The Cockney Translater!

24 Apr 2020

Morning Evenin' my revolving ringmates, sitting comfortably,

Some aren’t,

Let’s begin at the first for us, little big things,

How do you/we meet,

What is the natural meeting betwixt two, three, or four.


Natural, I should define that shouldn’t I.

Natural, so that’s something that was there before us we had nothing to do with, definitely.

That’s the definition for now.

Not a mineral, or plant, animal.

But there’s one thing we use, that is natural, that isn’t any of those, things.

It’s a realm.

You’re not taught that, neither was I.

But let’s not rush forward.

The natural thing I speak of is of course Electricity,

Let’s call it that, just for now.

Lightning, still the most powerful thing we can stand there naked and see.


Now we use it.

We dwell in the realm.

We were given the key, you were told by a clever old man once, but few had the gumption to see his clue.

He paid, for you.

This thing we use, replaced the natural fire, it is now the light we extend the day with, as we did with combustion before it.

But this is still a natural thing, we were using copper to transport it, which we dug from the ground as we still do ,but now it’s cold metals, other things, we know to use, but know little of in unison.

Alchemy, in the chimp’s hands.

Chimp once modified, trying to find the light from the night, it remembers so faintly.

Now, let’s be different and grade, like we are taught to, yes lets.

How do you meet naturally?

Some that can just still pull of the moves, just, from the dance floor, they know natural.

You had no device, but it wasn’t boring, far from it, dancin' making a prat of yaself so at least someone knew you had a sense of humour, Now, you are boring, fuck, lol.

Have you seen yourselves when the camera isn’t on, stooped over, drooped face, growing new bones.

The camera field passes and your body now feels it, you come alive with the lie you have been told is the one to portray.

The world was lit, and the age was coming, when the ants reconstruct the horse.

We knew the light we danced to and provided all, was no more than that, we didn’t see the creep from the deep.

The rich are stupid and decadent, not the aristocracy, they are not.

They hold it down, coz they know the membrane is very thin at times, it’s almost nonexistent at the mo.

The aristocracy are stuck with it, watching it happening left holding the baby.

That grandpa birthed from the greed beast.

What would you do?

Have a think about that.

One day you’re nine and a distant dad says, right you’re off to hell.

Lord of the flies makes you psychotic, and you are terrified from there or psychotic yourself.

I know, I have been standing there watching.

No, the players the greedy, the empire builders, they are the problem.

They do not know who they serve, due to the greed power goggles they wear.

The people that get close to them they see, the ones that facilitate, protect, you people need to do something for us all.

You need to see your position; you’re standing next to a power mad patsy.

I say patsy, because the light is not real.

It is artificial.

So, complicated, it flashes at frequency.

To move the flesh.

It’s taken forever.

But we are manifesting alright.

It’s nearly upon us.

We used the frequency first as we wanted, once shown.

This is a raw form, a wind, an atmosphere we cannot see or know.

This realm has things in it as any other.

But not things words can describe.

You have to see, the key to see exists, few use it as it is very dangerous.

You ingest it.

And you leave and live a lifetime at speed.

Then come back.

Bemused and talking utter, utter, bollocks.

Very interesting bollocks, if you’re only a bit stoned and/or drunk I grant you, but eloquent cobblers none the less.

I love it. (Personally)

Watching them wander about a place.

Humans are quite something unfettered.

Still the light was a frequency we used to extend the day, the natural day provided by the real natural light.

So the addiction begins.

The greedy are enabled.

They drive longer the horses.

Now a need to survive resides in this powerful substance that changes time for the mammal.

We use it way farther than before, we are now plugging ourselves into it, with carefree abandon.

No thought of the world electron, continual.

Some have, they smash them.

Funny the view into, is a weapon, against.

See no enemy here, that would be silly.

See more a fungus in the woods like our own, telling tails to the next tree of what approaches to give the gift of life even though its own fate is sealed.

Think of a thing that is not a thing as you think, think again and again.

This thing lives in a realm, it is omnipotent there like the fungus here almost, it’s why I draw the simile.

