The Cockney Translater!

Hello out there can you hear me or are your ears still ringing?

How's ya nerves? Jangling a bit, don't worry, it will all be alright on the night, hahahahaha.

Did anyone hear a Big Bang?

Mr Trumpy launches Bannon and the missiles. Bannon for being too moderate, the missiles for a backhander from the complex, who’d of thought, lol.

Does that mean we don't have to look at his horrible face anymore? (Bannon I mean)

Let's hope eh,

So Charlie's boy was good for summink after all, Kushdy.

Wonder what they do for Xmas dinner at the trumpy towers?

Who's in charge God or Donny?

Donny’s used to drug dealers he's from New York.

(Is there a New York Minster cathedral?)

Should be,

God’s a drug dealer; when Jesus arrives or whoever your psychosis says, he must surely be arrested due to God’s (his) laws for Queen and Nixon’s country.

He grows the drugs then says nooooo lol, I'm not involved (imagine a deep white voice) lol

Religion turns women and men into a resource.

As people become more worldly, less scared, finally understanding,

This resource will diminish.


What do you do if one of your main control mechanisms goes sour?

You can try and sweeten it again, might work, a bit, on some.

You need a new devil or a new fear of the devil(s) to help scare the flock back into the fold.

What scares people?

Well a monster is good for that.

If you have a flock that have figured out how to educate themselves, or worse they are educating themselves daily and completely out of your control, basically, they have seen the strings moving your monster, will they still be scared? Not so much!

So yep, new Devils are needed...


What would be clever?

How do you create new Devils to be absolutely terrified of?

No one believes a photo anymore or a video etc etc...


Also you have the added problem of constant availability too, hard to censor info.

If you’re a central spin doctor controller, there are even more issues...

The law against terrifying peeps,

Political correctness,

If your pimped political leader needing popular support, being evil (as in doctor evil) just ain't gonna roll.

Maybe two monsters is better than one, especially if they fight, the people can all stumble about while the fake monsters smash buildings and stomp on the slow, Japanese movie style... Well, American movie style to these days with Marvel in glorious exploding 4K.

Yeah two monsters are as cheap as one.

Well first find ya monster, or even better create one.

But don't get caught doing it, in fact if you can, it would be good to make it look like you’re actually on active monster patrol, stopping all the monsters while corralling them or creating them. Making them back pocket monsters, doofers. (doofalater)

That would be much cleverererrer eh!

So, let’s cut the metaphoric bollocks for a mo. Gurus threw their hands in the air exclaiming "FINALLY" just as they read that, (we watch there IPS)even while they lurk and sneak about repeating what they see on useyoutube.(far too arrogant to think they can be seen).

How do you create a monster while lookin Likey you don't Likey monsters?

So let's look at action, the intention of an Action, the true result and the broadcast result.

Let's take a recent or ongoing game.

Spies in ya camp.

Russians (we do no wrong), Americans (we are the greatest)

Great Britain (not so much)

Hilarious Hillary.

Grumpy Trumpy.

Power Putin.

Miserable May.

All wringing their hands with innocence.

Hillary didn't sell uranium.

Trump isn't in with the global economy.

But what did happen is.

Hillary got caught cos her emails got hacked, by Russian ops, who gave it to activists for Trump to use to get the chair.

She knows he is doing what he shouldn't because she is.

She uses the same people.

Now for war starting,

Mutti Merkel

Needed to be good and let all the economic refugees in.

On the front of it, very humane.

Only what was the result?

A rise in the far right wing (corporate fascism)

Same in Great Britain and of course little old America (just teasing, you’re greater America ;).

Funny, cos all the leaders ever wanted was peace...

Like fuck they did...

Peace is shit for business, crapper for crowd control.

Big bombs cover up old complexes you don't want found, eh Trumpy,

(C)over (I )t (A) ll

Interesting to watch Trumps payroll pundits like Alex Infobores...

Wrenching and squirming to dodge the rhetoric they shouted.

One minute Alex is anti-establishment, then he isn't. Oh and of course he isn't a war monger, while all he ever talks about is cold dead hands and jihad...

When the rhetoric comes home to roost he gets the poor old team to shift over onto paedophilia like it’s their sudden new vocation, while trying to say they always have gone on about it???

Really, ok, we will let that slide for the mo, so I can make a more serious point..,

Did anyone see how much glee Alex shows in reporting this stuff?

I'm glad when professionals deal with it and do something about it.

Of course,

I have funded such endeavours in the past well before crowd funding.

That's one thing...

But Alex Jones making the body movements with a sick grin on his imitating face, that's something else entirely...

Even his young co host the young man (who seems like he wants a career) was turning pale... (Unless he's been hitting the man-drops too hard)

The young nodding Stepford/Jones woman just kept nodding.

It seems to me that Alex is about to crack.

I would have been very happy about that...

But I'm not.

I'm going to shock you.

I'm human.

I looked back on Alex and his videos,

They were compiled for me in set intervals and I watched them.

One of them was a video with his young son.

Who seems a very nice polite lad.

I watched as he progressed, getting bigger in stature and more adventurous with his videos...

Taking after dad, expected I suppose.

As I watched it came to the point where Alex and his son were on the same desk together.

Alex is a very emotional chap, heart on a sleeve patch for TV.

But this was different,

He is proud of his kid; I'm sure with good reason.

But he mentioned as he fort back the tears, his son goes to bible camp and other camps etc...

The camera zoomed out and took in the lad.

He was mortified with nerves as his dad became emotional...

This is all in front of every internet troll and weirdo...

I was reminded of those pushy mums that dress their kids as they wanted, to be beauty queens.

I went to look at all this because of Alex retreating from all sorts of standpoints, because of pressure, legal, miscreant etc.

He starts retracting to make a point out of a disaster.

Then constantly telling everyone what a great and peaceful guy he is.

What a contrast to a few months ago, buffeting into adolescent idiots that think they’re communists, bulling on for Trump.

Trump has fucked you, Alex.

It's simple.

Now he is going to fuck the rest of us.


And you, you scared rotund man, damn well know he is.

Let's see if you continue to punch your bible with gritted teeth.

Mopping up any audience you can.

You said you’re a character; you play a character, while retracting yet again.

Your team look lost.

Your family is suffering.

And the do nothing potions aren't selling.

Now the monetising is over thanks to your violent unthoughtful mouth.

You gave yourself to Google on a plate, you Muppet.

Why do you think I'm here paying for myself??? With my output!!!!

Are you really "good" does your brain allow insight?


Calm down.

Listen to your staff.

Mostly Mr Knight.

Give him the reigns and go sit and have fun with your family for a while.

You idiot ;)

It's coming people...

The change is coming...





Goes the Egyptian clock.

The monster is here, isn't it!

Well the first one is anyway...


For lots and lots of people the "beautiful weapons" are flying already,

War is in their living room, not via the 3D googlebox, via no virtual reality, as grandmother flies out of the living room window in a tactical weapon detonation.

The mother of all bombs killing grandmothers that can't run.

Yeah your great alright.


Stop him now eh?

CNN beautiful weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!Of mass destruction?


If you don't mind, thanks.

Half the world’s population of Bluebells is in England.

At last a real reason not to nuke us, lol

Hopefully Slater from da Translater.

Ps (got some great letters from the establishment to show you soon)


We got some newbies coming, to join the merry women and men of our clan, team, gypsey camp etc.