The Cockney Translater!

Hello onlookers of never never land, how's ya fantasy falling?

Hope you had a good new year if that's what you do.

We had a nice break, as we know the timetable that slides downhill, funny how for some time speeds up when all comes to roost but for others it drags so slow.

Which are you, as we all know the leaders of the world are busy dividing all, while your good self wishes it all back together again.

We did the rhyme, when do we get to the reason?

I'm waiting with baited breath for the villains of the peace to be revealed, it's always such a surprise, not for the audience they just look on with plastic bags over their heads, no, the people who are revealed are usually surprised, like the oscars, just like the oscars it has a predilection to stay one side of the fence, the rich side.

Going to be quite something for the billionaires to spin with all the surgeons, doctors won't do it no more.

Spinners can spin, until they don't know the truth, you watch the pundits poke at the truth bubble only to be refused entry by their own prejudice, preconceptions given to them, what a total fuckin mess.

Just a quick fact, government, that's the word not yours, in general, they never get anything right, they always get it wrong, do you know why.

Go find out, it's numbers, all the knowers know, so why?

Everyone's trying to figure it all out.

When you all know.

You're all scared.

Who is doing it?

I'm thinking of the person in the street.

They don't want any of this, they don't even want masses of money, they just want to breath and smile, with no reason.

We are dragged from pillar to post by this faction that whim of the controllers wallet, we have all seen it before and again.

No one does anything..

Ahh but they do, actively the controllers, the management, they pluck ever so carefully at the grass of people.

Oh yes, not lazy, far from it, that is a joke, a poke, at fun, not murder.

They will take the trouble of plucking one blade from the whole lawn.

Had enough of the violence it causes yet?

Everyone should stop, stand still and see who is still running around, like the kid's game.

Then do nothing upon observation of this thing, nothing, us all watching is enough.

Communication, then calm.

I don't want to bring these arseholes down, I don't want to bring anyone down, unless they are a complete idiot of the youtube variety. (parasites)

Now I don't even care about them, they are seen, the big animal of clicks has seen, now the beggars at the banquet are known.

It's a bowl in hand.

Taking part in their own demise despite being told quite frankly, now they talk to you with authority from the back of the beasty.


You have had your back pissed up enough, that's why you bother to read this.

Shall we carry on regardless like the sign says, shall we ignore the whole mouse n cat show, the freak show, the rich rolling in oil and power, just bounce.

Can you walk away from a secret?

Do you want to know more than you, NO YOU CAN'T!

Why, why do you need to know where you came from, is it selfish curiousity?

If you do will it change anything?

What would it change, how would you change, would you stop or start doing something different in the now because of something in the past, apparently you will.

That's the problem the only thing brought into this universe disproportionatly is ideas.

The zero point dingdongs will bang their head against a brick wall for ever, they don't know how to walk away.

It's like watching a fish swim round a tank, one side says no, the other says yes.

You cannot get more from less, ahh, but ideas, the spoken word gets very close, depending on the amount of people speaking..

Then it gets ahead of itself for a moment the volume of the frequency wins, this adds up you know.

Some do.

The false are very aware.

The term watch the birdie is flogged to death, but it comes from the fact to distract the subject of the snapshot a bird shape was waved, as the camera man clicked an held open the shutter, it kept these eyes in one place, this made the photo seem more alive, so people preferred this work to others efforts.

The photographer taking the pic, became more sought after.

But, the opportunist saw the tune and played it, into the pockets of the unsuspecting punters, and off with the purse.


all coming to a theatre near YOU.

So let's not.

Moving on to the alternate reality of What The Actual Fuck matters.

Starving and obesity.

Great is good.

Guns save lives.

Men are toxic.

Women are toxic,

My rights don't matter as you say so.


The corporations have their wires up your arsehole.

They have rights you don't have, now.

They have a rich recipient of their wares and an armed police to protect them when they enforce the new debt rules on you.

You are not free at all and you know it.

Countries, borders, colours, religion.


A tune to jump to.

You're just you.

Even your family are not you.

You're responsible for you.

Hardly anyone actually votes anymore.

Hardly anyone.

The ones that do are interested in the game and play their chip, on the ball rolling round, nothing more, the newscaster brings mayhem and murder as the break comes, then swivels round on the chair to sip coffee and munch a digestive biscuit... it's all bollocks most know, in their hearts, so they don't play, they run, to, work.

They are kept their by the pressure designed.

While the voters keep the quo.

They would, they are playing the game, they have the time to be interested.

What effect do you think that has on the vote of anything?

If you have the time, you have the money and you will be keeping it, with that "vote bias".

It's so bad the turn out these days, that they have trouble making it look like anyone gives a fuck.

This is then presented as fake news, it has to be fake we are all well versed on how bad the reality is and stopped watching years ago.

Hence corporate youtoldtube.

It was no different back in the day, money is given, it's given, could you be more duped, success, once signed for.

It's all lies the earnings the ratings the numbers all inflated shite, the computer is no different, it's just the current bullshit purveyor.. with freshly squeezed pundits at the ready, squeezed just so, so they say just so... BITTER SWEET.


We need to push reset and someone is trying to stop us.

We have the tech to bank and it's as safe as it can be in this colander, but rest assured if you buy something you WILL get the bill.

That is as sure as eggs, so a vote in a transaction is already easily doable,harder than going to the moon?,oh great ones.

The insurance companies are wanking in our faces, they control the world for others.

With regs, the Regs come as they will not pay, or even insure, so they control all.

A brick will not be layed to build your charitable foundation without an insurance policy.

Control, step one.

But fuck all that, let's change things by story telling, seems a trend, who am I to buck a trend, eh.

To horse my fellow dingdongs, to horse.

Where were we...

Oh, perhaps after that outburst I should let you vegetate.

Did you know the welsh for microwave?


See ya friday fish eater, I will come to you.

Sleep well.