The Cockney Translater!

Public information notice.

(Also in particular for members with upcoming engagements)

In the event of coming into contact with Stephen at one of the planned dinner/evenings etc., please be aware of the following useful hints.

Keep hands down at all times.

Please refrain from mentioning Dick van Dyke.

Do not offer any item directly to him.

As a general visual introduction accompanying this notice is a short film we hope will go a long way to help understand the general situation with regards to affection/approval from Stephen, as this has led to misinterpretation in the past.

Above all stand still.

The illumilazy. x

Evenin, howz you...

If ya glass is half full, please keep reading, if not, please don’t, you’re just gonna hate me, lol

If ya soft, how can you be strong, if ya a truth seeker how far ya gonna get!?


We hear of all sorts of energy don't we,

Like atomic,


Spiritual, an, cosmic.

Prayer energy, worship, celebrity, fans, adulation, recognition, self validation, likes.....

Electric, biological, electrobiological energy, is that a thing..? Dunno..


But the one I often heard in certain circles was a specific general description, ilL generalise terribly thru all I have picked up, but, its "money is energy" a form, anyway, in a nutshell, sure everyone’s got there angle, but that’s the general, water cooler campfire story...

"Money is a form of energy"

No, it's not.

That’s bollocks.

I would say more like a drug; those that explain it as energy are addicts excusing themselves to the bathroom.

I know, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom.

Making my collect call to the money god, down the big white telephone.

What is around it, are people afflicted by those that control it.

They have energy.

Energy is the problem, money is the root of all evil, money is used to keep ya light on (if you have one) so intertwine the two and we have a launch captain, where the fuck shall we go......yaaaaahoooooo!!!

So then, have I shot down my own comment, contradicted myself?

Is money energy, or so entwined, the gap between the dancers is not respectable, no mother superior to put the ruler between the dirty dancers...

No one will put this baby in a corner.

So free energy?

What’s that to the man that churns it out, from the raw materials of your inheritance, too, you.

How much free energy is too much for one person?

Can you be wrong if you have too much of your own energy, maybe you were careful, worried, sensible, should think some are, just that, nothing else.

Can an amount of money/energy be wrong for one person to have?

In what way is it wrong?

Let’s take other forms of money, older forms.

Let’s talk practically, for conversation sake, even though its one-sided, lol. (Which I love its bugging soooo many people for soooooo many reasons, it’s just funny/serious, gotta wonder why ain't ya?)

If it is the amount, how much is it, in what currency, or precious thing, commodity.

If we have established an amount that we perceive as wrong, why it’s wrong, or selfish etc, any word you care to commit to it.

Then what do we do.

Do we invade that persons personal space and take, leaving the value of the amount we thought was just under obscene?

Do we kill them, so they can’t selfishly do it again, that thing them they or relative did, that accumulated it.

So we have an amount which is clearly greedy?

We take away their rights as a human being?

Stand in judgement and take it, civilly, to the value of?

What if they resist, with their money and those that depend on its flow?

Do we then put restrictions on them, does that apply to everyone..?

Isn't that War, of a sort..? Or exactly?

Isn't that what we are doing? (Just ignoring for the moment the elephant in the butter dish, i.e., you’re wholly innocent and it’s out of your control, of course, or you will stop reading eh!)

Is it redistribution?

But not how you want it?

We often see all the brightest and best, the privileged...

The criminals...

The takers...

The accumulators...

Giving doing promoting....the good cause...

Do you ever wonder how the thing arises?

Does the celebrity make moves, say things, lean towards goodness charity... we are told that is guilt, guilt at having so much,... how much of the guilt is actually fear, at the others over the fence...

The ones they depend on so desperately..

Let’s not be cynical in our gibbering...

Let’s say it’s a bit of guilt, a bit of good, and a bit of self promoting...

So the charity fishes....the celebrity is found...

The cause is something generally self serving and linked... oops, I'm being nice....

Let’s put it another way..

"A good Segway between the celebrity and the plight of others they feel spiritually connected with"

There that’s better...

Do you really think the professional the charity has got in, on a salary, really wants the celebrities "input" on what way is best to go with the project....or do think they think, the self absorbed windbag should disappear up their own arse so they could be left to just get on with it?

But we all know, the windbag IS the process....

The charity has a building, staff, where is it, in this day of technologies it COULD be anywhere, areas of no work, run down.... lol.

Are you smiling?

Yeah we all know why the headquarters of these types of charities are where they are...

800.00 bucks a plate don’t go to the soup kitchen, lol.

So what are they doing?

Why are they doing it?

Do you think it’s some vacuous fare ground ride for the famous to give to each other giving to each other...?

While we get paid for waiting on the tables....or are we there for free, waiting, driving, cooking, cleaning...

Surely if its charity, everyone is there for free?????


Isn’t that how it works?

Did that pinch a bit, sorry.... but you get my point..

We all know the game..

We all know that if a bloke try's to stand there in front of worried frightened people and attempts to justify having 40 billion in the back pocket, well, it ain't rocket science is it...

He is going to have a bad day.

It’s not right, either way, but there it is..

What’s the amount?

We all have to grow up.

FOR once, the judgement should be useful..

TRADING PLACES, another mans leather...

The sentence for greed should reflect this...

The bus driver brings the charge...

The billionaire brings the defence...

The billionaire brings the charge..

The bus driver brings the defence...

The price of admission to the court, one month in each others shoes..

Then the case is brought...


Changed mind, or not...

You will still be stood next to your initial claims...

How would the mind that considered violence and the derivatives off, no longer acceptable,

look at that.

What if it were considered, as backward....

What if fighting over things that don't exist, with certainty and description, WAS SEEN AS WHAT IT IS, foolish.

See putting fences around ourselves, and poking things out, as cowardice

Celebrity fame.

The Low defamed.

My understanding of Man and Boy... is clear.

When I'm lost, I ask directions, from whatever sex.

However, I still acknowledge never hearing a man complain about the seat being down... lol.

Of course I never get lost...

I always put the lid down after flushing... this being fantasy land and all that...

I’m totally fucking perfect me, just like you.

It’s everyone else, innit.

Oh, btw, have a look in the amazing thorium emporium,