The Cockney Translater!

published: 17 Apr 2020

written: 12th April, 2020

Hello my addled brained electronic addicts, how's you.

Oh dear, turns out we can cause all sorts of shite dunnit.

Gettin' the picture people.

Do you actually think I, after standing here and saying I’m an honest liar, would cut a shake with whose left.

Go after the tossers, then let down my friends by claiming things we did not do.


I would look a right state if I did that, wouldn’t I, plus quite rightly they would never talk to me again.

Don’t think I could look them in the eye.

In short in the last ten years I have been the victim of my own outlook.


It became very clear at some point in proceedings that something odd was going on.


Those that could cling on long enough, and not be ,erm, clingons, it's a thin line.

I'm sure you have met the type on your intrawebian sled ride. Two people at the time did.

I have lots of odd connections all over, so we had that.

I then stirred as much as I dare.

As I'm doing ok, considering, and like you selfishly, didn’t want to fuck that up for, me.

I like you, did the impression of caring to feel better, conversely.

I took it a step further.

There is a detail.

I was because of a chance meeting on a forum.

In this forum the people were mainly tech types.

I soon found a very little niche.

One day, for all sorts of reason the terrain changed overnight.

This forum was now on the deep place, as it was then.

Because the baddies that were the goodies were catching the goodies being portrayed as baddies because the baddie goodies could see all the goodies that are not really baddies, this made them change the place they hid.

I saw that happen.

It was quite summink.


The ones that could no longer go there cos they were actually goodies (all be it confuzzled by life) then wandered around finding homes, security, agency, bakery, a lot in haberdashery, lol.

Anyway, they dispersed.

Found homes, made them, even.

I have watched their progress, what it’s caused.

The first instance of amazement was the movement of bitcoin.

I predicted it to a group in here.

It made them very well off, plus all their friends.

I did not partake.

I knew somehow that would fuck me.

Very annoying,


It turns out it did not matter.

What does is, other people that are rather naughty were watching my every move, IP, before you lot knew about watching IPs, I always love giving know-alls hollow victories.

So I had to put up with that, I know the folly of VPN and alike, back then. (you know your arse is on a dodgy server connect, right.) It's a trawler ground for crims/agencies.

The thing about that clever boys with dirty pants and keyboards , don’t actually know because of minimal real life experience.

So they didn’t realize I could use that against them from the off.

I even warned them.

Had to, only fair.

I have then had witness to my every move.

Security forces cos they wondered wtf.

Well you name it.

It was up my arse from the first word, because of previous REAL deeds.

And here I am running around free range being odd.

I will leave you to figure out why.

The audience watching the IP, plus the ones that had the ability to listen to my calls were all very enthralled.

The tidbits were weird, but for some fuckin reason it fell on the button.

First the algorithms saw it.

Then the shares animal came to smell, meanwhile I’m charging on oblivious to this as I know, but don’t care.

All witnessed.

This is all over the past years.


Now you all get listened too.

By machines.

Coz we are crazy fucks, some of us, in varying degrees.

And we all have hands that turn DOORKNOBS.

If your outspoken you get listened to.

And not for a good reason either, they are not interested in your critique.

So, bang, long, stuff happened, 1800 odd members.

In over 120, countries.

That have, money.

Made by listening to me.

They arrived as they realized what I did.


I'M a BiG LiTlte, problem.

I am embarrassing policy.

I am biting arseholes. (lol)

I don’t join ghouls.

I hate this mesh, being spread.

Mainly I don’t like any of them.

So no advertising.

I have never asked for money and in fact spent 78k of my own trying to stay one step ahead. (as I don’t inflate the costs and numbers of things like the fisherman’s penis story)

Now my friends are involved.

They are staying ahead to.

None of it for money.

Just to be here.

No allegiance to no one.

Just each other.

About one thing.

The only thing.

This has slowly built into a massive advantage.

No one knows who we all are.

No one knows why.

But they have seen the market move.

They have seen social media twitch.

Simply because your gurus are frauds.

That’s it.

Read repeaters.

And they get it very wrong.

I should think there are some people out there that have never spoken to me that have just said, ahhhhhh, so that’s what it is.

Yep, you ain't daft.

Watch out for three numbers

33 67 77

Especially in your battery power on your phone. (no joke)

If you feel, something to say and do, it has an effect.

You can cause ripples.

I’m going to help you spot it.

Yeah even you, bighead.

Everyone can use their cellphone against them, oh, you thought it was your cell phone, silly you.

No, it's theirs, you just look after it for them, and do what it says.

When you say or do something that is of the overall sweet motion, shall we say.

It will come back.

In a message,

Look at your battery.

You may think that vague, you won’t.

We have data in here, it’s astounding.

Nothing short of astounding.

