The Cockney Translater!

published: 09 Apr 2020

Morning fellow shut-ins, how you bearing up?

Of course everyone said, yeah we are, ok.

Aren't you good boys n girls.

How do you like the coincidences all happening at once.

Did you see glitches?

Are you having strange thoughts that are not the usual.

Considering things that itty bit longer, good.

Coincidence, to a detective there are none, all must be chased, it's how they catch the planner, the scammer.

Back in the days they pulled a bit of string through your life first on a notice board with paper then someone thought oooh let's have a new fangle white board, and so on.

Now the string is not a piece of string, it's a bit of graphical data, that looks like string.

It now nose when you pick your, knows.

This has led to wall-e policeman, there are not many of the time served proper bods left.

Consequently if you're an electronic criminal you are tying them up with their own string.

Things are going to change, people are losing their tempers.

Fed up with losing.


A quick note about Boris,

First of all we don't like each other, I know what's going on, so if you make your way through what's going on, survive in it, I'm not going to like you much am I.

Party politics to me is in the same compartment as Tom n Jerry.

That said,

I know something about Boris that he would not say himself.

He is genuine in himself. He is genuine.

I will tell you something about Boris the Man.

I hope it will spring someone to look it up and check the details.

Once while riding his bike thru London (which he did, I saw him many times),

I think he was still an MP,

he witnessed a mugging being perpetrated on a woman.

He didn't run away, he picked up his bike and did a run at them, probably shouting something silly.

They (muggers) ran away, obviously.


I genuinely hope he gets better, what's more anyone that looks the nasty in the face and comes up out of it, will be different.

So he may be an even better version of himself.

Like we will.

I will keep my last fingernail stuck right in that red crag of hope, eh.

So back to the idiots in new forum land.

The loons are in full swing, all taking their opportunity as expected, which is great for their mutual dependancy.

Pundits Gurus,

Oh I only like the good ones, oh do you, what if you are shite?

I am faced daily with the same question: How do you tell the grim they're the grim.

Here's something to guru.

I would like to tell you, arsehole, that your lies you peddle to stay relevent hurt people.

It's why I popped up to ridicule you all after making sure you couldn't wriggle, having been and seen your little copycat society in action first hand.

Some of you are graduates, you look like idiots now, because none of you included the real world in your little fairytale soft-news-porn.

You're busy back peddling, any peddling, you are peddlers.

Your very own audience see you now.


As truth is.

Thing is, I will say it out loud, something we all know about ourselves, it's a terrible generalisation, but isn't anything worth knowing.

You all knew all along, they were liars, of course you did. It started as a harmless form of entertainment.

The Guru (usually male) would meander around living of the crowd, preying on a few, seeming omnipotantly well informed, which all leads to the fabrication. (They were just reading your PMs.)

I refer to the russian attempt at infekting us with the likes of RT and varying youtube morons funded thru patreon.

Who do you think sends these complete imbeciles money, FANS?

Of course there are some, some, but they are idiots too, so don't have much to give, they are wasting their day and brain time on you, how could they fund you.

They only watch you because netflicks want money.

You're free.

Quite often desperate, covering their desperation with a quest.

So you have a tiny audience that believe you and fund you which equates to hardly anyone.

Not a funding option for a semi real attempt at copying the television.

Out comes advertising revenue, you all line up, like the dodos you are, walking up to the barrel of the gun squinting one eye, and looking down it.

Then the ever so well placed rug was pulled from under you, by Youtube/Google.

You then call to your hapless lost audience that you're using for cheap entertainment, to fund you.


Then the fun began, not only could the person that wants said idiot to confuse anything fund with impunity, legally, as long as precautions were taken.

They could pick from a myriad of dingdongs, all claiming the truth, according to what their career/life did to them, the bleat turned into a care.

Care about me, I care about you, look!

Oh, and hit the money button.

Let's call that out, right now.

A majority of these people are funded by the state, a very awkward situation.

Let's take David Icke, a very unfortunate person.

I mean that, life has not been kind to this man.

He made some mistakes that festered him into a corner, when the more sophisticated public/audience looked back on it all, they quite rightly felt ill for him.

It's apparent to anyone that was there and coherent exactly what happened.

A man that had a chance, did well at football.

Unfortunately he could no longer pursue his career (ill health I believe).

Again because people are on the whole genuine, he was given a hand by the people around him, he knocked doors no doubt, but was working and trying to keep going, very admirable.

He then lands himself a job commentating.

Snooker at night.

A job.

Then something went wrong.

I have no idea what it was, maybe just less work less money less family less happy, who knows.

