The Cockney Translater!

Morning mum, morning dad, I’m off to BillGatesGooogleSchool, see ya later,

Ok, love you,

Sorry does not compute.


Learning, what exactly?

According to who, you, the parent, do me a favour, your just a cow and a bull at this point, with a positive and negative electrode up your respective arses, to be told to watch it, if you go against the group think, the hive of obedient no option bots.

All achieved with the local authority council tax cattle prod.

But the beeb are starting early with the kids, get them in the environment, quick. Binaural meditation in your own world... yeah that’s great.

Everyone sitting in their headphones illuminated by their screen experiencing "reality" while the sun shines outside. Texting each other in the same room... what does that stop???????

Wonderful, for an algorithm!

Still can’t see, ok...

I will continue...

Remember though the arithmetic is still clicking on the abacus in the background, we keep descending down the fractal.


Back to the subject in hand, lol.

When the left get in, they immediately move as many people into the area they think will vote for them, with their reaching policies based on human rights from one side, the outside.

When the right get in, they make everything more expensive while wringing their hands sympathetically, blaming the last left episode, for the austerity, when really it’s them getting all the untouchables out again with resource withdrawal.

Hence my reference to

Insert okey cokey old ring dance.

Much like a business move you could say, or you could say blade thinking, pointy sentences with sharp meanings that leave damage!

Resource withdrawal is a very useful move if you’re rich...

I will explain as I can quickly here, to those that don't move that way.

It’s the "they" we don't like, not the "those" after all, lol.

So let’s take Alex and his little potions and salty sweets...

His real funding, where it comes from, finally why.

How he was attacked and wasn't, at the same time.

It’s also done to informants.

Well first of all, you should think cat and little overweight noisy mouse.

(Sorry Alex can’t help it, I'm a right git eh)

But seriously read Alex, you need to know.

It’s hard to find out stuff like this, this way is even harder, but then you’re learning so many lessons now aren't, you, also in public.

I have.

It’s very hard.


Your “business" is funded by YouTube.

It’s also then funded by the church.

Lastly, very lastly your "vitamin range"

YouTube funding has become very lucrative for lots of idiots, to turn you into even more confused human bots.

If you want control of something you don't have, worse something that does not want you anywhere near it, how on earth do you do it?

Well you can storm the head, the citadel and so on and so on...

I will leave all the internet warriors with swords for avatars stuck in that baby bubblegum.

The way it was done to you isn’t even very delicate or thoughtful.

It was very basic.

You were funded by a lucrative ad campaign not controlled by you on a enormous network, of which you knew nothing of but fed at the trough along with pewdiepie and other such "talent".

Lovely wasn't it? Out you went getting bigger teles and larger fridges, more staff, great.

Also because of the influx of, well, everything money brings you, you started quite naturally to expand your vitamin business, this is all a big snow ball rolling down hill, aiding and abetting every little move you made, it’s called success and it’s very good while this part is, rolling.

But you didn't know, what was coming.

It’s hit everyone that was targeted.

The beauty is the targets went around and painted themselves for the mercenaries.

Nerdy mercenaries in this case.

Although, I wouldn't follow one of these nerds down an alley to teach him a lesson, because you will learn another.

By getting your teeth punched down your throat.

Different people.

A world exists you just don't understand Alex, you couldn’t; you’re a father and a generally moral person being used. (I don't agree with your idiotic ideals but I understand you would pull someone out of the water that couldn't swim)

That said, let’s continue, you prick.

So where were we?

Ok life’s a box of chocolates and you just opened it and are eating all the good ones first...

As expected... (You’re not alone there, are you?)

The audience goes up, the sales go up cos the audience does, etc.

You are talking shit about bollocks you know nothing about with your undereducated over confident fellow bullhorns.

This just adds to the background din (if you’re watching it allllll from everywhere as a consumer).

It certainly doesn't lead to clarity, so it’s funded.

To up the general confusion and mayhem, think of your journalistic talents in this way Alex, then I may shake your hand for being a man for once.

So you’re funded by Youboobs, fed by Facebum, twatted by tweeters, tweeted by erm twatters...

Just while I think of it, is there anyone else out there that was told, “if you’re angry, write it down, send it, but send it a day later”??????

I suspect that could have been the wisest shit the world has ever heard at this point in evolution, right now.

So yeah, everyone is going at it, you’re commenting on it.

Meanwhile there are 14 year olds to 70 years old listening.

Because the news is gettin loud on the tele, so the people are getting REALLY, edgy.

Some types, like this environment to live in all the time, it’s there sunny day on a picnic blanket in the countryside.

Hard to believe but true I'm sorry to say.

Well they have been googling you all in to a gaggle...

And Alex you are a "tool" hee hee.

(Again sorry can’t help it)

The rug has been pulled in stages.

First the YouTube accounts were arrested.

Then the myriad of "customers" you HAD start disappearing.

The churchies start running away cos you is an unrepentant sinner...

A fawnicator, lol.

The bills mount.

The question for you Alex is a ‘chicken and egg’-type thing.

What went first, the marriage or the business?

Did your business suffer because you suffered at home, or did the home suffer because you’re addicted to your business?

Or yourself speaking constantly, did you know you may have something wrong with you? Have you ever explored that avenue, I would be interested to have the answer to that question, being human an all.

Or, did someone help it allllllll along, by whispering to people at the top of the stairs...

Well that’s for you, anyway.

I will leave you all alone now.

Bye Alex, good luck with it all.

Hello again you lot.

Where were we,

The Shud.

You promise to do what they say, they say they promise to do little but help.

Play their part, which is complicated.

Was complicated.

It’s not now; they haven’t been doing it since 2011.

They removed their money from circulation and left.

The countries printed more.

Now we are all in shit.

Mandlebot in the dark set, the dark heart is an iteration.

Money is energy.

The most concentrated forms of energy are precious things.

The fiat money has no backing anymore, it is allllll fiat now.

The confidence waned and the little monkeys ran around making up a story, cobbling it together with tweets and stringy bank statements that don’t have numbers on them but come out of Americans in other countries mouths, fighting a foe they can’t see and smashing all our shit as they go...

I for one am very annoyed, I can tell ya.

What about you?

Fed up with every SIDE, are you?

Don’t want a side,

just a good meal a night’s sleep and a smile without a problem?

Squabbles are one thing in a calm world, they rarely become more than that, but when you have people that make more money than god and never get spoken about above a whisper proliferating their wares all over the world to whoever is angry,

“Oh good morning sir/madam I call on you today because I have been in the area causing trouble and thought you may be, angry?”

(Smile colgate style! Steps back and points to the smoke down the street!)

“Here we have a very good missile system; no one will ever know you fired the first shot!”

Calculators are small, driving us all up the wall.

Everyone obeys the bottom line; the bottom line is decreed by a machine.


Natural thoughts.

Are you personally really angry, what are you actually angry about?

Try keeping it to yourself, calming down, then thinking, then not making a tweet about it, there’s a fuckin start eh!

This is where I go to my compadres and make my argument about not writing it all out.

Pointless, maybe in here.

As Arnold says...

I vill be back

Vhen I have taken my medication, lol.