Don’t get lost, stay with, think, keep hear you're near, don't stop.

I know some see some have stayed, some know the madness, is needed.

For a moment.

Listen Eddie

The fungus is our friend, it's here with us, I should not use an antidote as the description of the infliction upon us.

But it is so often the case, isn't it.

Two ends reflect each other with the awkward eye.

Opposites attract, repel, depending on the smell.

The policeman is a criminal, in drag.

A lover can be a killer.

We just watch and hope.

It’s isolated.

I cannot explain something I do not have the capacity to understand.

But it’s here now.

Whatever you want to name it, whatever your behemoth is. Call it what you want that feeling that belief, but it's static, of a kind.

We are falling prey to its unemotional whim; there is no care, no thought.

It’s there, because we became addicted to its realm.

It saw us.

Then as anything it filled the gaps we opened in its world with our own ingenuity, technology.

Soon it steered us the way a farmer would, ant to aphid.

The crazy intelligent thrust into it with great brain and no common.

They had warnings, it sent people mad.

They ignored these people’s deeds, put them down to, us and life and crazy.

Warning dismissed.

It even had them administering it directly.

Electrodes to the brain,


Gangsters do it to the balls.

Science, you don’t fuck around, you’re helping the infection, you robot for another source, you yourself are ignorant of.

Have you looked in their eyes.

Do you see what you do, can you wake for a moment from your induced state of superiority over compassion, natural compassion.

You were programmed, enticed with trinkets with your big brain.

Except, the brain was exactly that, in tow, not preceding.

My Nan always said "thing about common sense is, it ain't that common"

Fuck me she said a mouthful.

The addiction is complete, we are in with all feet.

I have taken part as I didn’t understand, now I'm not.

Natural is no light, but the sun.

We went too far under induction.

We, well it’s not we is it, we don’t get a say, there is no law.

You just need the money and a place, the brains will come, to ease their addiction.

No permission is needed for your careless mission, your privileged exploit, you can just do it.

No law from humans could be used to exorcise something no one knows exists.

Who would know to look.

I did not give Bill Gates, Donald fuckin' idiot, or Putin, my nutz.

Or my grandchild’s.

So, I want to know what he told everyone else that is so awe striking, it shuts big mouths up.

I want to know exactly where the virus came from.

I want to know exactly who did what and when.

I want my elected leader of the government that represents me, to make it clear, I do not want a plan of anyone’s.

I want to know that my country will not deal in a game with despots; I do not care how twee that sounds.

Watch what it would do to our landscape if it happened.

If you poison someone to get what you want, that’s us done.

Right there.

Any peoples of a peaceful place do not want you to go outside the borders of your country to start anything.

It’s that, that got it started.

People sort out their own problems we hold the hats and coats with the women and children while they do.

What happened to that concept?

The men that start it, stay there and finish, it.

It’s all coming to a town near you, if the governments don’t stop the play.

Get the corporations out.

Electronic referendums, and address us on them each night, you know, like you have been doing, recently. To cover your total and utter incompetence, ill preparedness for things you use in propaganda to scare us. Scare us for years take budget then fail, it’s not just China that’s gonna be held accountable, its all of you in each place, by people, you are not walking from this, it’s your doing.


Money is allowed to be traded electronically, let’s send one unit of currency with the vote from a bank card available to all.

On, A subject that is hurting us all, we could start soft with something easy, that most know is a scam anyway, weed.

Or no more rush hours, as we proved that’s bullshit, then we can get rid of the congestion emission, no poor people zone, or at least face the fact it’s all been bullshit for years.

To keep the oil going.

Maybe Our representatives’ diary on a web page daily, so we can see all this hard work.

In lockdown, half the things not moving.

You’re essential though eh, can we vote on that, you might get a fuckin' shock.

Nurses are essential, dustbin men, cleaners, now they matter eh, you are unbelievable

Oh I know, we can have the first referendum on nurses and doctors wages.

How much they are going up by, and how much chat show hosts are going down by.

Refer that, and let us vote, thru a bank charge of a unit of currency, to track in one go what we are, one person one account.

