The Cockney Translater!

Tick, tock, goes the primordial clock.

Well it clicks,

Is it a clock?

Or more like a Geiger counter, it ticks.

Would you say, ominously?

Some would, I'm very sure.

If it ticks and it’s ominous, what do you think it is?

You have read many say the train is coming down the tracks,

When we were kids we would fight with the Suffolk estate.

Dunno why, lol.

The railway line separated us, so there was a ready supply of ammo.

The tracks looked down on the estate so we could rain mayhem until they got to the top of the incline, to the rails.

It would then just be a kid fight until we legged it, the numbers counted.

The fight was usually started by someone seeing a random kid on the tracks.

Both sides figured they owned 'em.

But we all listened for the strange long ringing sound, you had to listen as the spacey metal echoes came, this was the middle of London, so traffic noise was a constant no one noticed. But if you didn't listen!

The consequences were very grave.

Kids got batted into the air leaving train-drivers traumatised far too regularly.

I was once pulled out of the way, by a kid that was punching me a second before.

This is the only thing that will save us.

Can you here a strange spacey sound? Like a train tickling the tracks from the distance.

Or do you just feel cold suddenly in the sun, when everything should be fine.

Is it fear? Panic?

Or excitement, anticipation?

Well it won't be long now.

Two things of most importance, not one.

They are racing, well one is. I doubt very seriously if the other thing even knows it’s in a race, or cares.

People racing their destiny.


Individuals, need not worry.

If you’re in a group, well, I'm not so sure about your future.

The current total fixation on Trump is global, why?

Let’s talk to the adult in you; do you actually think Trump is presidential material?

Are you still arguing over that very small thing?

The puppet show.

It’s reached frenzy, like there is no other news!

Even the more discerning of pundits are at the trough, face in, with a crazy Trump filled grin.

He is a privileged idiot; he has never been in a conflict of any kind unflanked, by people that will step into the breach.

I watch people say he is a man, ffs, the people actually saying it wouldn’t give him the time of day if they really looked at him.

He really thinks he is great. I feel sorry for all Americans, both his supporters and his opponents, he has made your country a complete laughing stock.

I watch American news, they are just carrying on in total denial of the car crash their country is experiencing, or at least steering it precariously.

They try to say Europe is in chaos to divert the embarrassment, of course Europe is a mess, it’s meant to be.

I am rather surprised the Dutch money scam has not blown up yet.

I refer to the American currency being propped thru Dutch oil companies.

Trump clearly is in the dark.

I shouldn't think Bannon was, he is looking sad, when he isn't.

He is relieved.

Here’s my resume on the board, I thank you, exit stage left.

Or did you really think Charlie’s little boy did it?

Oh come on...

Everyone who comments with sincerity on the puppet show, is part of it.

Whether we like it or not, things are about to change.


I have been passing the time teasing the idiots.

These last few years.

In any crowd, listening, being coursed into a pen, by someone, or free range, they rely on the ones at the edges, the fringe, just like any group with no cover.

I would sit and watch concerts fill up, the people milling in, tickin tockin, lookin, flinchin.

I have watched the alternative comedia.

Watched the more serious loons become criminalised.

Watched oil become a new word to the poor.

Watched huge animals fight over the energy source we predominantly use.

Soon you will, start to see them fighting over water, and de-salination of it.

Meanwhile I’ve watched the incredible fantasies the gurus come out with, well, steal from their unwell ‘go pro’-victims.

Basically because they have no talent of their own, so they trip up unfortunate people for you to gaul at, until it gets to stupid and backfires, then they’re just journalists and non committal to any standpoint, really,fafucksake! Really?

Do they really think a person in the street, in person, wouldn’t start to crack a grin politely at the corner of the mouth with their “evidence"?

Do they?

Of course they don’t.

Most are working a tired old business model, book, film, conference, youtube, some are not very well themselves.

I’m not talking about them, they are usually spin offs.

Trying to make people look at them again.

All rather sordid.

And of no consequence at all.

Just a turd, the thing about this turd is, for us it’s useful.

It keeps the flies a turd like that attracts occupied.

It’s why I left sites and moved on, the perfect trap for egos is to give them what they want, control, when we never even had or wanted it.

