The Cockney Translater!

published: 02 April 2020

written 2 weeks ago

Well, Well, Well,

I sure hope you're well, and stay that way.

What do you think, I know now all are actually thinking for the first time.

The thinking is of course being done in varying degrees, depending on whether you can pry your face off the grindstone long enough, or if you're even conscious enough of the life you're blessed with to give a fuck anymore.

The advantage.

Very useful an advantage.

The advantage I refer to is time, the only real advantage, in its varying forms.

Time is the winner, the only.

If you have time in your hand you have all.

When we were little kids, the way to win the million more than you argument once learnt was never forgotten.

It's just who remembers to say it first, first.

First is soo important to some, less aware.

Being first means you're there when it goes bang, because you didn't think.

Coming last, you get nout.

Time, is the advantage.

Knowing it.

What if you could stop time for yourself and watch.

Would that be a wise thing to do once you realise the way to win the million more than you argument.

Just to sit.

Do nothing.


While we are all paying attention to shit more than usual, all the screamers will turn their wheel harder, they feel it, too.

I will take the opportunity, as you're scared, you can smile but I know you are.

They will peddle, you will look on wide-eyed.

The real problems are not what they seem as usual.

The real problem is , people are in jail that have done virtually nothing.

Standing laws are not being applied to them.

This is in plane view of us all.

In fact waters said it best, it's the perfect example of people being used as examples.

So now society is unraveling.

China will descend into revolution if the propaganda doesn't work. (Has it ever really)

To many of the party loyal that escape to the outside world have relatives receiving the truth.

That is being taken advantage of.

Have a think about what would happen if China revolved again, after all it is still fresh in a party member to throw rocks at the haves, of which there are plenty in China now, there divide groweth.

So think of a stack of playing cards and the way you can predict how most will fall roughly, then think what comes next if it did collapse politically.

Did you think Russia would, did you think you would see the Berlin wall come down?

Well now the new wall is going up around the healthy haves.


It will come to a theater near you, as always.

The version you're allowed to see where you are.

I would like you to think about the people that can actually (because of status) walk around the world through all those intellectual curtains, because we all have them, not just China.

They are the, leaders, reps and so on.

They are given or through finance can go anywhere.

They see it all.

Know it all.

What do you think they should be doing with that info if they are there on your dime.

They represent, you.

Who should have the info.

Killers roam around their countries, killing.

Hands are shaken.

Let me ask you a direct question.

If you knew someone was a killer of anyone innocent, would you shake hands with them?

Could you, knowing that, keep calm and just shake and smile.

I would like to know, really, I'd like you to know that about you, too.

Because I can't. (shake or know)

I would usually continue that statement with some stupid rant about the physical way I would respond, that is because I'm extremely immature, but I am trying.

I decided no more.

Just different, because.

Nothing noble.

I decided to use that anger to real effect.

If there was a house in your street where people were kept in a shed if dad said so, what would you do?

Ignore it.

Drive past on the way to work tutting, then congratulating yourself for not being that way.

I wouldn't.

(insert rant about what I would do and so on)

So in deciding to change the terrain completely by using my temper to hold on to itself.

But not having the usual comfort blanket of violence to cuddle, I started doing this.

Confronting it with my hands behind my back, in every guise those words could take.

The frustration of witnessing things and seeing clearly that others missed them was too much, it built and built.

It broke my programming, is the popular term I believe.

But, I am a nuisance.

Because I have no side.

I'm a fucker of the first degree, I like no one and everyone.

You look in a mirror at me.

So if you're a fuckin' killer you're gonna have a bad day.

I don't do colour because I'm all, I don't do flags, cos I know, I am just fed up with the ruse of religion and all the otherwise goodnatured folks it fucks with.

When I know something serious I'm honest about it, but responsible.

Not secretive.


If you come to ask, you will be told, but remember the mirror, won't you.

That is why no one comes near who is false because I am savage.

Instantly, from the first word.

A world of deceivers.