I do care, he is a human being.

Are you writing about him?

I am.

I am doing it for completely opposing reasons to everyone else.

I want him to stop scaring people with his imagination laced with fact.

It's a hideous thing to witness.

What's more I would like the descendant of Kerry and Bill's scam, in a nice new suit saying he is real, using the name of the city I'm from, to add weight to his tired 80s selfhelp crap, to stop feeding himself from David's demise.

It's a disgusting thing to watch.

Still back to David.

He went on that fateful show, Terry (who is now gone) did a NUMBER ON HIM.

As I said earlier, we all grew up a bit, and looked back, Terry had to do the right thing.

At this point David was learning his trade.

People were going to see him.

He saw this as success, we all watched with our chins resting in one hand, looking through the corner of one eye.

He had been to parties, overheard things he didn't understand but will tell you about.

He is not a moron and can string a sentence together, didn't fluster being in front of a crowd, and the worst, people started to listen. The worst for him.

I am interested in anyone that shows a glimmer, so I watched from here.

Just in case, he touched it, by accident, I always watch for that.

You would if you saw it all as I do (which everyone is starting too).

But No, just a bloke saying shit he thinks a bit better than the average pub pundit.

So that, was that.

It still is.

Except, we are now being told by him and Alex Jones that we must start causing trouble, stop messing about, that's what they are doing. I can show you the exact clips where they did that.

Do not be violent, that is what an opponent that wants to make you look bad will fund.

This is done thru patreon, David is just a hapless twit saying the right shit, they are being funded, Alex is funded thru the dried-up food company and right wing church (hence all the bible punching recently) and the constant droning old "expensive piss" adverts. (vitamins really very 70s tech)

So he knows what hes doing.

David, well he doesn't. DOES HE.

He is clearly not the full ticket, he doesn't actually say anything and the few times he gets called (Jesse Ventura) he throws a tantrum and leaves.


So stop.

You're now going to cause mayhem, as people are loose at the edge.

People that are very loose at the edge make up your audience.

I know a lot of them, I talk some of them down on a regular basis.

Dangerous people, not people you yourselves could handle.

Criminals, very upset ones, that are believing half the horse shite you talk, and watch idiots like london fuckin' real, I will be getting to you.

I will be showing you what London boroughs are about and what you do and don't do, you prick.

And I'm not talking about the type of wanker you have had on so far, real people don't go on tele.

EVER, it's considered grassing.

You are a parasite of the first degree son.

Disgusting pig, in ya flassh suit talking cobblers to idiots with ya self portrait, creepy fucker.

Like Rogan, riding the wave.

Vampires, they drag you to watch their otherwise impotent shows with other people's talent, mooning on wide eyed.

You're all being used, the network you look at for the info to stretch into a question is being provided by varying governments, agencies etc.

You shout at people from inside your hole, you tell them how stupid they are (very nicely) for being in theirs.


Like the internet, think what it was supposed to be. Could have been.

Corporations. (mainly Insurance)


Agencies fucking ruined it for everyone as usual.

When this is all done, if people are a bit more aware and REAL to each other, I am going to set up a patreon to take you arseholes to court and sue you for every penny you have made retrospectively.

At minimum relieve you of your distasteful income.

That includes freeloaders of any kind that pop up a bit more regularly than others, the long term con, you know I know all of you, you know you have feebly tried to do your idiot shit to me and run away, BECAUSE I'M FUCKING REAL, this includes disgusting family members that capitalise on the death of loved ones, you particularly disgust me.


I have all the evidence I need, you will see.

If, you start to tell the truth, IE what you do not know.#

Tell us that, first.

Then tell us only truth.

KNOWING you are going to be held accountable for it.

Without a guest, just your talent and knowledge.

LOL, short fuckin' show.

Alex is in big trouble, he has been paying hacking companies to look at his opponents (as he sees them).

He has also been getting tips from right wing christian security from the whitehouse, 'whiteyleaks' you could say, but they like these ones.

How do I know that, because I am one and we caught him/them.

I will be talking to my member of parliament about what he intends to do about that multiple crime (international crime). One of the questions I will be asking him is just how much of our arse is getting banged by the american security services, or factions of them as it now stands.

So I don't care about Alex too much, he is a useful idiot, to all.

He will get his as he has foreseen many times and told you so, it's his family he drags along I wonder about, selfish egotistical git.

Let alone the crew, some of which may have had promise.

Until turned.

Owen, go on your own.

Your boss is racist, are you?

If you have any questions left about whether Alex is a racist, have a think about what a chinese descent american feels like when Hamster Jones does his chinese accent.