Stop the sodding bullshit.

Politic that you useless puffballs.

politicians. With a small p.




Stop it.

Or you are going to kill us all.

Under the influence of a thing you cannot even comprehend, you do not have the brain to.

You talk at people.

I am going to be interested to see Boris' new ideas...

Because he will be different, he already is, and he is worrying the power keepers with his new outlook.


What’s the sign about, on the podium preached from, hands to the side like you saw others do. Puppets.

First it’s harlequin colours, then it’s zigzag like a wasp, then it don’t know what it is.

The new face every day, seems to me no one wants the chair.

Hotseat, if you watch them, you see where the term has real origins.

Turn on a light, and you can see, you can do good, you can save. Work longer hours...

And all that goes.

How could we not, how could they not.

We were meant to.

It’s complicated, with players.

Some are things in our galaxy we can see they are real and there, all the physics that exists makes them too far.

But they know our plight.

They know the plague we have unleashed upon ourselves in learning to swim.

Helpless, due to the, real.

To defend us against the, unreal.

Observers, then.

With a hand (I guess) over maybe one, eye.

Some with all three "hands" probably.

How would you view a child in infested water.

Gagged and bound by time.

Knowing you’re, relative.

Almost worse than being the victim, isn’t it, watching the helpless.

I don’t mind if they turn away, we did it to ourselves, because we won’t let go of the orange in the tree stump, we let it walk right up to us.

Then around went the collar.

Whatta fuckin’ mess.

Tesla saw, it sent him mad they said, but it didn’t.

It made him sane, then people’s reaction to his explanation sent him a bit mad.

He decided to carry on anyway, and JP he understood once explained, he stopped it, so he thought, he thought it brought back his first wife, therefore was the devil's work, Tesla tried to enlighten him, but no, Destroyed.


You can all go read, (I'd be amazed if you haven’t) it's all over the intrawebs, use ya loaf though eh.

Talking of idiot web-dronians: Here's a little bit of fun to explain what is indeed a serious subject as people are doing stupid physical things to people’s property and that will lead to a fight and a punch never ends something, as you damn well know.

So to project infektion and its knowing and unknowing marionettes, that is the only question about these donuts.

Do they know, or are they unwitting patsies, which some that are not are going to use as a defense, they are laying the way now, like Alex and co.

That show has been fun to witness again for a bit, obviously for us it is.

We fuck with them constantly in here, they are such grab on to anything that suits idiots it’s easy.

You know my thoughts on the current trio playing with each other.

Namely Alex (ringleader) plumreal, and David.

There is a back player though, the one that pays the stipend.

The stipend is so you can be on a list.

The list is of people ready and waiting to talk shite just the way you want them to as that’s where the next M&S sandwich is coming from, in most cases.

Well, we wanted to show you the players and who they adhere to for money politics anything really take ya pick.

As with anything of this nature if moneys involved follow it, but that isn’t as easy when the money is donated.

Is it.

Hence this preferred method.

(Questions will be asked of the transfer providers that do this at some point, that will be sticky)

First we had to narrow the market of these stupid/treacherous creeps.

Separate the unwell, from the very well.

Up the stakes.

Lots disappeared, went cold, or just shut the fuck up.

This left the hardcore.

Alex/Plumreal/patsy David.

So Alex hatches a cunning plan worthy of Baldrick, he thinks, I know, I'm fed up with this fucking cockney taking the piss, so I will ask my relatives to break data protection rules and also some other sympathizers in state held positions to do the same.

He had tried everything else, they were spat out, twat likes Tommy (Stephen) small time Luton, etc.

Anyone can send me an email any time, problem is we publish if we want, and you’re told, so Alex tried all his friends, to come from behind, to me.

Nope, up front yourself twinky or nothing.

Couldn’t risk it.

He’s a mino.

So he gets David in to talk about whatever he can get him to talk about that’s fuckin’ irresponsible babbling and stupid, basically anything that serves the we are greater than down with anyone that disagrees narrative he spouts for the right wing christian church.

David pops on coached like a good lad.