Perfect weirdo bubble gum, stuck, grinding their axe with no courage or battle exsperience, but out of our hair.

As we have traversed the intrawebs, over the past years, we of course pick up people that don't "look” or "act” broke.

Probably because they’re not, they are acting it out, their play of ‘what I want you to think of me’.

Interesting, I didn’t stop them getting involved, I let the other such people decide, it was interesting for those of us aware of the experiment.

To watch them stab each other in the back, sometimes it was very, very funny, really belly crying on the floor funny.

Best friends screwing each other, ALL ON THEIR OWN.

Other times it was truly gut wrenchingly awful to witness, the lies, it was quite something in this respect at times, like watching the biggest projectile vomit you have ever witnessed, you saw it, but you wish you hadn't almost immediately.

That is a large section of them too, the ones that just watched, well they left, hence the numbers dying on all the sites of such nature.

We didn’t suggest anything, I let them instigate every fantasy, once introduced I left it there on the table. Just flicking it around from time to time.

This caused mayhem because of their horrible antics and cringeful behaviour.

We kept all the convos, we kept all the recordings.

We had to record everything because we knew what awful liars they are, plus standard if you don’t want horrible lies made up about you, that’s why the rats stay away from the light.

Every time a threat was made, we agreed its parameters online with the audience in tow, little threats, big ones; these are the ones they made to each other.

I have stepped into many communities, this one I was expecting to be mediocre, not very eventful.

It wasn't, eventful, by nature all they do is talk and rip each other off online, sexually if geography permits, financially also in Bill Ryan's case.

I didn’t think it would be any different to wandering thru any web social dependent community, like eBay for instance.

I was wrong about the boring, it was very funny.

I’m sorry to pick on one incident so I won’t say the name, but he knows who he is. We were asking for people to join a think tank, there were 18 spaces, one of the people was particularly outspoken, it often got him into trouble, he thought he was clever, he wasn't, at all.

He was just a member though (of said site).

He joined the think tank, which was funny, I just nodded, lol.

A little while after he mouth farted and we had to eject him, he went quietly with some dignity, immediately after, I mean immediately a staff member popped up and asked for his place, in the most ozzzing moist way, lol.

Small thing now, but it optimised their petty behaviour.

Which was all observed by us. For a laugh, we did nothing and can prove it.

Obviously, we set out that way.

This was just us after the original reason for coming, pissing about with the lying gurus and their henchmen and -women. The original reason for coming was long over, which was a software release, to be left in situe for a firmware reset.

Unfortunately I lost the guy I was working for previously. (He died of natural causes.)

So the job was over.

I had nothing to do.

Was waiting.

Seemed a good place to wait, at least it was funny.

Until we realised how much damage they were doing to people that needed help, a young man died.

Lots of careers ruined with despicable snooping and amateur espionage.

This was all great for the gurus; they said the persecution is because you’re so near the truth.

This slowly became a mantra.

Now all the alternative media chant it.

Just like Alex ‘the-sky-is-falling-in-for-twenty-years-buy-my-potions’ Jones.

Trying to contort out of backing a horse in a race on an owned ball.

The ball goes round the horse stays still.

He is done, his staff know it. The show was a fiasco the other day, I’m told, people’s details going up on screen, on air.

It simply does not matter what Jones says, he is stuck in his own loop! It’s over.

His audience are at the side of the road while he wanders around dazed looking at the wreckage, shame, he was a funny round man, gettin all angry and upset, then angry again.

He is responsible for a lot of hatred in your country, it will come home. That crow is in flight and on its way to land on your roof, Alex.

Still we will have the montages, the same ones that will plague all those young duped hopefuls careers, deep down they are all looking at the door, to get the fuck out of Dodge, Alex runs about making promises and putting out career fires. (I have someone in there.)

Still that was then and this is now.


Should I give you another quick glimpse into heaven on earth again, or so some would have you believe it is.

This wouldn't matter, but these people own you.

So it does.

If someone can move an arm for someone to move some money, this then displaces millions is that not godlike by definition, not enough?

Nah, we need parting sea type stuff.

Well that’s in hand.

Wait a bit.

They have the first religion, the one all spat from.

It wasn't a religion to them, it was real.

