The Cockney Translater!

Circular souls, how are you all, still waving t-shirts and wearing flags

All in a world where long division doesn‘t mean boring math to today's youth, it means what the olds are doing...

Just think how totally fuckin stupid we all look to the youngest.

They must be worried in a weird way, wondering where the know-all's are taking us.

Still the tone‘s low, like the pundits.

As usual they are all re inventing themselves.

Amusing in a contorted sort of way eh!

It's all a bubblebarf, to me

And it ultimately means nothing

Here's something that means nothing and everything.

B movie wisdom for a b movie mindset.

What if you already are someone's toy, project?

What if the realisation is the end of you?

We have surprises coming, but not for a bit, those that remember day counts will know why we surface now.

The December meeting cards are being sent today sorry for the delay.

Ok, sit comfortably, lubricate yaself with whatever makes you human, an enjoy this slab of cheese.

But remember cheese gives you nightmares.