Then parades his propaganda cartoon dragon about, bit like David and his reptiles. You are fools.

Mushrooms, and not the good kind.

He is a low threshold.

I do not care about politics, I care about us all.

The idiots left.

Just wanting to get on.

I am gonna talk to you.

I am currently in a weird position.

It seems that the real struggle has calmed a bit.

The nasties in the goverment are a shittin' themselves, the ordinary (innocent) bods are more able to move.

Funny, it took a lock down.

I said stand still like the kids game.

Then the runners can't run.

If they do they get seen, that's exactly what's happened, the machine has been difficult to service in this current state of affairs.

So its grip has loosened, the birds are flying again, shall we say.

The good nature emerges.

Beware, they will all lay claim by virtuous tones.

They will thank, and congratulate, taking the glory rub off.

Puke making.

Some questions answered.

The virus is a virus.

It is man made.

It was released in varying places.

No one knows who actually did it or why, and frankly you can ask Alex and his friends to make you up a reason, cos there are thousands in our mental little twisted ever more twisting world.

It is a fucking miracle we are not all dead 15 times over with the stuff available and the loons on tap to make use of it for whatever nutbag cause/religion.

The 5G scare.

Well I can help you there.

The 5G tower is not a good place to stand, one of my duties at one point was looking after Englands Earth stations under contract. (all of them)

Anyone will tell you it is not a good idea to stand anywhere near that kind of power.

They should not be anywhere near places people are infirm or young etc.


Go ask fire fighters that stopped it on their roof.

Cell companies are horrible, period.

Everyone that works there after a level knows exactly what's what, they get plastifoil suits to walk around in, when they go on site, it's the rules, because it kills.


If you increase your exposure you will get sick. From the next thing you had wrong.

This has NOTHING to do with the virus.

The story that started it, or gave the Alexes of this world the smell to put in their shit, was.

A woman said radiation from cell towers lowers your immune system.

BIG WOW, we all know and we all ignore, because we are addicted.

We as parents let it happen because we are lazy sometimes and kids are looooooong.

It's what the whole problem is.

We all know.

Bill Gates is entertaining our kids, the military are drone training them.



Or are you a simpleton.

If so don't worry, I won't fuck you over.

I'm not now, as you feel.

The worst bit the very worst bit is the way you're all so eager to enter into the endless debate, it's never meant to end, just as soon as you get somewhere, these wankers fuck it all up with yet another issue.

You will never get to the truth with these parasites parading as journalists helping you.

Please start using your vote when this is over.

Because it will be one way or another.

To Alex/David, insert liars names audience, it's not your fault to this point, I give you a month to let it sink in. THEN IT IS YOUR FAULT.

Alex is going to take you all with him. Just think what you will be remembered as. The billionaire chancers grease.

You all know better than anyone what trumpy is.

I am writing this Tuesday the 7th.

I hope more hasn't happened to Boris when it touches down.

One last thing, I have been watching them a long time, PUNDITS, GURUS, WEBSITES ETC., I have sent people to be "interviewed".

To check.

Alex is now sharing the intel he has stolen by illegal means with people that sympathise with him, in the UK and Europe.

If you are in possession of that info, you are in international deep shit.

It's watermarked.

Too late.


Now he has got you in REAL trouble.

The only thing now is decency, I will wait until it's all over, then I'm going to contact the various and you are done.

Not to soon either you vicious bunch of fools.

I really wonder have any of you thought how much damage you have done, are doing and continue to do, just because you're weird.

Do you realise you give people depression, which in turn ruins their lives.

You will lie about anything, even your own relatives deaths, just to make a profit, to survive.

Your audience know and enjoy, they know your full of shit and they help spread it.

Well done, now you're all covered and some very well paid new age technocrats are laughing their fuckin' heads off.

That's what useful idiot means.

That's you.

God and the devil are teammates,

Playing the same field,

They are elites from a far greater place,

They are peace and knowledge, understanding.

They know we are coming.

They know our minds plurally, succinctly and singularly.

They are here because they must test.

Without our true knowledge of them.

As we are so dangerous and devious.

They will not eradicate us without reason.

Even though we are dangerous.

We are being teased for truth, the truth of all our natures.

In order to decide, as cleanly as possible, what we are going to do.

Show our ignorance or intellect.

They are here tempting without clue.

Observing with indifference.

God n the Devil,

A test devised to see if we live.

Some know some don't.

Now you do or don't.

The governments do, they have been trying to strike bargains.

Can you imagine how that went and where we sit now?

Talk to you soon, maybe.