The Cockney Translater!


Saw a funny thing this mornin,
As I came out of the papershop and untied the dog, a woman was standing there with a little girl and an older boy, the girl was about six..I’d say, I said morning, so did mum, then the little girl projectile vomited on the floor, at which point the mother said one word, not to me, just out loud,


As we all looked on, my dog decided to lick up the very tasty puke.(as no one else seemed to want it). I had already had breakfast.

Which the boy laughed at.

Kids love christmas don’t they, they get soooo excited.
Parents get excited, at the kids getting excited, presents, giving and receiving.

Some love to give, kids love receiving, it’s where you learn to love to give, eh.

Some presents are more valuable than others, like the first thing a loved one gave to you the first time you spent christmas together. You know, like a plastic ring out of a cracker, something really valuable.
Others are valuable in a different way, valuable to the corporation.

Something for brothers to fight over if only one can be afforded.

Something that will separate the family for hours on end.

Every guilty parents secret escape, excused with no acknowledgement by us all.

Well you been at work all day, to pay for it.. You’re knackered.

You did pay for it, it was expensive, not every kid gets one. They don't grow on trees.
What’s the big game this year, mine have all grown up, I dunno anymore.

Population is another hobby of these guys, how to reduce it here, increase it there..

We are currently at the point in mathematics where it can be proved using (now) long standing extensive records; we are at the all time high of children on this planet.

It is mathematically impossible to exceed.

Our last lesson in war saw to that, you know, when we should have crossed the threshold, learnt, 4 billion monkeys must be hard to interrupt.

The population will rise to 11 billion, at its ceiling.

Well, 11 billion humans, that is.

Unless we have another world war, or should I say „large scale military policing action".

The thing about war in the end is, it’s part of a machine, a conveyor belt.

A different angle maybe, another set of results, desired, undesired?

Back home, the war is away.

When you go out and get the papers on a Sunday morning, just before fearing your particular passionate ruler..
You don't have to step over the bits of your neighbours kid, who used to deliver the paper.

So increasing distance, or detaching, so detachment is, Go0d.

Good for morale.

You might say.

Plus if you keep the numbers down your-side, but keep the numbers up the other-side, well, everyone knows that’s great for, for, your-side.

But for me personally it’s the loss of the very people we need.

Predominantly from working class and deprived areas, known recruiting fields.

Places that need the determined, the honourable, the courageous, the selfless.

The very people a community struggling needs to create more of the same, poverty doesn't create crime, despair does.

Is there anything more likely to cause despair than no one who cares?

No positive, to balance the negative.

Someone who gives their life in the belief it safeguards others.

A father, a brother, a son.
A mother, a sister, a daughter.


In the field of battle, those who do give the one thing, to save others directly, they are rightly remembered by all concerned with great reverence.

Do you wonder, what reverence they would have achieved in life?

Would they be Leaders, who don't ask to be, they deserve to be for all our sakes.

With courage they except, knowing the frailties of our species, the capacity to reward good with evil.

But, no, they won’t, because they are dead.

Meanwhile the schemers.

They stay home.

There children go to great schools which teach a different way, for the betterment of our kind, they think up ways to kill more in one go, to end wars, quicker.

Which gave way to the first GMO..

Oh yes...

Coincidently, this is where the short wheat grew.

Did it grow that way before the flash?
The genetic mutation of this wheat, was the stalks where shorter.

With more yield.

But they consume much more water, and need more nutrients.

Naturally this would strip the soil for any latter generation, exhaust background energy quicker, over saturation of seeds from a higher seed count per ere, would mean a short genetic lifespan.

But it was cultivated, now you all eat.

Didn't take long did it.

And there’s you thinking you don't eat GMO's.

The only question is, what came first, the mushroom, or the cloud.

Every living thing on this planet, every inanimate object on or near the surface of this planet contains strontium.

This is just the next step after discovery.

The Norn-12 (from memory) strain of corn has been adopted all over the world without exception.
For its high seed production per ere, its shorter storks (to protect against wind damage) also its apparent natural resistance to disease.


Percentages of our access compared to others, considering also that we use their raw materials, such as, consumption per head of oil, food, budget spending on defence per head. Bases all over the world. While claiming others as aggressors. The leasing of their agricultural lands to feed our faces, just for most of it to miss our mouths and fall in the trash..
I could put the obvious tune in here, but when you think about the vinyl and cost of it being released its kinda a home goal, I prefer petes version, seems more genuine to reality...

An intelligence agency that think it’s ok to consider attacks on its own people, as something you can write down, then show other humans expecting approval or at least consideration.

It isn't isolated, it’s a culture.

There’s an immortal line that jack screams in a film, I've seen a few "types" rest back on the actors portrayal of a non existent reality and the threat of it..
The line which I'm sure you know, is " the truth, you can’t handle the truth".

No, I, couldn't handle the truth, because if someone handed me that dossier of filth, in a room full of people who are charged with the welfare of others, to the extreme.

What followed would have been a first class example of me proving I am no pacifist.
Along with making sure the author had no need of lunch after our meeting, as he would have already eaten.

I say he, cos we know statistically speaking it was a man. Correction, BOY!

Now can you trust them with augmentation,?

We aren't quite there yet, are we.

The one underlying unity we shared was space travel, not orbiting, travelling.

Now we go round and round on a recreation of our nursery.

Funny how everything is adjusted by the smallest amount.

Just enough to remove the truth, the essence of the thing, like a strawberry flavour sweet.

If we travel away together, the distance could be in our favour this time.

The further away we travel, the closer we become.

I hope you’re with your family during the vacation period.

Till the tomora or the day after tomora.

The Cockney appreciates your considerations of da translations.

Cage door slowly closes...ladder retracts.

Keeper returns to her cheese sandwich.

A mouse farts in the distance, all is well again in Youtubelandiar.