The Cockney Translater!

Hello, my fellow weirdowatchers ,

How are you getting on with NOT reading or even glancing at advertising/marketing of any kind..


How did you fare, honestly, for the hour you were conscious enough to bother, if you did.
Funny thing, even if you didn't, you will still form an opinion, as if you did.

If you really tried, everyone that caught a glimpse is now wondering about your sanity, as you ducked and dived your way through the day.

Looking away from, well, everything.

That’s the advertising we see, or think we see, no, I’m not talking about subliminal suggestion, or am I, ?
You know, I’m now not sure myself as i type, I’m sure someone will, educate me, shortly, lol.

What about, lobbying, is that a word i can use to describe a newspaper story that is bending you towards a product industry or service?

Then, we must consider the pressure put on us by others, who are also being subjected to the same forces...
What does this "mental alchemy" do to the family dynamic..



Let’s consider an extreme to check for conversation sake...
For instance,

If all advertising was removed, ALL,

Do you think this would change our day, how about if we had never been exposed to it.

When you wanted something, you went and bought it from the place you get those things when they run out.
Like soap, to wash your clothes, or yourself.

Do you need informing of the new formula? Every thirty minutes.

It keeps someone in a job, so they can buy, soap.

What is the carbon footprint of an advertising campaign?

Where do we put the parameters on the, collateral damage?

Are we assuming a carbon footprint is a "damage", not just a chemical conversion by the organisms of planet earth consuming naturally occurring base materials, into lesser elements, as part of the ongoing dissipation, consumption, entropy.
So yeah its bad, the footprint thing, yeah, well, we will use the word we recognise to describe the thing we invented that we perceive as detrimental to, us, And in turn everything else, bad, lol.

Is an advertising campaign, a necessity?

It isn't to me unless i want to, make you do something.

If we advertise something ultimately useless, is that an environmental crime?


I haven't really paid much attention to the current standpoint on whether vulnerable people or younger adults are influenced by " multimedia violence" .

I suppose like most things we make our own mind up about such questions, based on everyone else telling you how they made their mind up..ultimately.

Isn't that marketing of an idea, an, opinion.

If, IF, it doesn't make any difference to people/children the vulnerable being exposed to this daily MULTIMEDIA VIOLENCE,
THEN HOW, does advertising work, which it clearly does, we have lots of agencies endless statistics of how fuckin great they are !

But little to no statistics on whether the "MULTIMEDIA VIOLENCE" is affecting our society as a whole over, what is now, a considerable time.

Almost none, what is there is not shall we say, un biased, I'm reminded of the tobacco industry, for some reason, as I type.

The most prominent form of this enter/infotainment is of course computer simulations.
To call them games now is, well, just twee, to

One of the most popular genres is WAR, magical, mystical and mechanical.

Its not, PONG,lol..i just had a heart attack and fell of my zimmer frame straight into my commode.

But you see my point, there has been some improvements...but I don’t think the same can be said of our perceptions of the "GAME" ...

The game removes the harm, a way of practicing life before we have to live it, hence the games in our playgrounds ... Even these are interrupted by the dulcet tone.

The game distances us from responsibility, its ok, "calm down, its only a game" ever had that said to, YOU?.

Distance but, immersion in a reality, even though its a simulation.

One of the most popular simulations is, first person multiplayer online combat.

I think, i will just go make a cup of tea . I don’t know why, I just suddenly feel like walking away from this keyboard and thinking about something different for a moment, ....nah watta mean?

Ok, so yeah, online blow people to bits with utter realism, in fact the marketing is led by realism, phrases like "total immersion" are used to sell the product, as a leading reason to buy one over another.


They fly.

They swim.

They have four legs.

Two legs.




But most of all, the distance to remove yourself from the reality.

The whites of the eyes.

You will have a "no nevermind"
The controls...will and are in your children's hands.

Have a look how much is spent by the military in this field. This battlefield.

To please the the future people, to make sure its not all automaton, men will ride suits, while other adolescents control the direction and overall capability of the bipedal weapon.

The grunt is just to make the people feel good, like a pilot in an airliner.

The reason I say adolescent, is because a friend of mine who is well trained, gets his arse handed to him daily by his 13 year old boy, on XBOX .

Who's baby is that?

IBM's lucky little leprechaun of fun, I say IBM's because if he never married as he did, he would be in a garage playing world of warcraft on Mr Bate's, hypnobox .

Distance from the death .


Plus the less fortunate have a role to play, they get to play for real as a semi passenger.

Its one reality .

Meanwhile, the two epidemics are being fought, obesity and starvation.
By the very same lovelys.

Aren’t we all just so lucky to have these guys lookin out for us.

Would you like to join me in a subliminal experiment, kinda like remote viewers do?

Sweeeeet, ok.
For this you will need one mirror,
Sit in front of the mirror,

Close your eyes,
Imagine you are in a restaurant,
On the table in front of you are the usual condiments,
Pick up the very standard looking salt cellar, the type with the metal top and glass four sided bottom,
Still with your eyes shut (no cheating)
Then take the salt cellar and stick out your tongue,
Now shake the salt cellar over your tongue,

What do you taste?

Now stay as you are, an look in the mirror, because you taste right baby, lol.

You know your gonna do that in the pub tonight, lol.

Ok, I’m off to slam my cock in a door,

See ya when I’m standing in front of ya!

Till tommora or the day after tommora...


Ps, does anyone know what’s written on the parchment stuffed in Geronimo's eye socket ?