It's built, those numbers (33,67,77,87) have no significance other than they look like they do, that’s how much you don’t know Bill Nye the math guy, go ask someone much brainier than you, that wrote your lesson in a particular way for you and stop picking on religious people, only I’m allowed to do that, cos I know they have a part/point.

Which we are all about to find out, in most spectacular fashion.

And no, they are not totally right either.

Who is.

Well. There is a..

Nah. I shut it there.

Another time, next week.

So, I have the man’s attention now.

He is a bit nervous.

I’m not, why would I be.

I ain't a liar.

Like some.

No expense has been spared by the old boys’ network to fuck me up, make me look like all sorts.

In trying to make these varying charges stick, people have lost their income.

This just got worse, as they do dastardly shite and even fuck with my family, I have been catching them.

Now, I have so much shit that contradicts exactly what the politicians were saying, it’s just turn away time.

Every person jumps on excited, then one day, they change, us in here, the hardened, we see.

They have had the call, the visit, the look.

They go, we understand, it is scary.

I got too much.

I have too many people to spread, that know a lot too.

Plus this mess I have left up here has every detail with hindsight. Letternumbers.


Something very fuckin' weird happened next.

They have started to change things.

Some have.

Executives are about to have a fuckin "annus horribilis"

Had a few incha girl, lol.

Sod being you.

Oh, and Am I the only one that thinks what perked up the jump by Meghan and Co, was not wanting uncles noncey friends in the family?

I mean, we all get caught out by a good predator once in a while, but come on man.

Summink stinks there.

I know I would distance my kids from someone exercising that bad judgment, I fuckin’ hope that is what it was, just bad judgment.

Because if it wasn’t, it will come.

I am not deterred by etiquette and virus’s, what did Philip, Say?????




Then go clap at 8 o'clock.

I WILL give you a PR-lesson, cos trust me the lot looking after you guys last job will be loading you on and waving bye bye from the dock, if what I hear on street is right.

Sick OF the lies.

We all have a chance to come clean.

Let’s see if Boris has brought a bit of wisdom from the edge.

To not ignore the mess I made of you Alex, and will continue to make of your pyramid scheme mate, in London.

You are a total Snide. You bring up paedophiles like someone holds up a child to protect themselves, you do nothing but talk and scream, nothing happens because you’re a fair-weather dick for your masters.

You will continue to suffer until you repent.

Please let your bosses know, I am about to name them and what they are doing.

This will destroy their companies which are at the moment profiting from the doom scenario you paint to scare people, because your pitch is “profit of Doom”. “Pick up the pieces"

That does nothing, but incites others, QUITE CLEARLY ALEX.

David, fucksake man, do some proper research without a preconceived conclusion son.

And chill, you will get Ill.

I am not going to mention you again.


Unless you evolve of course.

There is always hope.

Lastly, when this is over if there is enough left, the social amiable types in here, plus admin experts, legal etc, they are going to apply for all said licenses in the UK, that are needed to legally surveil people in full view.

To then recount true activity for the public.

We are of course going to be diverted and so on.


That is going to be a blood bath.

Right here.

Ps, nearly forgot to sweep up.

Here’s is a bonus bit, couldn’t resist,

Owen, summing up Infostraws Hamster Jones and their audience very well I thought, have a gander.

Remember Spongers..

There is no audience, there's only you.

Grrrrr go get'm tiger.

You realise, actual men are watching yeah. Did ya think there is no youtube where mens are at.

You should have a Londonreal think son, you're spouting lots of shit about us more complicated types, and you could end up in the soup so to speak.

Trust me Hamster, you are not fight material you would blow away like your dry food, without a gun to give your rhetoric weight.

Two grands worth of snot poodle in a hole.

Yeah youda yoda.

People of faith, I think your great, actually all of you.

I’m a bit jealous that you are satisfied and I’m not, but.

I know the only good thing about the faith, is you, the fact you try.

So, if all comes into question, you were always what it totally consists of anyway, hang on to that with faith.

Last thing the press pushed propaganda clap was a bit limp in my conservative area tonight, maybe it's dawned on them, They are gonna have that like a pie in the face come election time, that's of course if Margaret’s invention new labor can ever get going again, to continue the lovely war, for us all, ya know.


You don’t have a hand.

One law for the rich, another for us.

Remember, the virus is indiscriminate, not the cure.

All in all be sensible, everyone is very stretched and it’s getting worse in ways, none could imagine cos truth is strange.

Violence is a step behind us.

Take it from them.

All sides, don't side.



For transparency, that is their true enemy.

Like they say to you, don't worry about the camera recognition, you ain't doing nuffin wrong are ya, back at oh great ones.

Next week, back to what matters, the past, apparently, cos it’s the future.


Everyone ignore.


Yeah I fuckin’ saw ya. You disgusting excuse for a human.

And I had a body cam on.

You lot are screwed.