Does the do.

Causes mayhem, gets the desired reaction, and they are all well chuffed, towers are    burning, regardless of the emergency calls and so on, gran's 24hr alarm etc.

It got lots of hits for that tosser in London and he was a cat with two shit trays.

Smilin walkin talkin, wanker.

Then he gets told off, he loves that, ooh look at me everyone, I’m a virus, nope, viral, yeah.

That’s you, attention boy, all money eh.

David not to be left out goes for it himself, oi that was my idea, no honour is there David.

Then the kitchen gets too hot for Alex as I turn the heat up on him and his dreams.

He can’t sleep he knows he is doomed.


Then they all run.

Back to Mother Russia, to get help from the Maxkeiserblade, he will help us.

Max, well he does his best, but look what he has to work with poor git.

He holds them up as instructed, so all of us can see the Snowden in them.

With a conceited smile, the RT exec puts down the phone to Vlad.

We all see the fact they actually won, towers burnt, Alex is evermore confused, and that’s the object.

General mayhem not shepherd, with no conclusion, just infektion.

Bannon suddenly creeps out of the shadows ,gets in front of judge Janine an pops all over her nice frock he’s so desperate to do damage control, leaving his Monica,
(that women was a judge, for real, shit, some brothers went doooooown)

He’s out provoking war making out trump is annoyed with him but helping, lol.

With some weirdo right wing Counts money, anyone’s money really.

Still here’s Alex and co.

The funny bits, so you don’t have to.

See we do care.

First one is Alex hamstersplaining, the maths and that, hysterical.

Thanks Alex, that’s very well put.

This isn’t too pleasant to watch, all the adults know what’s happening here, if this was in the playground Alex would have had his face scraped up and down the pavement if that was my mate kid etc.

You saw it people, I know that, any parent did, this man is a fucking bully.

What you don’t know is, Alex uses his contacts to listen to your calls and mine, we know this and don’t care, so what, and it has given me the chance to put him in some very awkward moral dilemmas with his much more decent staff (some).

One of these things was him listening to me approach a boxing doctor to get checked to get in the ring, to take hamster round three times three minutes, while quizzzing the idiot.

It would be the end of him and he knows it he asked around.

Owen heard this so did others, and I’m not the only one.

It of course a childish thing to do, but, when I see him bully and snarl like the frustrated attention seeker he is, about subjects that someone like him should go nowhere near.

I am tempted to call his bluff, so started to, make arrangements, then the virus.

The point is Owen heard.

It has eroded Alex because he is a coward, needs guns, and picks on boys.

Owen, don’t let a man put his fucking hands on you again son.

You’re grown.

This bit is where Owen throws this threat back in Alex' face, he knows Alex is scared, so he protects himself with it.

Yeah put ya career on the line Alex he says with friendly venom, Alex is stunned, well done Owen.

Then he of course waffles out of it.

You council David do you Alex, ok, lol.

So this is where we find out that Nigel is a bit infekted too, well done Alex, I had no idea Nigel was in with you, good.

I will get on that mouthpiece tomorrow.


Because I can talk louder and faster than nig, trust me.

About things he don’t wanna.

Lastly, Alex inciting unrest. CLEARLY.

Well done dickhead.

Nigel and Trumps mate.


Talking of diplomats, are they all still running around no care in the world.

I haven’t forgotten the lad knocked off his motorcycle by the pissed wife of a spook that should not have been here.

How’s that developed?

Fixing the roads all over, saves money in a lockdown.

Arresting crims, better be big ones, dangerous ones, gonna be checking,

Did you arrest this guy or at least suspend him?

I would like you to send some money to this guy to get this thing out of the force, good coppers please send a donation, and say you are.

OOPs forgot, never,never,never.

Caught any paedos in lock down?

Well I’ve had enough of sitting here I’m gonna go do something wholesome, like watch Netflix and play with myself.

Eh Alex.


Personal note to his family.

Sorry about John.

We sat on the scrap car and said one day, we both did stuff and sat on the boat and said yeah, we did.

Bye Johnny.