The Cockney Translater!

Alright tinkers in the twilight, while sparkling did you look up,

We are being observed, swerved and of course as a result unnerved.

Evening fellow hamsters.

Shall we huddle together and spin some tails cos we got none.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, as rolly says.

the explanation to things is only found in the facts, and the facts now change daily, oh george ohwell whatya gonna do.

He says this, she says that and all the others say other things, all twue.

To them.

Try mine, what’s to lose.

Have a go ya never know..

Don’t take part anymore.

Just stop it, in whatever way you actually can, without screwin yaself, that’s a start.

if you do that already, nice!

If you do from now on thanks.

What should you do?

Don’t get bent about it. You will know if you don’t already with a bit of thought you will

Let’s say for some unknown reason a new type of candidate appeared.

Someone For transparency first so we can all see what the silly boys in long trousers an hats did with our money,

to us

in our name.

That type of thing.

Vote for that candidate, forget policy, that’s the tune.




Who’s them, it’s the people that try to get forward with a snarl, they make weird faces, that much is true.

Angry faces, laced with strange smiles at their foes’ misfortune, they have foes.

They see others success as their misfortune.

You do know who I’m talking of already, you may have even taken part for real, then learnt a real lesson.

But sometime people get so bent they get twisted, it takes a lot of untangling as does any knot.

Avoid those people, they suck, in every sense of the word.

Moving on, to more angled pointy things, we said we would start to explain and draw some things according to the ether.

Will do, also, the last few were note/type drawings done in minutes(witnessed).

So don’t think that indicative of my accuracy, they were doodles.

However we will from now on keep the descriptions more school text book in nature for a laugh.

But as correct as possible.

The pyramid (big one) is very important but as usual when men do the looking they do the finding if you nowhattamean. Big an pointy must be important.

The smaller one is where the fun began, the control mechanisim.

Not the in-furness.

The materials to run this thing were gathered from all over, they were seen from space long before the crash.

Noted during the descent.

Oxide, a particular sort.

It had to have been exposed to certain collection of rays for a long time.

Gold, silver, tin, copper, steel.

Diamonds, emeralds you get the picture, all raw materials for a very complicated machine.

The edge of the great pyramid was surrounded by an irrigation and cooling system.

It went deep into the earth via use of the already natural aquifer, which sunk into the biggest single rock mantle on the earth this hemisphere.

The outside quarters coated in a mix of metals which made contact with the water, the water was drawn into the machine and exposed to a process involving hydrogen and oxygen being separated.

This was done with high frequency light particles.

The process resulted in the system needing to be purged every so often, according to use, this was flushed into the exit lakes which in turn went away into the surrounding rivers and streams.

With a Red/oxide hue.

I can draw the parts but do not understand the process, neither do I need to it doesn’t matter now they have nearly found it again by other means anyhow. Everyone will know by the next decades end.

Whether it will work the same who knows, one thing I do know, they won’t hesitate to turn it on, they are more like precocious children then methodical fuddy duddys.

The materials needed were from all over the list was long and complicated, as were the excuses given to whatever native tribe peoples were encountered.

The materials returned, but the memories were left to become fable made art, symbols made holy.

That’s why you see the same shapes everywhere.

That’s why there are pyramids everywhere they don’t work, they are effigies, emulations, in some cases, they are a ruse to ward off other more savage peoples because the travellers that came for goods were powerful, prepared, seeming invincible, so of course some emulated that.

Indigenous must be hastened to be "civilised", the worry being someone may listen, write it down and an algorithm may find the links to cast the new spell over us all, the truth of the deluge and the people before it those who were swept away.

But as always some left. Well before. (preppers of the day you could say)

It was the eye that was swept away by the tears of the earth.

We are one set asunder.

But let’s go back to Africa another time for now we stay with Egypt.

Hardly any of the complex and remains are left.

the sand consumed all as did the waters and consequential snows.

What could still be accessed was dealt with in a brutish way.

It would take an AI to do it ,no human brain could know which combinations of books and which pages of those famous books to combine, some of the combinations are known of but most lost, the only way it could all be pieced together was if all information imagination and thought was held in situ, but live.

So a magnificent brain with no lust for self could look in that untethered omnipresent way at this suspension of the current and distant world.

Only that can piece it together.

This is a race of the quantum fraternity.

But oh dear, things are blowing around again.

Melting, like they always do.

Always will until we on our ball are to near our summer life engine, and are fried to a crisp.

But we will be gone by then, either gone (killed each other), or, see ya later gone. (folding gravity style)

Consequential choices for that are being made now.

For you, while you watch.

As the truth is covered daily by electronic fowl means.

The current god of truth is soon to be replaced by their assistant, erm, god.

Meanwhile, the long reach of something in a certain hemisphere at a selected time of year, projects the true circle needing a cover story, the honest farmer has just told exactly what he saw, he was being totally honest.

To his eye a huge column of black light came down, a few times.

Then it was gone.

Funny how this happens in certain places.

I needed to know where in space and time to look for the origin.

I knew from sources that not all circles were friendly. We all know most are not real.

I thought that might be a prudent place to look, to see who told the truth and who dreamed.

I did the basic math, as many suicided before me.

The earths wobble, and the hemisphere and when, those small details some deliberation a lot of consideration and we came up with vaguely someplace.

