The Cockney Translater!

Held for legal reasons since May,

I’m not going to comment on events, to many are milking that cow, it’s disgusting; I want no part of it.

The action film is not going to dominate my thoughts, I suggest you stay still. WAIT! WATCH!

Back to our normal programming!!!

Hi diddly dee an actor’s life for me, oh hello,

Daylight saving time devotees of the central judgement.

Good morning, or good evening, depending.

Hope your all good,

Now let’s say one thing straight off.

The net neutrality thing...

Is a complete and utter farce, worthy of a ten year run in theatre-land?

They did it ages ago, they been looking at you thru the GCHQ an NSA part deux ,for ages, some are fully aware of that, some are just scoffing at it all, that's a big gap eh!

How ya gonna meet wiv that chasm betwixt you...

I will give you a quick for instance of the up step recently.

You will now find that most apps on your smart device will need location services activated in order for you to use said service.

So if you want to sign in and use a wifi, on the move, you won’t be unless you put your big red hat on...

Cos that’s what you do, the minute you sign in now!

I don’t actually care very much personally, as I don't do anything very interesting anymore.

The things I doo doo, are things they like snooping on those that snoop on me, it saves me recording my every move on my own, I have there back up of their snooping, handy when we get it in court.

Cos we are gonna,

Might surprise some of you, but I kinda knew a long time ago what the score on the doors is going to be.


I did say, but much cleverer people were too busy telling you what they made up.

Like their qualifications, mostly.

Oh yes, I have been getting all my crackers in a line.

My Russian dolls are in size decreasing stance.

My ducks are in rowing boats.

An all that.

I have a small argument that I’m waiting for a response on.

I’m on a private server.

The public have no access to my site without first acknowledging they enter an experiment.

I can and will say and print all that is used to control me.

I will do that as if you were in my chair,

I am going to ask the public to help me thru this thang...

As it happens.

There will undoubtedly be attempts as we get closer to the big number

With the small one to de rail my toy train.

It’s about your liberty.

In the first court.

Their court.

And I'm dug in with no controller except you, or some of you.

And my life training.

Let’s see.

All above board and Queensbury rules, eh.

Patience isn't a virtue, it’s a necessity.

Some of said training in lunacy...

The place I worked at was a building that looked like a scene from a seventies miniseries...

It is/was a monastery that had a massive amount of prime real estate in Hertfordshire England.

The monastery was an old ruin with not quite as old a house on it.

A large house with a courtyard garden, market garden.

The monks grew everything.

Drank mead, sweetened things with honey, you know all that evil won’t touch my lips with impurity shite.

As you drove in through the gates the old house was up on the left about a hundred yards round a curved drive.

On a massive slab on granite.

A shelf, then the hill carried on down to the right, quite steep, as the drive went round to it, you turned back on yourself to go to the new building.

There was a helipad at the back and a smallish type barn shed hanger for the aircraft (which lived there) it had a hundred foot runway and a square for take off in front of that.

This was all fenced off.

As is the drive, not high, just there.

The security is motion sensing in all the grounds, owned and tied.

The staff are all unaware of anything.

They are paid well.

Not too well, but well.

They are pensioned, it’s known as a great job for life if you can “get in" by the local populous, who are also very discreet as this is one of the most affluent areas in England, maybe the most, haven't looked for ages.

The monks live there obviously.

And then there are the members...

They arrive.

They stay.

They go.

There isn't any paperwork for anything.


No one can go there that isn't first taken thru other places first.

Security is impossible; they know that, they invented the concept.

So they use time,

All will become clear.

Just going along as relevantly as possible...

The attendees are all races.

All old.

The head of the line is the attendant to it.

This is usually someone senior in years, but not always, sometimes fate has a plan no one can divert.

This has caused, issues, in the past.

I suppose the biggest.

It is very very complicated and I will struggle.

I suggest not jumping the gun with assumptions, you will be wrong, the spin has been very effective over the last thirty or so years.

I know! I was unfortunate enough to work for someone that was as equally unfortunate to have the job.

Fortunately , he was a very kind and thoughtful man, so he broached the subject one day , so he took me along for his ride, just so he had someone, someone to experience it with, to make sure it happened to him , as he said.

He thought little, and everything of himself, as we all do in stages of life.

But his antidote was to discuss it with me.

Not the details always, I wasn't too interested, it was so difficult to grasp all the nuance.

But the essence of how he felt, what he was thinking, finally what I thought.

Which has never ceased to amaze me. I thought it just another of his many hobbies to watch me trying to figure out how to grasp the situation , change it into a thought , then finally try and walk out of my mental mess verbally.