So that’s why it matters.

There are of course criminals that deal in pain of innocents, there are criminals that relieve themselves of office the minute they act in self-interest, they are just criminals, opportunists.

You spout names, like the Rockerfellas, and so on.

All self-serving criminals.

So what. Just crims, more zeros is all that separates them.

Nope they are inconsequential in the face of this.

It was there before all of them, it controlled them all, believers or not.

Because it was there first.

Inherent truths are undeniable.

No one tries; people just stand there, mouth breathing for a split second.

Then the eyes come back on.

Then they fuckin listen.

Really listen.

Like you are right now.

It doesn't happen to me, I've been scared to death.

I had summink cut.

Double edged sword that, let me tell ya, lol.

To understand the control, the only religion.

You must first know the story, it is a story to me, although there is some more to it if I'm honest, some weird shit has happened to us over the years.

Seen some weird people.

Physically weird, not malformation. Intended.

With their consent.

Amongst other oddities, but that’s all really.

The obvious reason I have been so sure about the "whistle blowers" is it would never happen.

There is a very simple reason why.

And it isn't a threat in the usual terms.

Bit like the password trick that caught the scientologist, which is exactly how de-do-Ron-Ron learnt his trade, well the part he glimpsed before getting flung out on his big red

The gurus and their witness fall before they get out of bed.

One question, then they’re done, it’s funny, they came along all puffed and ready for battle, immediately deflated, caught and they fuckin knew it, in their fuckin bones, lol. Eh Bill.

So I have never taken any of them seriously, that’s not to say some don’t know anything, two do, I always forget their names, for good reason, they are not a threat. They are sincere.

The rest, good luck with them. Fuckin ear mites.

I spoke recently to some people; they suggested we post up the stupid story.

I really don’t see the point.

But will do as asked.

Badly, by the way.

As you know, so, lol.

To me it doesn't matter it’s just more bollocks, but that’s the way I think.

I don't go thru the same process as you, well most of you.

So I didn't pay attention and didn't care, I had other priorities.

It’s no secret, if you know where and how to look.

It’s got a little more difficult after Iraq, Egypt, the Vatican, insurance companies, banks, lastly ISPs.

But it’s a thing,

It’s the first way men got control of other men, it’s the story they told each other until they all believed or there was no originator left to spill the beanz, one or the other.

There is some physical evidence on the planet, so most of it happened.

Or evidence can be seen on the planet that is pretty compelling.

It explains ring stones. Both African and European.

The pyramids.

Different languages.

Also what happened to the dinosaurs.

Why we are so confused, and so on...

Oh and it explains our 18780year human history.

Which is nearer the sphinx's age btw.

Now, I am not a religious type (could ya tell)

So it’s not a story for me, but I can assure you, your farmers believe it.

So that is why it mattered in the end.

The end of it came in 2011.

I will go and have a refresher course, talk to some bods here, then come back with a format to present it in.

Nothing too major, I was thinking I just type out what I know as I go, if something becomes relevant to us currently, I’m sure one of these guys will spot it and stop me.

Ask some internal questions and tell me a better way to put it.

So nothing fancy.

The good thing is no one reads anything anymore; it’s one of our first gates.

So as out in the open as you think this is, it isn’t.

You’re suffering from the same delusion as many internet egos.

A million views daily is fuck all, plus the idiots will stir everything up, get it all wrong, or deliberately distort it for their own uses.

There are 8 billion of us on this planet.

Not everyone is coming, get over it.

So we are quite safe here, shrouded in morons.

For those of you that know me, well you can read eh.

It will all get shredded, the ideal cover.

Human ignorance, always to be counted on.

Remember, two events.

Gurus continue trying to make out you don't care.

It’s becoming obvious.

Funny shit.

This is all brought to you today by the letters W, T and F.

(Did you say what in your head when you saw the W, near the T, lol?)

Now go have fun, you’re alive!


Or did you forget,

Course ya did

You’re on the internet.

Night gurus sleep tight, you won’t matter soon, your parishioners will trample on you to see what comes next, so at least the lies will be over, eh.

That’s summink.

Then the healing can begin.

Mmm nice, lol.

Anon, you greedy fuckeroos.