At the top.

It's all down-hill from there and gettin' worse.

Will continue to do so.

Until plans are not the priority, people are.

You live somewhere, stay there and stop the lies.

Stop the plans.

People hope, corporations plan.

The corporation needs defrocking.

It's not a case now of IF the arguments is coming, it's when.

The government are supposed to be in the middle, yes, that on paper is true, but the government is full of corporate entities, so therefore is not the government in this way, it has not been for centuries.

The system, the shit system that was lurching in the general direction of better, has a rider.

Everything that should be doing good has been spun to do the opposite, while the younger generation have been dummed down.

It only took ten years and a hypnotic machine no one could deny.

Also to make sure they don't listen to the loved ones families have been undermined.

The government went along with this because a quarter of them are rich and will stay that way.

The others are nice. (so they're fucked)

They don't work for you, obviously.

We all stand and watch because we have no legal recourse of any real relevance, all watchdogs of old, are just that, old and toothless from under nourishment and terrible treatment, so they can't bite anything let alone drag its arse where it should go.

Oh dear, the injustice of it all.

Well, guess what, you ain't gonna have to do anything about it now, you can sit on the fence.

Where you have been, continuing not to notice.

In fact clad it with cheap fire resistant cladding to cover it up to the eye, in case you have friends round.

Well, too, late.

It's coming to you, a street near you.

The zombie apocalypse approaches, lol, at last some say, lol.

In America some bods just grinned and got out the gun polishing box.

The wife however looked at the dried up food, and added senacot n dried prunes to the bug out shoppin list, she had to write it, for (junior) dad in case he has a tantrum, when bunker practice night comes round.

Into the cave they go.

To die later.

In a box, convenient! (don't even have to bury you)

That's of course if you don't kill yourself first, or each other, with one of your many, many, guns.


But look at it this way, it will keep them out the way while they huddle in the corner like cowards and miss the biggest shift in humanity ever witnessed.

You, well you can take part.

Are you actually scared of change.

Depends whether you got ice cream dunnit.

All the number crunchers know the numerical precipice has been reached.

Like always, when something really scary is in the neighborhood the punters know, the rich ones first.

The precipice implies a sudden drop off, in this case to chaos.

Well no, not at all.

It's a decline.

A whimpering pathetic saggy withering end.

No bang.

You need electric for that.



Well, there's plenty of time, you ain't going no where.

One last thing. Let's hope all the ministers and press remember the rallying crie they used to hide behind the docs and nurses services of all in general, now "even" the cleaners matter.

Considering how you're doing a good job hiding behind them, let's see you do an equally as diligent effort at wages time, double it.

Fuckin' hypocrites.

The press work for them.

Where are the real journalists, the ones all hate so we can believe.

No axe. No edge. All axe all edge.





Let's see.

Oh shit yeah, the mad bit...

In 2001 a thing happened.

No not what you think, well that happened obviously and it's directly linked to what I say next, this may be the last time you hear from me.


Hopefully not, I like our occasional crazy chats, don't you?

I don't like you, but I like the chats eh.

(I'm smiling)

(I think that's what that was)

So yeah if I'm still here I will continue until.

So back to 2001.

Stanley/arthur/PKD etc., they knew it arrived on that day, and wanted to mark it in the way they thought it might go down, but boy oh boy did it go different.

Also, don't lose hope, there's still time, beware of those bearing false promises, me old china.

Unfortunately due to huge vastness, that warning tinged with hope, it is about all that can be done by anything that would do anything, if it could,whatever and wherever it is.

Thing about that, the hope bit, if you were going to take the pessi-mystic view, that's a bit concerning, hope is a word I would use to rally a downtrodden force, something up against it.

Oh and something that warns you, would not send a picture of itself, it would send what's important and that would be the culprits face. Not a fuckin selfie.

Ok, I stop there.

Until next time.

Friday in fact.

11 left.

(ps I have family in this position, if you do, or you deal with it all in anyway, all the best.)