He assured me many times this wasn't the case, but it always felt like it to me.

I had to live a normal life and provide for three kids and all that goes with that.

Meanwhile run, at times building sites with two hundred men on them, and all that goes with that, the corruption, the bribery, back handers, bundles...

Sometimes I was running a music machine.

For whoever.

Sometimes I had a contract for a week as a new golden employee,

Just to look and see all that was needed to be looked and see'd at.

This site is not the same.

It is not affiliated to anything.

At all.

It’s not a company.

It’s not sole trading.

It’s not an association.

There is no paper.

It is not beholden, to anyone or thing.

It is not a thing, or an entity.

It does not masquerade to be or attain any agenda to achieve anything.

It’s a wall.

I’m using it.

So is Bee, and Job (he's not been well I’m told btw.)

There are others, they are shy, they are scared.

Hence me being put out front.

Lucky too they were thoughtful.

Look how people behave in their new universe.

So new, there are no genetic rules.

How could there be.

This site is hit hard by addresses like the Vatican, the MOD, all sorts.

It’s also hit very hard by anyone.

Whoever you are.

You’re under no obligation.

As you know, you have the finger and the eye in you.

But without facefuck, youcunt, and the tweetment, it’s climbing...

Doubling tripling every day.

Why, because of me.

Lol, yeah right, anyone that knows me is laughing right now, I’m incapable of that, even though I do a great act.

I had to learn that act from you to survive in your world of confusion.

That’s how I've lived and how my life has been so strange.

I said no, when most say yes, to my own stupid detriment and my debilitated hobbled mind.

I‘m just another internet nutbag.

With too much to say that no one wants to hear...

As they said on the test bed Avallaugh (Avalon) the "Charles material”, that’s a veiled smear from the dis functional green frustrated type, most of the time...

But there were just as many professionals there, steering and smearing, too persistent for a lonely drunk stoned up to late moron...

There too often, with slight quirks of typing...

That changed like shifts, Bill the idiot thought I came to talk to him...

He was a door "knob" at best...

Some people I met truly amazed me.

Opened my eyes to lots of things...helped me!

But this was an aside, as the site was, it didn’t matter what the label on the can of nutbeans said, just the biggest can at the time.

Bill just made it easier.

We knew he was a dreamy misogynistic wannabe knight.

The pros there were weirdos of a sex pervert nature and of course pros as in feeders,

Feeding the agenda, poking the undesired, but masking it as loyalty.

Strokin the ego of the queen bee all along...

But there for reasons, this was seven years ago now, so nowadays you all understand the massaging that’s done on the net , now , it’s done for shampoo, ffs.

But then, not so much, people saw it with a squinted eye.

I had been involved in media before and during all of this at a senior management level.

A fixer.

And no that doesn't mean what you think.

It just meant I’m a determined git, that gets it done without calling mother at every unfortunate hang nail moment.

I think on my feet, rarely panic.

Have lots to say, persuasive, finally, up for it.

With a fairly good budget, I'm effective at what the fuck ever you want achieved.

I earned that.

Right or wrong, fuck you!

But the guy I worked for, saw more, trusted me with a precious thing.

When I‘m done I‘m gone.

I hate the internet, probably cos I know more than you about it.

Its origins.

Its contamination.

I have been there in the meetings from day one, with him.

He told me to get them.

Last request.

I’m odd.

Alone, but unpredictable.

Too many are looking now.

I’m out there with my arse in the air like everyone else these days (I like it)

I’m safe-ish from the morons, simply because there are so many agencies looking, it’s too hot to dance around playing silly electronic weirdos, lol.

(Actually a few idiots did get themselves caught while trying to fuck around with the site, no one serious just a wannabe copy paste weirdo, and a few derange lost women's husbands got nasty cos their spouses made up stories about me, it’s beyond pathetic , they were very lucky they were seen as inconsequential , I wouldn't press charges)

Finally the guys and girls from the agency of which some are kind enough to talk with me...are telling me that they didn’t understand why they were watching me, because I’m the same all the time, what I say here is not laboured over, it comes straight out, what’s more they actually agree with a lot of my points or non points..

So they started to ask upstairs, why, he is just another internet nutbag...

Only they got silence...

So the odd one with a brain asked me, why...

My answer, "yeah makes you wonder dunnit..."

These twists have led to more; these turns have led to them...

It’s worrying them.

I need nothing.

There are no cobwebs to me.


Why are you here?

Well I don't care.


No counter.

No analytical software.



Court is soon...

They are keeping me on ice wondering...


Run outa time gotta go somewhere.