The Cockney Translater!

Good Day greenback lovers.

How’s your house price rising?

How’s your pound normalising?

You understand, currency hasn't dropped, it’s returned to the non injection.

Much like steroids in cows, to massively inflate your arse with burger steroid meat. To make your race physically bigger, without actually asking permission, or in fact telling everyone.

Yeah well,

The money is no longer being taken to the espresso bar, then the gym, then down the wine bar, then Viagra.

Nah, the drugs don’t work no more,

The ruse is up.

The great unwashed are watching eh!

You can’t pull tricks, too many watching, so now you pull the capitol plug instead, and flumpf...

Limp dick markets,

The pound is no longer pumped up on illegal trades and dodgy black screen cash deals that the Ebola hat wearers hide.

So, it’s coming down after the rave, the gaffers of the privileged, drunk on champers, snorting lines, on our money is over.

Punishment time.

The police are not the police anymore, that was changed over the last ten years.

Now the stormtroopers are ready, battering rams, non lethal but sometimes lethal weapons.

All to save us from the terror of it all.

Makes you wonder why we didn’t do all that when horses were flying across the road and Harrods was going bang in the seventies an eighties eh!

So you’re chipped thru your bank card, and every transaction is watched logged for future evidence (if you need shutting up).

Every call you make can be ILLEGALLY tapped at a low rank (just in case you’re a crim, a union leader, an activist, a real journalist, the wrong type of social commentator).

Well let’s be more accurate.

The deal behind closed doors was....

We will record absolutely everything you do. Everything.



Political affiliations.


Fuckbook, Youboob, Twatter, etc. all had to agree or else, but Google came running. Hence first one in to Korea. For da man, are da man.

But we won’t listen to it, unless given proof by action or deed that we need to; the process to decide whether you’re naughty is the same as it always was.

So they got it thru on the terrrrrror...

But now they listen to you, look at you, and even exchange your sexting pictures between each other, yeah the more sexually depraved agents have a "WALL of private porn picks"

On a cloud somewhere, your bum and mine floating in a cloud, hahahahahhaahaha, well I think it’s funny.

I mean I know it’s serious, but ya gotta laugh, the law say we are the weirdos, while they poke around in ordinary people’s lives for amusement looking for something to come across, so they can justify it all every now n then with a bomb plot, which they have caused in the past by watching too long, or maybe watching the wrong screen. lol.

Too busy looking at the bumcloud.

Or just cruising thru the back end of your metadata.

You know, how you all obediently want to go and show off about your fabricated credit card bought life...

Making out everything is peachy.

When really inside you’re the most needy sad fuck possible, hence posing for a selfie 72 times until the sun makes your house look bigger or your car more expensive.

Or you could be a Bronie.

I could wonder on why this exists as a phenomenon for days, lol.




But taking selfies for the record.


So yeah, the meta data miners... are allowed to keep allllll that, in case you become a problem.

Then this is where they get out your life and re exhibit for your court date.

Now back in the day celebrities had to be careful about editing, you would notice rambles, then silence, they learned how to keep a sound bite there, by not being easy to edit...

To present as the "central" wanted you presented if you were a bit of an opinionated mouth piece.

You were not towing the line.

You wrote stories where the gold thieves got away.

Didn't end your film with a sun in the clouds shot of the heavens, choir backed.

Then you were interviewed by certain people, edited in a certain way and you looked like a bastard.

So they wised up, kept sentences quick and in one context.

Your whole lives are scripted like a cheap TV reality show, no budget just a scheme to make the reality wanted.

Politicians are really, don’t even bother to hide it now, "actually" now reality TV hosts. I made fun of it saying something about the candidates behaving like WWF wrestlers, lol.

Now Dwayne Johnson announces he is going to run.

Now I don’t know Dwayne, (Hello Dwayne) I’m sure he is a very nice chap and all that. Is he presidential material? S’pose we will see.

If he is a generally nice chap,

Is not bigoted, racist, fascist, angry, working for a rich minority, corporate funded, etc.

He won't last long.

Disgust at what is revealed when running would turn any ordinary person away with vomit in their mouths, but I suppose he is a celebrity, so he may overlook all the disgust self flagellation that floats by as you are on the election boat.

Let’s see... lol.

I won’t hold my breath waiting eh!

My main concern at the moment is a term you are all going to be coming to erm, terms with.

Low yield tactical nuclear weapon.

Or to put it another way, a dirty bomb,

Sure you will be sold the facts which are not facts, about how this type of device will save lives... lol.

I’m reminded of a shoe fetishised justifying the need for shoes by using the argument, "But I saved money, they were all reduced"

"All 72 pairs, half price, I saved a fortune."


You will be told that if you are on one side of the city you won’t get hurt, as these weapons are sooooooooooooooo accurate and contained and sterile and will ultimately save lives... and.... and.... and...

A weapon that saves lives.

Read that a few times, like repeating a word as a kid until everyone was laughing, no one knows why they’re laughing, but we did.

It’s all complete and total madness.

Grown adults, supposed leaders of us all.

With triggers.

You know, the nuclear threat is not one of annihilating another target, you do realise that, obviously you do, why am I asking. der.

So you’re a small country, and you don’t want to be in the global corporation of the future. “Central’s electronic dream"

What ya gonna do?

Well you’re little, so you’re not going to take them on, that is stupid.

So why even make a nuke, an old nuke, with no tech, or range, one or two, what goods that gonna do ya.

You wouldn't even get them launched, and they would probably miss due to the clockwork thing you used breaking, cos the sanctions stopped you getting the guidance systems. (Unless of course you can do a back door deal with an English arms dealer thru a German arms company.)

So what’s the point?


Satisfaction of leaving nothing, plus your resources are ruined forever, almost.

So from hells heart you will stab at thee.


Even the algorithm can’t equate that.

So stalemate.

Meanwhile you all play in Trumpington.

While the calculators whirrr on that one.

Dirty Suitcase bombs.

Can be tracked easily.

Don't buy into the excuse.

You’re going to be given.

For selfish incompetence.

Because of greed for power.

Oh Alexander, one thing, what ya gonna do now?

Your show is over, ya mates in.

Go get ya cabinet seat you fascist bible punching bigot.

Mandrops are making you bloated, red-faced and rather unstable old bean.


I do so like it when he stops talking and freezes as his brain buffers,

stares into space whirrrrrrrrrrrrr , lol.

Ever noticed, watch, lol...

Not to leave on a po face,

To whom it may concern!

"Now you see me"