I looked there, where it was suggested by the coordinates available.

That is where it emanates from.

What’s more there is no way the authorities don’t know that.

Watch the dishes and where they point at that time of year, sure there will be lots of reasons, but one of those reasons is this.

Misdirection is the best tool.

Ask anyone who studies airail phenomenomomenom while eating bubblegum.

We didn’t get anywhere for a while, then something was realised, staring us in the face, it was an angle, not just in describing, it literally was an angle that gave us the last needed direction.

The angle the earth is struck by this rule, effects the shape of the circle, it elongates the pattern (which is never complicated as such).

This is where we focussed and it paid dividends, because, Cygnus was at the end of that rainbow.

Here’s a warning, some of the circles are not safe, period. So now it’s up to you. You’re told.

Be sensible.

The refugee I speak of, is the oldest fable.

The first, the description scratched off, with deceit to gain control, of the poor soul.

Found trapped here with us in our mainstream form, what horrible place to find yourself.

We can sit here now in the image and understand, our brains are theirs, new improved 50% better, and yet never used while awake.

No research can muster the kind of need a threat can.

Then watch the monkey brain move, this primeval internal save yourself scheme we all have is our first scheme, this was modified, it had to be.

As the brilliance of this intelligence understood this planet was the end of the road, the crash became a descent, on this slow landing the note was taken of all needed, with equipment soon to be useless.

A last ditch attempt to gather the coordinates in a hurried fly by.

Once here our friend found it hard to survive, modifications would be needed to the self to make it the years the project would take to regain orbit and leave.




The modifications became a death sentence.

Both the changes made to the self and to us, were equally responsibly fatal.

Weakness grew as his direct helpers knowledge capacity did.

But what came with that new found intelligence and recollection was murder.

The fight to survive turned conscious.

They gathered the faithful with the ruse and effigy.

For years, first serving, then nursing, finally smothering.

They did not inform the faithful of their deed of course.

They instead, kept instead.

The machine grew weary, needing knowledge they did not have.

It finally slowly stopped.

Things became unstable.

You know the many versions of the rest, it took all worth taking.

Left little, time and the weather of people and wind did the rest.

There is of course much more to this whole thing, but to me it’s all more of the same, I wasn’t there.

So it’s just more scrolls an such.

One thing though.

If you have worked in places most don’t see, as I know lots of you have, lightbulbs still need changing.

You may have seen what I did.

You may also have seen the opportunity taken some time ago to clear the last of Egypt’s sticky bits.

During the great uprising.

The Vatican did the same, lots of trucks in the night.

I was online that night trying to get pictures of it going on.

But couldn’t because they shut down my mates’ phones along with everyone else’s ten minutes later.

They got the last out, all that was under the sphinx is long gone, they emptied any new place found.

Before the uprising I might add, then it went mental, that’s when they moved it.

Some of the people helping online that night are out there now.

We were some of the first people to witness the helplessness of the people once their designated tool was shut off.

Here’s a funny game to play.

If you’re indoors one day, think of an obscure object thing or subject, while your router is on.

Do not verbalise it in anyway, do not tell anyone the thing.

Just think about it with some depth a few times an hour (while doing something at home)

When you have done this, you may see that your search engine results or youtube recommended will house that very obscure subject.


Try it, in earnest.

We need to do something now.

Cos that’s a two-way street.

Some people are shakey at the best of times.

A tip in the right direction, a suggestion is all it takes for some that are desperate of mind.

Make sure it’s something only you would think off, or would not as the case may be.

Do not verbalise it near any phone device etc.

Just to yourself.

We will go further in the future, just getting you used to the idea you are in a predicament.

As in you’re being dicked with.

Finally, I did say I would give you a likeness of our shadow in the vacuum.

Here’s how it came up to me.

First by noticing someone else doing something official, that led to me being nosey.

Then I must say I have felt for a long while that something lurks off the port bow.

A spectre, a phase of something waiting.

Hard to put into words.

It’s there though, definitely.

Just sitting there defying all gravity, yes they know to.

A lot more than I do,

The blow is being softened, definitively.

By the media monster machine.

What’s more, we all know it in our bladders to.

The ladders goes up, word spreads.

The fable of our friend intersects here, which is why I venture into this speculative subject.

The being was one of others.

Chased yes, but not forgotten, especially as time is a relative of theirs.

They are coming back the story says, to make good.

I hope that means what our ancestors took it to, passed it down as.

I feel it does.

So I think we may just be witnesses to someone else’s problems.

Perhaps it’s an example of our betters failing so we don’t, when it’s our turn.

This will all be elaborated on soon, but it’s very complicated and I don’t know very much at all.

Also what was left of them disbanded in 2011.

So did all my insight of a practical nature, after years of nurturing.

Shame but there you are, bunch of silly old farts trying to keep order.

While the fresh dealt mayhem around them, what a mess it all was in the end.

Some know this part, as they dealt with the wreckage of me back then, some also tried to take advantage.

Thankfully the loving people won that drinking contest.

We are busy, lots to do just like you, so a break will come over the holidays for us.

Only a few weeks, the new year is going to be one to remember, be careful what you say pundits, you will look an idiot for all time.

It’s why I never took part in the mindfuck of SM I know how stupid you’re all gonna look gurus.

Kiss kiss.