing, the orbital maneuvers gave chance for all to be noticed if it needed to be noticed, any substance was mapped and regarded as archive.

Then the choice, to land where, the field was high and low, the place must be picked carefully for balance resonance and stability.

This could be the last resting place.

The place of discovery.

Let’s hope not.

I don’t think I want to meet relatives, whether they were in disagreement or not.

Humans kill.

Usurped, imitated, deceived, then murdered.

The landing was destructive, a long furrow was cut through the sub-terra, part of the vessel was deep, the rest putruding.

The small things began their jobs again, securing, repairing, saving.

The local area was devastated, no animal or plant survived, any of the more aware inhabitants long ran away.

When they returned they could not walk to see what had become of their place, something stopped them, a piercing noise, so shrill nothing could stay near, the screech accompanied a very bright light.

The light obscured all even during the brightest daylight, then it was gone.

Slowly the inhabitants came back to see what had happened over the years.

The fear, the light, the horrible pain of standing were they once worshipped each other.

All gone.

Now they saw a head in the distance, a huge animal.

Its eyes glistened in the sun.

At night they lit.

Sounds were heard at night.

Some were scared some were bold.

Fortune awaited.

The foolhardy first were not struck down with huge teeth.

They touched, they lived.

Then more stepped forward.

To be scorned with a tone only they could hear.

The brave stood in silence.

Their reward, eventually, intellect.

But many twists are in this tail.

Presume and you will fall foul of your own bigotry.

What you have none, oh.

You are the exception that proves the rule.

The change, it was a massive advantage, the changed seemed calm, not concerned with the day as they were before.

They could accomplish more, in their cooperation with each other.

18 males that no longer fought with each other for supremacy, that agenda was masked with purpose of another kind.


These men stood as one.

No other did this, would not do this.

The communication between these men was more concise, more sounds made more often.

Nothing could stand against beast or man.

They used their new stature and the sinister way it appeared to control others, make others listen to them with wide eyes.

Soon they all had achieved the first command.

More of you, like you.

This was the easiest of the tasks laying before them, little did they know.

We will come back to here in the future, but it’s more prudent to speak of the mechanism now.

I don't know why I think that, but I do.

Maybe because of the induced confusion, the stirring.

Maybe I'm stirring the other way, so we can all calm down and know we can.

Stop believing the violent lie about ourselves.

Exercise the control we had given to us, at least let's use the one part of this cacophony to some positive when needed.

The lies stop that, the falsehoods of pre-history, the expanse before the scratching started.

That is a good place, let's go forward and backwards at the same time. The offspring of these men soon grew, the speed the agility the mind, all more impressive than the fathers.

And so on.

The community formed first, then at night the customs.

Round the light of fire, things took shape as the stories were told.

Places were liked by some to sit, the best view of proceedings, soon the place could only be occupied by those who dared.

The ring they sat in became a rank in which they must sit.

During the many nights one was different, a stranger appeared.

The stranger was different, but the same in his understanding of the creature that sat in the stone, as dark came the fires were brought.

As they sat as before many times a sound appeared, a Deep Deep Thump,thump,thump.

It traveled through the ground, particular size granules of sod danced on the ground.

The thump was slow, soon the it took time from the thump in the chest of its frozen audience.

The stranger stood and walked into the circle, he took a log which awaited and then two sticks of ample size.

Then he followed behind the thump just after.

One of the 18 men stood and joined him, with one stick the accompaniment began.

The speed picked up an slowed down, the people looking on were excited in ignorance jumping in fright at first then in unison.

In the morning the sun came as always. As it did, something moved between the forelocks of the beast.

A figure began to emerge.

The shape was big, like them, bigger.

As it walked up and out of the opening it bore something in its arms.

Laid along its arms were rods.

Tied together with a gold vine, it laid them on the ground, connected by the gold in spaces equal to the length apart.

It stood straight and held up its arms, the 18 now standing also felt a beckoning to come closer.

As they did the others cowered in the shade.

They stopped, the being gestured and spoke to them of the items laid before them.

Then returned to its resting place.

The men one by one took the items.

They sat away from others examining the strange objects.

They were long a set length all the same exactly, they were a metal mix cold heavy.

In them encrusted deep, jewels in shapes they could recognize from there surroundings.

Certain things were different about the staffs, the placement of some parts higher lower, when they were laid together in the way the being placed them some jewels were higher up the shafts than others, in succession they rose along the parade.


Shall we come forward again, let’s.

The boy lives on the mountain his entire life until he comes of an age to descend, he does so after living a blameless life amongst the obvious beauty of nature, and so realizes the fact he can recognize beauty and it be there he takes as a sign of god.

He comes to town full of hope and excitement about meeting others to experience this with.

He sees the church and thinks yes a good place to start the house of this feeling I know and love so well.

He enters, there is lots of representation of the world around him inside done in glass and gold, it is pretty in its own way, but not with life.

He approaches the man in the hat at the front and asks if he could speak to him, he would like to live now here to find out more of the world.

How could he, no, he must talk to him as only he knows how, the things he saw are not what he saw, some are some aren’t, and some will kill.

But, not to worry, he speaks with god, and interprets him, he can help to keep the decision right and safe in his life from now on, sit here my boy.


Let’s go back again, yeah.

We stand in front of the statue, with the 18 with staff.

The thump comes and we follow, the sounds are from things we have made, they rattle n hum, they are banged and blown.

This is done to direction from the staff, the march begins in time.


In, time.

slowly over the years the percussion became perfect.

Then the day came the sun disappeared, and the being appeared.

He took the 18 back into his abode, they came out later with information and tasks.

They started to go about them, each night the ritual of the drum and the tune.

As they worked, traveled, built.

The staffs commanded all, the men with rods and power from the sun.

With purpose.

I will explain what the staffs are for and what next time.

The crowd is not always wrong, the left and right spend an average time in power so a type of balance insues, crowd average you could say, but it’s not, it’s being managed.

You are all seeing.

Did you notice the colours change colors and meaning depending where you stand!

The flashes and bangs will get evermore fantastic, as your immunity grows.

Where is the threshold, how are WE gonna do in this global game of chicken..

What you think?

Yeah, I think you're right crowd average.

Any human that states war is the only way, is the enemy.

Your enemy, but remember it’s also within.

The transition is not from flesh to mecha, it’s from affliction to health.

The madmen of war must be made impotent.

That is easy as without you they sooooo are.

That is the first step of our steps on this journey, continue from there in real faith, hope and trust, no dagger awaits, no bell tolls.

Stop staring at each other and look up.

You got game, trust me.