The Cockney Translater!

Ooh la la, what a palaver eh!

In out shake it all about,

Core politiclers, what they like .

Here's some ding ding fun, they like symbols, triangles and bells.

It's all balls in my opinion.

To all the would-be trouble makers out there.

Have a good think about what you’re doing.

We know you don't care, obviously.

A silly word to use in unison with you.

You're being pulled and pushed, pump an primed.

That makes you victims, funny that, ain't it?

I guess we all are, in one way or another.

The only person ever successful at really victimising you, is you.

The weaker minds pass it on.

Therefore making the hate real, bit like fiat money really.

Is that manifesting something?

Is that creative, creating hate, hmm.

Anyway I’m off to join some cliché club to chant in my t-shirt,

It's not old,

It's not tired,

It's a trap,

Ain't it googlemonstor.

A question to ask is,

When Cenk attends his master's knee, at the Youtwat meetings he's so proud of, does Alex attend at the same time?

And the ban that isn't a ban, how's that going ?

Careful Youtubots, ya googleys are showing.