The Cockney Translater!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear , just look at you , lol.

Good was it , your festivities , you stink of fun , how wonderful.

Let me ask you to slip back in that chair , with the taste of last night in your mouth , be blank , let's think of other ways to think , not better just more arrows..

So , Geronimo we shout as we jump into our own mind's eye.....

Hmmm. Lol. More to follow , ?

So let's move on , let's leave the piffling minutiae of trivial life and those that dwell there , behind , dey do doe dont dey

We can dream of other realms , talk some total pretentious shite...yay!!

My forte' trust me its my house ,

(ooooh did you see it , do you like this game)

Are you , "on the ball"

Two people are , they read as you do , but they are now starting to see the patterns , between the letters..


Financial hunter killer algorithms.

Pieces of software , which track theirtarget and cause weather fluctuations in the financial climate , favourable to the perpetrators personal or collective gain (not perceived or limited to finance).

What are they?

Who writes them , is it only the good few??? Or are there others.

How versatile are they ,

can they learn to hunt ,

what do you do when you catch ?? What are the possibilities, For who, Depends , who would be interested , !!! , Can Imagine Anyone..

A previous example of detectable use.

Are any "live" now . If so , what are they doing , and for who?

How interesting , go look it up , you fucking lazy git.

If you can , that is , you may find some new restrictions that were agreed some time ago , if the need arose , guess what , it

So , now the sites that break the code with code , will be silenced.

Have been , until they re emerge ...slightly more paranoid.

Copyright , you don't have the , right , to be one of the hundred monkeys.

That bond must be broken , with enticement , of wealth and safety.

Cremate your guilt , wear one red sock and one blue sock , on that day of the year (now that is gonna piss em off , big-time ), lol .

Especially when I tell you the date , they will all have to stay home , conspicuous and , no shit they will have to stay home , phone calls are being made now , as they read.

You ,

you should ,

look behind you the gate is already shut , the chain is rusty , while you were patting yourself on the back for making a difference , as you turn to the dinner table and salt your soylent green .

I was , going prattle on about it aimlessly , uselessly.

Fuck , it would of been boring , or not , who knows or cares. I sure as fuck don't , you're all twats. lol , and I am the biggest , for bothering.

End of Part One